Friday, October 18, 2013


...About not writing any thing up here. "Pokemon X and Pokemon Y" come out last week and I been busy playing it.

Though good news is that it that if Annabelle story doesn't get finished by the end of October, her story will continue on until December.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Annabelle's Third Fairy Tale Adventure -- Scene #5

Scene #5: Annabelle looks for clues to find Chanka

Chaos Rank: 5
Chaos Roll: 5 < 6 = Normal

Question #1: Does she find clue?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 65. Nope.

Question #2: Does she find some one who might know who Chanka is disguise as?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 65. Nope.

Question #3: Does the disguise Chanka find her?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 54. Nope.

Question #4: Does one of the disguise Chanka aides find here?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 33. Yes. Random event.

Random Event Roll: 62 = PC Positive
Action Word: 33 = Stop
Subject Word; 51 = Jealousy
Phrase: "Stop of Jealousy"
Meaning: Chanka had become a female human named China, and claimed to the Bamboo Princess that had return from the moon. Koykan's human king, Tarran, has fallen for the lies -- hook, line and sinker. His human wife, Jazi. is not a happy camper until she come across Annabelle as it happens that Tarran is a fan of mermaids. Jazi is plotting Annabelle in a plan to renew their wedding vows.

=Scene #5: START=

A woman approached Annabelle as she was crawling around the ground and said, "I help you -- if you help me."

Annabelle asked, "So what you want to me to do?"

The woman stated, "My name is Queen  Jazi. I am the wife of King Tarran. Recently, my thousand had fall head over heels for a woman claiming to be China, the Bamboo Princess, who had returned from the Moon. I know that he loves mermaids more then he loves fairies that send their time on the Moon. I want you to renew my wedding vows.

Annabelle said, "I'm game."

Queen Jazi pick up Annabelle by her arms and carried her like a human might have carried a bride.

=Scene #5: END=
Chaos: Still a 5.

Add: Koykan Islands humans, Queen Jazi, King Tarran, the real Bamboo Princess
Modifed; Chanka/China (for his home digusie)

Monday, October 7, 2013

Annabelle's Third Fairy Tale Adventure -- Scene #4

Scene #4: Annabelle arrives on Koyakan Island.

Chaos Rank: 5
Chaos Roll: 5 < 7 = Normal

Question #1: Did Chanka have already conquer the island?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View 57. Nope.

Question #2: Is Chanka trying to conquer the island?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 87.

Question #3: Did the humans give Chanka the island?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 70.

Question #4: Did a human kill Chanka?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 69. Nope.

Question #5: Is Chanka in disguise?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View:  10. Yes. I have a dying human to explain to him that one of the human is a evil merman.

=Scene #4: START=

Annabelle arrived on Koyakan Island and saw a human cover in blood. 

The human remarked, "Don't come me merman."

Annabelle remarked, "I'm a mermaid."

The human said, "Big whoop fat deal there. That merman kill me. No possible of healing of many mean -- even magic."

Annabelle asked "Do you know who he is disguise as?"

The human remarked, "He is disguise as......."

Annabelle quickly got the human and discover that he just had his last breath. She tossed the human into the sea and slowly crawled along the path.

=Scene #4: END=

Chaos: Still a 5.

NPC: No additions.

Saturday, October 5, 2013


I have finally figured out my fictional cartoon to go though all three season/editions of "Cartoon Action Hour".

For more information -- follow the link below:


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P.S. This will have no effect on this one.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Annabelle's Third Fairy Tale Adventure -- Scene #3

Scene #3: Annabelle drops by to locate Chanka.

Chaos Rank: 5
Chaos Roll: 5 > 1

I really don't have a clue on what's the alter here -- so I'm going to play it normally -- unless I get a Random Event I can squeeze in.

Random Event: 93 = NPC +
NPC In Question: 2 = The Mermaid Mafia
Action Word: 38 = Inform
Subject Word: 29 = Pain
Phrase: "Inform of Pain"
Meaing: The Mafia Mob dislike Chanka for being reckless warrior and being ruthless against everyone. The kind of guy that kills first and ask the questions. He really killed Tangaka, a powerful Mafia Mob member. Annabelle will meet Tangaka's mermaid molly, Clyamia at Seawood Studio. Clyamia had learn that Chanka had stopped his weekly night watch on Koyakan Island

=Scene #3: START=

A beautiful mermaid with long red hair and brown eyes dressed in a black blouse. Her white tail was tapping against the wall. "Well, you look just got out of the Mermaid Mob meeting."

Annabelle said, "Sort of...."

The beautiful mermaid remarked, "The name is Clyamia. Looking for that Mermaid Mafia reject, why do you swim to Koyakan Island. He might around there. He stopped his recently night watch a few days after he killed my boss, Tangaka.

Annabelle smiled. This news was good!

=Scene #3: END=

Chaos Rank: Still at 5.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Annabelle's Third Fairy Tale Adventure -- Scene #2

Ok. Before I hit the ice cream mine, I'm going to work the next

Scene #2: Annabelle comes to the Mermaid Theater and tries to find out from Mermaid Mafia where Chanka is planning to attack

Chaos Rank:: 5
Chaos Rank: 5 > 2 = Interrupted. I going to roll a Random Event:

Random Event: 18 = NPC Action
NPC Doing The Action:  1 = Chanka
Action Word: 78 = Cruelty
Subject Word: 17 = The Spiritual
Phrase: "Cruelty Of The Spiritual"
Meaning: No ideas. Assume scene goes according to what I written after "Scene #2:"

=Scene #2: START=

Annabelle -- pun totally intended -- high-tailed to the Mermaid Theater. She was spotted by the owner, Karavona

[Mythic: Is Karavona a member of the Mermaid Mafia? My View: 50/50. Mythic View: 6. Exceptional Yes.]

Karavona said, "You looking for the Mermaid Mafia. You find it."

Annabelle asked, "Why didn't you appeared last time I was here?"

Karavona answered, "I wasn't here."

Annabelle asked, "Do you know where Chanka is?"

[Mythic: Does Karavona know where Chanka is? My View: 50/50. Mythic View: 78. Nope.]

Karavona answered, "Afraid I don't know where that hot-head went off to."

Annabelle said, "Do you know someone that knows where Chanka is?"

[Mythic: Does Karavona know where Chanka is? My View: 50/50. Mythic View: 54. Nope.]

Karavona asked, "Do you have even a clue?"

[Mythic: Does Karavona have a clue where Chanka could be? My View: 50/50. Mythic View: 79. Nope.]

Karavona answered, "Nope."

Annabelle asked, "Does did he has a favorite place?"

[Mythic: Did Chanka  have a favorite underwater place. My View: Very Likely. Mythic View: 79.]
[Mythic View: What was it? My View: Complex Question. Action Word: 100 = Change. Subject Word: 88 = "Illusions"]]

Karavona answered, "Yes. He usually handed around Seawood Labs, which are working on making movies for mermaids."

Annabelle said, "I head there and see if I find some information of Chanka's location."

=Scene #2: END=

Add NPC: Karavona & Seawood Labs.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Anabelle's Third Fairy Tale Adventure -- Scene #1

Scene #1: Annabelle learns from the Chanka's plot.

Question #1: It is from a normal mermaid?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 60. No.

Question #2: Does she learn it from Queen of the Mermaids?
My View: 50/50.
Mythic View: 34. Yes.

=Scene #1: START=

Annabelle saw Queen Donna swimming forward to her.

Annabelle asked, "What brings you to me?"

Queen Donna said, "Chanka, a member of the Mermaid Mafia, is planning on conquering an island full of humans and using those humans as slave. I need you locate him and stop him."

Annabelle said, "Do you know where he is?"

[MYTHIC: Does Queen Donna know where Chanka is? My View: Very Unlikely. Mythic View: 63. Nope."

 Queen Donna remarked, "No clue."

Annabelle said, "Then I got my work cut out for me."

=Scene #1: END=

NPC: Add Queen Dona to the NPC list.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

PDQ - NPC & Threads

The following are the NPC, I will pick for the story.

1. Chanka/China(our villain)
2. The Mermaid Mafia
3. Normal mermaids
4. Normal humans
5. Queen Donna (ruler of all mermaids)
6. Karavona (A Mermaid mafia member)
7. Seawood Labs (Working on mermaid movies)
8. Koykan Island humans
8. King Tarran
9. Queen Jazi
10. The real Bamboo Princess
11. Eris

The following are threads

1. Stop Chanka
2. Get Eris's golden apple
3. Get a shard of the Magic Mirror
4. Get a hair of the Bamboo Princess
5. Get to the Moon.