Wednesday, January 30, 2013

CAH:S2 - Molly - Act 2, Scene 5

Act 2, Scene 5: Molly’s Showcase business  begins.

Question #1: Does Molly has a winner for a rival?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 9. Yes.

Question #2: Is the winner of the other three that was call down at the start of the show with Molly?
My View: 50/50

Mythic View: 17. Yes. It was. So I roll a 1d3, and that’s the person she’s with. 1 = Jane Flyara. 2 = Kevin Slugorgo, and 3 = Vinnie Vazzarini.

Since this showcase, I’m dropping chaos ranking and chaos rolling for now.


Molly was lead from her backroom after the sixth pricing game to the show where the show had place the Showcase contest area. Winne was present. After getting in position, Molly saw that Vinnie Vazzarini was there. Just a few seconds after that, she heard Winnie arriving and saying Winnie said, “Welcome back to the TPIR Jr. for this special alien kid day. Our top winner is Molly, our runner up is Vinnie. You have two showcase to bid on -- the one who comes closest without going over the total of the actual retail price of the showcase. And if you less than $300 of your own show case, you win both showcases. Here’s our first showcase.....

Kayla said, “Our first show case deals with a  # visit to the Toya planet and see what’s up with them. Looks like they are playing with action figures.....”

Door 1 open up to reveal models dressed as cross between Santa’s elf and a martin playing with a large collection of action figure. Kayla voiced, “.....From Collect-It-All Enterprises -- we have collected a lot of retro-action figure from the 1980s including “Warrior of Cosmos”, “Transbots”, “Strikeforce Freedom”, “Gem”, “Space Rockers”, and many more.”

The models moved to Door 2, “After getting bored, the Toyains moved on outside to play with this army of RC tanks.”

Door 2 open reveal that RC Tanks as Kayla voiced, “From Electric Tank Warrior Co., we have these remote control tanks for hours of outdoor fun.”

The models moved to Door 3, “Even some toys aren’t enough even for Toyians, so they need a break and they do it by watching Disney movies.”

Door 3 opens up to reveal holo-disc of famous Disney movies, “From Disney movies including “Snow White”, “Cinderella”, “Herbie”. “Oliver and Company”, “The Computer Who Wore Tennis Shoes”, and more many. All from Disney Inc.. And this can all yours if the price is right.”

Winnie asked, “Molly, bid or pass?”

Molly said, “I’m bidding.”

Winnie said, “What’s your bid?”

Molly said, “I say $19555”.

Winnie said, “Ok.”

Molly saw the Vinnie’s showcase was just a room by room deal containing a a pizza marker, a new holo-vision set, and a Shapian company’s bed. He bided, “$49555.”

Winnie said, “We be back to find out who won.”

=A2, S5=

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