Thursday, January 24, 2013

CAH:S2 - Molly: Act #2, Scene #3

Act 2, Scene 3: Molly plays “Cliffhangers” as her pricing game.

Chaos: 5  < 6 = Normal.

=Act 2, Scene 3=

Winnie lead Molly to a very famous fake mountain and a fake mountain climber dressed as one of those German guys from a commercial for Oktoberfest. Winnie said, “You going to be playing Cliffhangers to win this.”

Kayla spoke next, “ How about a new ship care the Volorguza 99.44. Complete with twin plasma cannons.” “

Molly said, “Talk about irony. That spaceship is make on Beautara, the home planet of my troublemaking Beautixian troublemaker, Vainixa.”

Winnie replied, “Well, the goal of the gang is to help Clark Cheesy up the mountain but not to past 25. You have to guess three prices. If you guess right, John will stay at his present location -- if you wrong, he move up the mountain by how much you off. If he fails off, you lose out on the big prize, but you can kept the prizes you guess before he falls off. You win all four if you kept Clark on the mountain. We see what’s your first item is.”

Kayla voiced, “This Trokoni Vending Machine  is easy to operate and easy to clean.”

Molly remarked, “I think $60 dollars.”

Winnie said, “Is she right?”

A buzzer sound. A classic music as the mountain climber moved up the ruler-mountain and stip at 5. One of the models, reveal the Trokoni Vending Machine actual prize as 65.

Kayla voiced, “Our next gift is a large Kirgonia container. Kept your cold food cold and your hot food hot.”

Molly stated, “I think $50 dollars

Winnie asked, “Is she right?”

A ding-ding happen -- as the model revealed the place of the Kirgonia container to be $50 dollars.”

Winnie aid, “Right on the now. You have a $20 dollar range to guess the final gift.”

Kayla voiced, “This Calongira ice cream maker is good for making smooth ice cream.”

Molly remarked, “$70 dollars.”

Winnie asked, “Is she right?”

Molly  and Winnie heard a buzzer again nearing that Molly was wrong. The mountain climber started to climb again. Everyone in the studio took a laugh below as the mountain climber past the 15 mark and didn’t let go until the mountain climber stop at 20 mark. The model revealed the price of the Calongira ice cream maker as $86 dollars.”  and the game winning sirens started the play.

Winnie remarked, “You won a $4000 dollar spaceship and we see you for the showcase showdown later.”

=A2, S3: END=

Molly’s Prize Total Updated: $4900

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