Friday, January 6, 2012


Scene #3: Ameli-R-ALA-1 arrives at the Red Clearance Lobby at Troubleshooter HQ.

Question #1: Is it busy?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 12. Yes.

Question #2: Does she meet her so-call allies now?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 88. Nope. Random Event.*
Random Event Roll**: 46 = Step away from a thread. The only thread right now is that of meeting allies and the briefing officer.
Action Word: 12 = Increase
Subject Word: 32 = Plans
Meaning: Ameli-R-ALA meeting Tren-Y-ZOR-5, a member of her own secret society, the Clone Arrangers. Tren-Y-ZOR wants Ameli-R-ALA to weck clone machines during her Troubleshooting machine,. (Increase of plans).

=Scene 3=

Ameli-R-ALA-1 was waiting in the Red Clearance Lobby for either her allies or the breifing officers when another member of her sercet society, the Clone Arranger, appeared in the from of Tren-Y-ZOR-5.

Ameli said, "Hi, Tren"

Tren replied, "Hi, Ameli. Rumors say that your mission will take you to CPR sector. I want you to do as much damage as possible to clone tank as possible -- so the members of the Clone Arrangers there can take over the Clone Tank by repairing them.:

Despite a gasp -- the CPR sector is Friend Computer's own private area. Ameli argeed to this treasonous task.

=S3: END=

Choas: No changes.

NPCs: Add "Tren-Y-ZOR-5"

Threads: Add "Wreck all the clone tanks in the CPR sector"

* Since Alpha Complex is totally random, I will always roll a double digital number like this one.
** After this point, this will become a R.E.R.

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