Monday, January 7, 2013

CAH:S2 - Molly -- Act 1, Scene 1

=Act 1, Scene 1=

Vainixa was leading against the wall near the principal office of the high school she goes to since he saw Molly heading this to the principal office early. So far, no adult have given her any problems since she was still dealing with her illness -- a Beautixian Sparking -- makes her entire body on fire and shoot sparks.

She saw Molly coming out in her usual human form a blue hair and yellow eyed teenage girl dressed in purple dress, blue jeans and sneakers.

Vainixa asked, “Did you get into trouble for shape changing into a Godzilla rip-off to get a school day off?”

Molly laughed, “Nope. I took a week-off. I have a game show appearance to do next week.”

Vainixa asked, “What game show is that -- The Lame House Club?”

Molly remarked, “Nope. That’s TPIR Jr.”

Vainixa said, “The kid version of ‘The Price is Right’? Who would have thought the adult would have last 2000 years.”

Molly said, “That’s one thing I will agree with you on.”

Vainixa remarked, “That remind me, I was on TPIR Jr a few years ago -- I can’t say the number since I’m suffering from my illness which makes me launch large sparks. I hope you don’t past a certain number - I can’t say the number ”

Molly asked. “Can you write it down?”

Vainixa laughed before answering, “No can do. With this illness, at best burn the floor -- at worst, I bring the entire school down.”

Molly remarks, “Rats.”

=A1, SC1: END=

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