Saturday, May 26, 2012

CAH:S2 -- Western Characters

This deals with the fiction Wild West of the old cartoons universe: horses thieves, cowboys, marshal, boom town, root beer saloons, Native Americans.  Sometime crosses over with science fiction for a Science-Fiction Western Planet as in "Bravestarr" for a simple.

The following characters are regular Western characters. The characters here are between 80 PoPPs and 120 PoPPs.

CAH:S2 -- Video Games Series


Video games series are based on video games for many different series--usually with different ideas from the ideas of the video games' original idea by a random of amount.

The characters in this place are between 80 PoPPs and 120 PoPPs.

CAH:S2 -- Transforming Robots Characters

Transforming Robots deals with those giant robot that can transform.

The usual 70 PoPPs for GTR will be used for the follow characters.

CAH:S2 -- Tournament Series Characters

This is a Japanese series in which strange things  (cards, robots, and tops) in a tournament--and may include evil forces looking to use them for wrong doing.'

For this type, I'm going with 100 PoPPs. I'm forcing more on Remote Controlled Vehicles or RCV. These RCV are consider Large Action Features Traits or LAFT. The look of the RCV will be explain after the character are done. RCV's Threshold is equal to the character's threshold hold.

CAH:S2 -- Super Robots Characters

Super Robots are a Japanese anime sub-type of science fiction. Super Robots are powerful robots that don't have to follow the laws of natural and the laws of the worlds.

For this category, we have 300 PoPPs. For the threshold of the robots, I'm doubling the threshold of the human to get the robot's threshold.

CAH:S2 -- Superheroes Characters

Superheroes are famous for doing super deeds from rescuing kittens to tree to defeating an alien overload's army.

For this category, it's 80 PoPPs.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

CAH:S2 -- Soap Opera Characters

Soap Opera deals with the famous people. One of the most famous was the series called "Jem and Holograms" which mixed music, action, and soap
opera becoming one of 1980s's most famous cartoons.


CAH:S2 -- Sport Team Characters


Sport Team Series deals with any sports--real or fictional. I'm sticking with common real sports: football, baseball, soccer, hockey, wrestling, & basketball.

CAH:S2 -- Space Opera Characters


This takes in the far-future of the universe. Mankind has traveled into the space.

CAH:S3 -- Science Fantasy Planet Characters

This means that science-fantasy planet is a merger of science and fantasy tropes. One of the best sample is the fictional "Warrior of Cosmos" in the rule book of "Cartoon Action Hour"

CAH:S2 -- Real Robot Characters

Real Robots is a Japanese anime sub-type of science fiction. "Gundam" & "Robotech" are good example of this-type of robotical series.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

CAH:S2 -- Pulp Action Characters

Pulp Action is anything type of action that happen between 1900 and 1940s. It is usually ends up in 1920s. Though taking place in the 1980s, "Goldie Gold and Action Jack" is a good pulp series--and so is 1960's Johnny Quest.

For this category, I'm going with 90 PoPPs.


CAH:S2 -- Pet Monster Series

The following is characters for a anime-make Pet
Monster series. Pet Monster dealing with training
one or more strange creatures.

The following characters ended up in the 100 and
200 PoPPs range.

Monday, May 14, 2012

CAH:S2: Mystery Characters

These characters that follow are for series in which you solve "Scooby-Doo"-style fake ghost/monster mysteries.

CAH:S2 -- Mutant Heroes Characters

This is a sub-type of the science fiction's sub-type
of superhero.

The PoPPs cost are between 10 PoPPs to 50 PoPPs for this characters in this category.

CAH:S2 -- Music Series Characters

Music Series deals with music groups. In the 1980s, they were pop music bad or new wave band.

In this type, I'm going with 80 PoPPs for this category .

CAH:S2 -- Military Series Characters

The military series usually deals with the armed
forces of the United States of America.

CAH:S2 -- Magic Girl Characters

Magic Girls is a big anime sub section. It has three types. The first magic girl is a teenage girl that has magic power sent to our world to teach her lessons
on how the world works. The second magic girl is a magic idol, who uses magic power to become famous as her dream job. The third magic girl is the magic warrior that fights against evil from all corners of the anime universe.

For this category, I decide to give these character
200 PoPPs for them.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

CAH:S2 Kid's Stuff Characters

This genre has kids being kids. The kids are usually in grade school (for better teaching of good behavior in the target audience), or high school (to kiss up to their love of being older or to show that older teenager are not too different from their
present selves.)

This time around, I'm going with only 10 PoPPs since these kids are still in grade school.]


CAH:S2 -- Horror Characters

Horror deals with REAL ghosts and REAL


CAH:S2 -- Fighting Series Characters

Fighting Series is anime series that always about
fighting, usually taking on Earth. Most of the time,
the fighting series is about martial arts.

For this type, I'm using 100 PoPPs for this genre.

CAH:S2 - Fantasy Characters

Fantasy is the popular imagine of the medieval ages of Earth containing knights, castles, dragons, trolls, and princess in need of protection from the forces of evil.

Friday, May 11, 2012

CAH:S2 Espionage Characters


Espionage is just a fancy words for spying stuff. For this category, I'm going with 50 PoPPs.

CAH:S2 -- Dream World Characters


Much of the action takes place in a dream or dream-like world. "Moon Dreamers" and "The Midnight Patrol" are good example of this series.

CAH:S2 -- Dimensional Heroes Characters


The heroes are from a different dimensional. This could means the heroes from the Earth that headed to the dimensional having a problem--or it could have heroes from the dimensional heading to Earth.

CAH:S2 -- Cute Animals Characters

The land or earth is fill with cute animals. This animals go on adventures--and might have a problem with another human or other creatures.  Sometimes, the world is so full of cute animals-- they is no such thing as a human.

I.E.: "The Smurf", "The Get-A-Long Gang", "The Snorks", "The Pound Puppies", "My Little Pony" & "Stop the Smoggies"

CAH:S2 -- Crime Stopping Characters

Crime stopping takes place in any modern era from
1930s to present and beyond into the far future.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

CAH:S2 - Comedy Characters

Comedy is random jokes, skirts and other things.
Usually the lightest of all the retro-toons in the

CAH:S2 -- Alien Heroes Characters


Alien Heroes are series in which aliens from a distant planet arrive to help humans against alien criminals from their own planet or another planet. A sub-type of Science Fiction.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

CAH:S2: CHARACTER DROPS -- After The End Cartoon Characters

I have decide May's is Character Month for Cartoon Action Hour. I try to post as many characters as many different genres as possible before the month is over..

Our first genre is "After The End". This genre is when Earth or another planet by
some means: world war III, sun explodes, the polar ice caps melts, a comet comes between the Earth and Moon (AHEM!). The adventures takes either right after the cause ("The Visionaries") or a thousand years after ("Thundarr The Barbarian").

The characters are of course after a jump cut....