Wednesday, January 30, 2013

CAH:S2 - Molly - Act 2, Scene 5

Act 2, Scene 5: Molly’s Showcase business  begins.

Question #1: Does Molly has a winner for a rival?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 9. Yes.

Question #2: Is the winner of the other three that was call down at the start of the show with Molly?
My View: 50/50

Mythic View: 17. Yes. It was. So I roll a 1d3, and that’s the person she’s with. 1 = Jane Flyara. 2 = Kevin Slugorgo, and 3 = Vinnie Vazzarini.

Since this showcase, I’m dropping chaos ranking and chaos rolling for now.


Molly was lead from her backroom after the sixth pricing game to the show where the show had place the Showcase contest area. Winne was present. After getting in position, Molly saw that Vinnie Vazzarini was there. Just a few seconds after that, she heard Winnie arriving and saying Winnie said, “Welcome back to the TPIR Jr. for this special alien kid day. Our top winner is Molly, our runner up is Vinnie. You have two showcase to bid on -- the one who comes closest without going over the total of the actual retail price of the showcase. And if you less than $300 of your own show case, you win both showcases. Here’s our first showcase.....

Kayla said, “Our first show case deals with a  # visit to the Toya planet and see what’s up with them. Looks like they are playing with action figures.....”

Door 1 open up to reveal models dressed as cross between Santa’s elf and a martin playing with a large collection of action figure. Kayla voiced, “.....From Collect-It-All Enterprises -- we have collected a lot of retro-action figure from the 1980s including “Warrior of Cosmos”, “Transbots”, “Strikeforce Freedom”, “Gem”, “Space Rockers”, and many more.”

The models moved to Door 2, “After getting bored, the Toyains moved on outside to play with this army of RC tanks.”

Door 2 open reveal that RC Tanks as Kayla voiced, “From Electric Tank Warrior Co., we have these remote control tanks for hours of outdoor fun.”

The models moved to Door 3, “Even some toys aren’t enough even for Toyians, so they need a break and they do it by watching Disney movies.”

Door 3 opens up to reveal holo-disc of famous Disney movies, “From Disney movies including “Snow White”, “Cinderella”, “Herbie”. “Oliver and Company”, “The Computer Who Wore Tennis Shoes”, and more many. All from Disney Inc.. And this can all yours if the price is right.”

Winnie asked, “Molly, bid or pass?”

Molly said, “I’m bidding.”

Winnie said, “What’s your bid?”

Molly said, “I say $19555”.

Winnie said, “Ok.”

Molly saw the Vinnie’s showcase was just a room by room deal containing a a pizza marker, a new holo-vision set, and a Shapian company’s bed. He bided, “$49555.”

Winnie said, “We be back to find out who won.”

=A2, S5=

Saturday, January 26, 2013

CAH:S2 - Molly -- Act 2, Scene 4

Act 2, Scene #4: Molly spins the Big Wheel

Chaos: 5 < 6 = Molly

Question #1: Does Molly go to the Showcase?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 17. Yes.

Question #2: Does she have to spin against another player to do so?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 89. Nope

Question #3: Are the failures one of the three people called down with Molly?
My View: 50/50

Mythic View: 100. Nope.


After she won her pricing game, Molly was lead to a small booth with two other set with a large holo-vision set showing calling down a replacement for her Contest Row  a female Angelian named Loviara Xorgoni,. She bid the closest on a retro-1980 bedroom set and played “Any Number” in which she ended up with $9.87. The person who replaced Loviara was a male Zillian named Gak Kajui, who ended up being the end with the closest bid on a selection of Shapian statues. His game was “Lucky Seven”, which he end up losing

When the lead to the  Big Wheel, she told Winnie that Shapian allow other aliens to go before them and that means she will do her spin last. Winnie noted that adult Shapians had appeared on the adult show time to time and mention that rule to Bob Barker who allow that Shapian to go last. Loviara went first and got $0.85 on her first spin. She spinned again and got 0.85 again making her over the $1.00 mark need to be in the Showcase. Gak spin so hard that it took a long time for the Big Wheel to stop and show Gak that he was at 0.95. He stopped that -- cocky enough to note that he’s heading to the Showcase.

Then it was Molly’s turn. She spin a good one and end up right at the $1.00 mark -- making her and not Gak heading to Showcase. Then after a bit of tease from Winnie on Gak’s cocky, Molly spined her bonus spin and it landed on $0.50 mark.

She was lead to a small room with another holo-vision to watch the rest of the show unfold until it was Showcase time.

=A3,S4: DONE=

Molly’s Prize Total Updated: $5900

Thursday, January 24, 2013

CAH:S2 - Molly: Act #2, Scene #3

Act 2, Scene 3: Molly plays “Cliffhangers” as her pricing game.

Chaos: 5  < 6 = Normal.

=Act 2, Scene 3=

Winnie lead Molly to a very famous fake mountain and a fake mountain climber dressed as one of those German guys from a commercial for Oktoberfest. Winnie said, “You going to be playing Cliffhangers to win this.”

Kayla spoke next, “ How about a new ship care the Volorguza 99.44. Complete with twin plasma cannons.” “

Molly said, “Talk about irony. That spaceship is make on Beautara, the home planet of my troublemaking Beautixian troublemaker, Vainixa.”

Winnie replied, “Well, the goal of the gang is to help Clark Cheesy up the mountain but not to past 25. You have to guess three prices. If you guess right, John will stay at his present location -- if you wrong, he move up the mountain by how much you off. If he fails off, you lose out on the big prize, but you can kept the prizes you guess before he falls off. You win all four if you kept Clark on the mountain. We see what’s your first item is.”

Kayla voiced, “This Trokoni Vending Machine  is easy to operate and easy to clean.”

Molly remarked, “I think $60 dollars.”

Winnie said, “Is she right?”

A buzzer sound. A classic music as the mountain climber moved up the ruler-mountain and stip at 5. One of the models, reveal the Trokoni Vending Machine actual prize as 65.

Kayla voiced, “Our next gift is a large Kirgonia container. Kept your cold food cold and your hot food hot.”

Molly stated, “I think $50 dollars

Winnie asked, “Is she right?”

A ding-ding happen -- as the model revealed the place of the Kirgonia container to be $50 dollars.”

Winnie aid, “Right on the now. You have a $20 dollar range to guess the final gift.”

Kayla voiced, “This Calongira ice cream maker is good for making smooth ice cream.”

Molly remarked, “$70 dollars.”

Winnie asked, “Is she right?”

Molly  and Winnie heard a buzzer again nearing that Molly was wrong. The mountain climber started to climb again. Everyone in the studio took a laugh below as the mountain climber past the 15 mark and didn’t let go until the mountain climber stop at 20 mark. The model revealed the price of the Calongira ice cream maker as $86 dollars.”  and the game winning sirens started the play.

Winnie remarked, “You won a $4000 dollar spaceship and we see you for the showcase showdown later.”

=A2, S3: END=

Molly’s Prize Total Updated: $4900

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

CAH:S2 - Molly - Act #2, Scene #2

A2, Scene 2 = The first item up is bid is played.

Chaos: 5 > 1. Altered.
I don’t know what to altered here, so I’m to roll a random event.

Random Event: 53 = Close the thread. No threads here.

Question #1: Does Molly guess correctly?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 86. No.

Question #2: Is Molly the closest without going over?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 31. Yes.

Question #3: What is up for bids?
My View: Complex Question

Roll #1 = Action Word: 99 = Oppress  + Subject Word: 42 = A Plot. Meaning: Unknown. Re-Roll
Roll #2 = Action Word: 30 = Break  + Subject Word: 88 = Illusions. Meaning: Unknown. Re-Roll.
Roll #3 = Action Word: 42 = Haggle + Subject Word: 90 = Anger. Meaning: Unknown.
Roll #4 =  Action Word: 79 = Intolerance  + Subject Word: 2 = Dreams. Meaning: First what’s find out what intolerance means. Intolerance meaning, “
unable or unwilling to endure.”  Ok. I’m reserving going with tolerance as the rule. That means it’s a bed (Tolerance of Dreams) and it comes with a year supply of powdered milk.

=Act 2, Scene 2=

As Miss Wolf, introduce the first item of the bid. Molly and her follow alien teenagers were quiet as the Miss Takonia reveal the first item for the first "One-Bid": a bed make by Korgon Dreams Inc and it come with a year of supply of Tagoniga Powered Milk.

Molly thought hard thought one and when asked to guess the price she remarks, “500”.

Jessica  laughed at Molly as she said, “800”.

Kevin remarked, “1,000”

Vinnie answered, “100.”
Timothy went the lowest with a “1” dollar bid.

Winnie took out a card and said, “And the actual retail of the prize of the bed is 699. The winner is Molly. Come on up and let’s see what pricing game you will be playing.”

=A2, SC2: END=
Molly’s Prize Total: $699.

Monday, January 14, 2013

CAH:S2 - Molly - Act #2, Scene #1

Act #2,Scene 1: TPIR Jr. starts.

Chaos Roll: 5 > 4 = Interrupt

Random Event Roll: 100 = NPC Positive.
NPC in Question: 1 = Vainixa
Action Word: 96 = Guide
Subject Word: 25 = Friendship
Meaning: That was a very funny group of rolls I did, but since Vainixa isn’t here, I have to to the do the following:  play the "I don't know" card and assume the scene goes normally.

=Act 2, Scene #1=

The TPIR Jr. announcer, Kayla Takonia spoke the following: “From Bob Barker studio in CBS Studio, he comes a twist on the the Price is the Right, TPIR Jr.   Molly Zakiyak come on down!

Molly rushes down to contest row after this. As usual, Kayla calling names to come one down. The first one after herself  was Jane Flyara, a female Dragonian. Next come, Kevin Slugorgo, a male Yuckian. That was follow by Vinnie Vazzarini, a Cloudian. Next, was Timothy Byokinoa, a Cleanon.

After Timothy was called, Molly heard Kalya spoke the following, “And here is your TPIR Jr. host, Winnie Wolf.”

Winnie Wolf comes out to a very warm welcome. Winnie remarked, “Bob Barker, eat your heart out.”

Vinnie Vazzarini asked, “Who is Bob Barker?”

Molly answered, “The host of the adult version.”

Winnie remarked, “Thanks for doing that Molly. That would speed up the show pretty well.”

=Act #2. Scene #1: END=

Since Molly was supposed to be make in the 1980s, it would be easy to assume that studio would assume that Bob Barker would be on "The Price is Right" until his death. You can aslo assume the studio members behind this would be show to shock when Bob Barker retired 2007.

Logging off, Dr. Thinker

Saturday, January 12, 2013

CAH;S2 - Molly -- Molly's Commercial Break #1: Watches

=Molly’s Commercial Break - Watches: Begin=
[Two bored kids -- a girl and a boy are looking over adult watches under glass by a old man who is given them the evil eye.]

Old Man: (sounding deadly) Are you going to buy any of my watches?

Girl: But they are all adult watches.

Old Man: They is no such thing as kid watches.

(Betty flies in -- knocking the old man’s mask off revealing him to be Kathy Key)

Kathy Key: Betty, you are just as bad as Gem!

(Kathy chases them for a bit until the kid fall into a blue hole. Kathy comes to the blue hole and gets a tidal wave of water by the tail of Erma. Erma leads the kids them to a Thyme Watch Factory. Inside the factory, they are many cartoon characters such as Bullethole, Skimmer, Merge, Molly, Georgina “Gem” Tenton, Sonica, Amy Actor, and more.]

Molly: Don’t let adults fool you. They are kids watches. They come from  “Thyme Watch Factory”.

Merge: Don’t worry about not be able to read them as they have a digital display.

Bullethole: Don’t worry about damages as Thyme Watches are waterproofed and fireproofed

Gem: You can find them in any well-known department store in near the  jewelry section.

Sonica: You can pick from many different cartoons from “Betty and Co.” to “Warrior of the Cosmos” and anything in between and beyond.”

Motormouth: (Quickly mouths out a very fast impossible to hear disclaimer as we fade to the Thyme Watch Factory’s logo and the fade out to black.)


CAH:S2 - Molly's Other Item Commercial Break Table

Since Molly’s cartoon is a different from the usual cartoon of the 1980s -- , the Action Cartoon (I.E. G.I. Joe, The Transformers, M.A.S.K., Goldie Gold and Action Jack, Scooby-Doo and Scrappy Doo, etc.)-- , it’s a 1980 slice of life within a view of a nearly peaceful future, so I need a different commercial break for it.

So I going to roll on “Other Items” list which is below:

RollOther Item
1PSA – A special public service ad features the cartoon's characters is aired. All PCs get +1 in mental traits. This last until the next commercial break.
2 Lunchboxes – The cartoon gets a lunchbox. All PCs get +1 in their Oomph stats.  
3Board Game – The cartoon gets a board game. All PCs get +1 in all checks that use a social traits. This last until the next commercial break.
4Clothing – The cartoon characters appeared on T-shirts. All characters get +1 to their checks. This last until the next commercial break.
5Watches – The cartoon characters appear on a watch. All PCs check dealing with their Action Figure gets +1. This last until the next commercial break.
6Activity Book - The cartoon gets a activity book. The GM Pool and all PCs get +2 OOMPH added.
7Video Game – The cartoon gets a video game. For the rest of the episode, the Game Master will allow players to re-roll their flubs a.k.a a roll of one on a d12.

Ok. Now it’s time to decide on what’s Molly’s other item is. It’s a 5. Watches. That means Molly gets +1 if she has to shape-shift for any reason. The following post will be the commercial break for the “Watches”.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

CAH:S2: Molly -- Act 1, Scene #3

Act 2, Scene #3: Molly enters the TPIR Jr’s studio and learn that it’s Alien Kid Day. All the audience members are alien kids

Chaos Roll: 5 < 9 = Normal

Act, Scene #2:

They were many aliens races almost the entire galaxy: some alien races hat she personality know one of them, some alien races from holo-shows, some alien races from holo-movies, some holo-games, and some that she read in her holo-texts at school.

A TPIR Jr staff member,. “Looks like you got the deer-in-the-headlight look on you, Molly
Zakiyak, but this is alien kid special we planning to air around the date of the first contact with aliens from another planet.”

Molly nodded, “Wow. I thought I will be only alien in the studio.”

A TPIR Jr. staff member remarked as he hands Molly a name tag with her name on it, “Well, you thought wrong.Take this name tag and find a seat.”

=A3, SC3: END=

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

CAH:S2 - Molly - Act 1, Scene 2

If the text is odder than the text in an usual post in Google Blogger that me I have copied the text of that post from a Google document I had made.

Scene #2: Molly tells her friends about her appearance on TPIR Jr.

Chaos: 5 > 4 = Interrupted. I don’t know how.

Random Event:  86 = NPC Negative

NPC: 1 = Vainixa
Action Word: 34 = Lie
Subject Word: 41 = Advice
Meaning: No clue. Assume scene goes normally.

=Act 1, Scene 2=

At the ice cream parlor that Molly and her friends hit after school. Her three friends were present: Tazia ,her Gorbian friend who prefers her human illusion to her true Gorbin form; Kariza, a Visorian friend with power over the mind, and Dalonia, the Merydira friend who is like a mermaid from ancient Earth myths.

Molly stated, “I have appearance on TPIR Jr. I will be leaving tomorrow. I will join the audience for it on Wednesday. Then I will be coming back the following Friday.:”

Kariza remarked, “One week without you. If Vainixa knows about this. Kiss this school good-bye.”

Molly said, “She already knows.”

Every one of her friends looked they got run-over by a collection of ancient American war tanks.

Molly said, “Relax, she’s still in her illness --  Beautixian Sparking -- to be of any problems for now. She said she was on TPIR Jr and told me not to past a certain amount, but she couldn’t tell me what number it was -- as her Beautixian Sparking was effecting her.”

Kariza stated, “That’s explain today’s math class! The teacher asked Vainixa do a math problem. She tell the teacher that she couldn’t do it. The teacher didn’t buy it and she ended up burning a hole in the chalkboard to the English class on the other side. The teacher ended class early -- most went to the next class.”

Molly said, “Do any know anything about her appearance?”

Molly’s three friends remarked, “No clue on this one.”

Molly remarks, “Unholy cheese sticks!”

=A2,S2: END=

I'm Pikachu-Shocked!

The title is a reference to the electric Pokemon, Pikachu. It seems that that Generation 6 is going START his October with two Pokemon games: "Pokemon X" and Pokemon Y".

Monday, January 7, 2013

CAH:S2 - Molly -- Act 1, Scene 1

=Act 1, Scene 1=

Vainixa was leading against the wall near the principal office of the high school she goes to since he saw Molly heading this to the principal office early. So far, no adult have given her any problems since she was still dealing with her illness -- a Beautixian Sparking -- makes her entire body on fire and shoot sparks.

She saw Molly coming out in her usual human form a blue hair and yellow eyed teenage girl dressed in purple dress, blue jeans and sneakers.

Vainixa asked, “Did you get into trouble for shape changing into a Godzilla rip-off to get a school day off?”

Molly laughed, “Nope. I took a week-off. I have a game show appearance to do next week.”

Vainixa asked, “What game show is that -- The Lame House Club?”

Molly remarked, “Nope. That’s TPIR Jr.”

Vainixa said, “The kid version of ‘The Price is Right’? Who would have thought the adult would have last 2000 years.”

Molly said, “That’s one thing I will agree with you on.”

Vainixa remarked, “That remind me, I was on TPIR Jr a few years ago -- I can’t say the number since I’m suffering from my illness which makes me launch large sparks. I hope you don’t past a certain number - I can’t say the number ”

Molly asked. “Can you write it down?”

Vainixa laughed before answering, “No can do. With this illness, at best burn the floor -- at worst, I bring the entire school down.”

Molly remarks, “Rats.”

=A1, SC1: END=

Sunday, January 6, 2013

CAH:S2 - Molly - Plotting Out -- Part #2

In our last post, the dice landed on a 3 for Molly to make appearance on the Game Show. The following list of games -- both real and fictional. If's fictional, I give you a bit of summary about it but if it's real you don't get summary

  • 1. Double Dare 
  • 2. Finders Keepers
  • 3. Make the Grade
  • 4. Fun House
  • 5. TPIR Jr. = A kid version of "The Price is Right".
  • 6: Journey = Think of a hour-long Fun House - expect that each stunt is tied to a theme.
Well, that's all I can think off, it's time for a dice roll. I'm hoping for a 1, 5 or

....It's a 5. TPIR Jr. is the show. 

Plot: Molly has an appearance on TPIR Jr show but Vainixa is warms her not to past a certain number. Vainixa can't say or or what number as she is reaching the tail end of a "Beataxuian Sparking"-- that makes it impossible for Vainixa's race to  say or write words or numbers. 

CAH:S2: Molly - Plotting Out -- Part #1

I couldn't think of plot for Molly, this is decide on the plot of "Molly" poolside I doing.

Plot List Below

  • 1: Earth-Base Field Trip = The school has an earth-base field trip. (I.E.: Tokyo, Japan; London, England; New York City, New York, USA, etc.)
  • 2: Space-Base Field Trip = The school has an space-base filed trip (I.E. Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, etc.)
  • 3: Game Show Appearance = More then one or two cast members on a game show -- real or fictional.
  • 4: School Play = The cast is dealing with a School Play
  • 5: Science Fair = The cast is dealing with a  Science Fair
  • 6: Bully's Plot = Molly has to deal with one of Vainixa's plot
  • 7: Switch Time = Molly is lure into a switch by another character. 
  • 8: Crook = Molly and a few friends have to stop a crook from causing trouble.
  • 9: Time Travel = Molly and her friends travel back in time.
  • 10:  Holiday Hijacks = A episode dealing with a Holiday -- real or fictional (I.E.: "New Years Day", "St. Valentine's Day "St. Patrick's Day", "Easter", "July Fourth", "Halloween", & "Christmas")

OK, it's time to roll the dice.....................................................

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sorry...And January Game is revealed.


I been working on big test run of "Cartoon Action Hour: Season 3. If I not done by the time with the official release of CAH:S3, I tell you want I was doing it.

"Molly" is our series for us to play with for "Cartoon Action Hour: Season 2" for this January.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Guess What!