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Happy Birthday to me.

Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to me, Dr. Thinker
Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to me.

Guess what? I having a birthday today -- June 30!

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mermaid Fairy Tale PDQ -- Scene #11

Sorry, I joined the play testing group for "Cartoon Action Hour: Season 3", that why I hadn't post much on my PDQ featuring Annabelle. So let's see if I can finish up this game.

Scene #11: Annabelle and Princess Maya reach the Sea Hag.

Chaos Ranking: 5
Chaos Rolling: 5 > 1 (Altered)

Question #1: How is it's altered?
My View: Random Event Roll
Random Event: 21 = NPC Action
Which NPC is in Action? 21 = Mermaid Chorus
Action Word: 49 = Harm
Subject Word: 56 = Wishes
Phrases: "Harm of Wishes"
Meaning: I have no clue. Normally

Question #2: Does the Sea Hag knows about the fate of Princess Erica?
My View: Very Likely
Mythic View: 43. Yes.

Question #3: Was the Blue Fairy in a past life Princess Erica?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 9. Yes, she was.

Question #4: Is the Blue Fairy present at the Sea Hag's home at the time?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 88. Nope & Random Event.
Random Event: 29 = Introduce a new NPC.
Action Word: 92 = Vengeance
Subject Word: 64 = A Burden
Phrase: "Vengeance Of A Burden"
Meaning: No clue here.

Question #5: Does this scene end the game?
My View: A Sure Thing
Mythic View: 28. Yes.

= Scene #11=

Annabelle and Princess Maya boat make it with out many problem to the Sea Hag's cavern. Quickly, the Sea Hag smirked, "Finally, that Blue Fairy marker finally got his just deserts -- the Blue Fairy marker died."

Annabelle asked, "Who?"

The Sea Hag remarked, "Prince Lagar. Years ago, Princess Erica come to me after she saved Prince Lagar from drowning in the ocean. She exchange her tongue for legs to try to win Lagar. So I expect it -- but it's hard for a mermaid to win a human especially when she had no voice. Some time later Princess Kimberly come in the picture and become more then a female friend for Prince Lagar. Angry, Princess Erica quickly written message to her sisters, put in a bottle and throw it into sea. Princess Erica's sisters come to see me and give her sword that if she killed anyone she would have return to being a mermaid. Erica killed herself -- but because she had a gutty attitude Queen Tina of the Fairies turned her into the Blue Fairy."

Annabelle said, "Well, what happen to Kimberly?"

The Sea Hag remarked, "She was dying from a injuries and killed Prince Lagar."

Annabelle remarked, "I hope Hades has a good punishment in plan for them."

The Sea Hag nodded.

=S11: END=

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mermaid Fairy Tale PDQ -- Scene #10

Scene #10: The boat reaches the Main City of the mermaids.

Chaos Ranking: 5
Chaos Rolling: 5 < 6 = Normal

Question #1: Is the Mermaid Queen present?
My View: Logical. She is.

Question #2: Does she know what happen to the silent pet?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 78. Nope.

Question #3: Does she think the Sea Hag has a hand in this?
My View: Very Likely.
Mythic View: 21. Yes.

= Scene #10=

Queen Donna, the Mermaid Queen was surprised to see a boat floating though the mermaid city. Using the Royal Magic Staff, she forced the boat to float to the surface of the ocean.

Annabelle said, "Hi, Donna."

Queen Donna remarked, "Annabelle. What is the meaning of us."

Annabelle said, "My friend, Princess Maya, come to ask you a question."

Princess Maya asked, "Donna, do you know what happen to Prince Lagar's silent pet?"

Queen Donna answered, "I have no clue. I recently become the queen only two years ago. The Sea Hag might had been involved into this. She lives a island many days away."

Princess Maya said, "Then we go see here."

Queen Donna said, "Good luck on your journey."

=S10: END=

Chaos: Despite the failure, it's still a five.


  1. Remove help Princess Maya reach the Mermaid Queen
  2. Add help Princess Maya reach the Sea Hag

Mermaid Fairy Tale PDQ -- Scene #9

Scene #9: Annabelle boards Princess Maya's underwater boat.

Chaos Rank: Still a 5.
Chaos Roll: 5 > 7.

= Scene #9=

Annabelle crawl as fast as her arms could move with the running Princess Maya. As soon as she was board the underwater boat, the crew removed the walkway from the side of the shit. A shield of magic appeared around the boat.

Annabelle asked, "Is the Sea Hag behind this magic?"

[My View: Is Annabelle's question correct? My View: 50/50. Mythic View: Exceptional No.]
[My View: Is it a fairy? My View: Logically.]
[My View: Is it Patrick? My View: Very unlikely. Mythic View: 30. Nope.]
[My View: Is it the Blue Fairy? My View: 50/50. Mythic View: 25. Yes.]

Princess Maya said, "Nope. The Blue Fairy arrived after the boat was built and put a magic shield that protect the boat from water."

Annabelle said, "Let's hope the Mermaid Queen can answer you question?"

Princess Maya nodded as she told the crew to pull the anchor and set sail.

=S9: END=

Chaos Rank: Still a 5

Add: Underwater boat crew & The Blue Fairy

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mermaid Fairy Tale PDQ -- Scene #8

Scene #8: Annabelle reaches Princess Maya's Kingdom.

Chaos Rank: 5
Chaos Roll:5 > 4 = Interrupted

Random Event Roll: 67 = PC Negative. Well we know the PC in question is Annabelle, the mermaid.
Action Word: 80 = "Trust"
Subject Word: 56 = "Wishes"
Phrase: "Trust of Wishes"
Meaning: I don't know.........

Question #1: Is Princess Maya present when she arrives?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 22. Yes. Random Event Roll.
Random Event Roll: 79 = Ambiguous Event
Action Word: 3 = Neglect
Subject Word: 64 = A burden
Phrase: "Neglect of a burden"
Meaning: I don't know.

Question #2: Does Princess Maya flip her wig when she see Annabelle?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 83. Nope.

Question #3: What is the reason for the boat that goes underwater?
My View: Complex Question
Action Word: 39 = Bestow
Subject Word: 93 = Proceedings.
Meaning: I have no clue.

Question #4: Was Princess Maya, the late Princess Erica in another lifetime?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 63. Nope. Got the reason for Princess Maya: Princess Maya had been annoyed at Prince Lagar's hatred of mermaids since she was present at Prince Lagar's wedding to Princess Kimberly. She built the boat that can go underwater to see to head to the main city of the Mermaid Queendom and ask Mermaid Queen what happen to Prince Lagar's pet.

=Scene #8=

Annabelle crawled down the the beach and found herself right into front of a royal pink gown princess with red hair and red eyes.

The princess asked, "My name is Princess Maya, what is yours?"

Annabelle replied, "My name is Annabelle."

Princess Maya asked, "Why have you come up from the bottom of the sea?"

Annabelle said, "I come to find you -- you have built a boat that can go underwater. I wonder why you did such I thing."

Princess Maya said, "It all happen years ago. Princess Lagar was getting ready to marry his girlfriend Kimberly at the time. He had a silent female human pet who were really clumsy with her legs. Just before the wedding, I discovered a dead mermaid body. I went to tell the royal couple -- but my the time I return the body was gone. At this time, Princess Lagar and Princess Kimberly decide that pet was eaten by the mermaids. That's impossible. I heard stories on the mermaids a lot. Most of the stories I heard are those stories in which mermaids were as good as any other race. So I decide to built my underwater boat to go asked Queen to what really happen to Lagar's silent pet.

Annabelle said, "Hmmm. That's going to rough with that war going on."

Princess Maya said, "That's just to kept him busy while I'm gone."

Annabelle said, "Mind if I join you."

Princess Maya said, "More the merrier."

=S8: END=

Add to NPC: Princess Kimberly (Prince Lagar's girlfriend)

Changes to Threads:

  • 1: Remove = Find the underwater boat builder
  • 2: Add = Help Princess Maya reach the Mermaid Queen

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mermaid Fairy Tale PDQ -- Scene #7

Scene #6 - Annabelle reaches Princess Maya's Queendom.

Chaos Ranking: 5
Chaos Rolling: 5 > 4 = Interrupted.

I don't know what to do, so I'm going to a random event.

Random Event: 33 = Introduce a New NPC. That's new.
Action Word: 21 = Release
Subject Word: 45 = Illness.
Phrase of "Release of Illness"
Summary: Mayhem's boats frees a Cazza, a mermaid with a nasty illness called Eelizee. Eelizee makes mermaid super-grumpy. The illness doesn't effect any humans  or any mermaid that had already been effected. With time, Eelizee disappears.

Question #2: Did Annabelle had a case of Eelizee before he took his journey?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 34. Yes.

= Scene #6=

Annabelle heard a horrible scratching making witch's fingernails on a tower wall sound like the Mermaid Chorus. A white hair and white tail mermaid jumped out and said, "Well, looks like I got something to past Eelizee to."

Annabelle said, "Sorry, you had to do some swimming...but I had a case of Eelizee a few years ago."

The white-hair mermaid remarked with disappointed, "I was some what expecting it and somewhat not expecting it at  the same time." The white-hair mermaid said,  My name is Cazza, what's your, Genius?"

Annabelle said, "My name is Annabelle."

Cazza asked, "What in the name of the Mermaid Queen are you doing?"

Annabelle replied, "Trying to find out why Princess Maya built a boat that can go underwater and trying to figure out where did Prince Lagar's silent pet went off to."

Cazza said, "Well, I think the latter is almost impossible: Prince Lagar hates mermaid with a potion that makes all the witches in the world green with envy."

Annabelle remarked, "Tell me something I don't know."

Cazza laughed, "The other is somewhat possible. Princess Maya has love of sea and all of it's creatures."

Annabelle said, "Good luck, getting rid of that Eelize."

Cazza added, "I'm going to need that good luck!"

=S7: END=

Chaos: 5

Add to NPCs: Mermaid Chorus & Cazza

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mermaid Fairy Tale PDQ -- Scene #6

Scene #6: While chained in irons and inside the fake evil Mermaid Queen costume, Annabelle is paraded by the Royal Guard around the main city.

Chaos Rank: 6
Chaos Roll: 6 > 2 = Interrupted
Random Event: 25 = NPC Action
NPC Action in ? = 5: Beatrica
Action Word: 98 = Overthrow
Subject Word: 55 = Suffering
Phrase: "Overthrow of Suffering"
Meaning: Unknown.

Question #1: Is does the Mermaid Eating Witch make appearance?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 71. Nope.

Question #2:  Does some outlaws free Annabelle.
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 76. Nope.

Question #3: Does one person hit Annabelle with a glass of water?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 94. Nope.

Question #4: Does the Guards get news of a war between Prince Lagar and another country?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 26. Yes.

Question #5: Is this country's Princess Maya's question?
My View: It's Likely.
Mythic View: 1. Exceptional Yes. The half of the parade people are warriors for Princess Maya's city and they free Annabelle. While trying to escape,  Annabelle gets tossed into a fountain.

=Scene #6=

Annabelle was not happy being trapped inside the fake evil mermaid queen that Prince Lagar's guards stuff herself in. She heard sound of battle. One of the royal gaurd remarked, "Princess Maya really out did herself this time."

Another solider, "Coming from you, Sir Crane. That's a high remark."

A sword slashed removed the fake head, revealing that now she can see two armies battling. All of Prince Lagar's army were male and were in thick of battle. Meanwhile, Prince Maya's army were 50% female and 50% male. Another sword slashed cut the fake body and fake tail off her --  the fountain below revealed to Annabelle that she still had her hands stuck in iron and her legs were still chained iron. A hammer knocked her into the foundation -- and her real tail appears.

The voice of Prince Lagar was heard, "Kill that evil sea creature, or heads will rolls!'

Annabelle said, "I not evil!"

A few female humans grabbed her and took her to a bat. One of the humans undid her hands' iron chains.

Annabelle and her five females make it successfully to a regular army boat. As four of the female started us cannons against Prince Lagar's army. The five one come to Annabelle and said the following: "Well, my name is Madam Jane Mayhem, Commander  of Maya's Navy.  Well, a mermaid. Princess Maya is going to turn pink when she see you. First Mate Jessica Aimstone, can you find a cannonball in the city's main clock."

Jessica Aimstone remarked, "Tell me the number, and hit it."

Madam Mayhem said, "How about the number 7, it's between the 6 and 8."

Jessica Aimstone said as she aimed the cannon, "The classic 86 routine. That one never goes out of style and really tease off Prince Lagar."

Jessica's cannon fired and hit the 7 good.

As the boat left -- Annabelle could heard Prince Lagar yelled, "MAYA! YOU MUST BE THE DAUGHTER OF A WITCH!"


Change to Annabelle's stats: Poor -2 [No Legs] returns.

Add to NPCs: Prince Lagar's army, Princess Maya's army, Madam Mayhem, and Jessica Aimstone.

Chaos: Despite the war, chaos has drop down to 5.

Mermaid Fairy Tale PDQ - Scene #5

Scene #5: Annabelle and her new legs comes to a city in  Prince Lagar's Kingdom.

Chaos Rank: 5
Chaos Roll: 9 > 5 = Normal

Question #1: Is the Death Festival going on?
My View: Very Likely.
Mythic View: 3. Exceptional Yes. Each year, Prince Lagar sends out his best of his royal guard to grab a non-citizen to dressed up as a evil Mermaid Queen, and this year they grab surprised Annabelle.

=Scene #5=

Annabelle had gotten used to her legs by now as she finally come to a small town in Prince Lagar's kingdom, when she felt two hands grabbing her hands. She felt iron weights being hooked on her hands. One of the guards knocked her down.

A few more royal guard come into her vision. The leader stated, "Sorry, about this. I didn't want to do this -- but not doing this would make Prince Lagar a hothead. My name is Sir Jordan Crane, Royal Guard Commander. After the death of his silent pet human, he blamed all mermaids for everything bad that happen in this kingdom -- but since mermaids are sneaky and hard to find -- he usually has the best of the royal guard to get an outsider to play the evil mermaid queen. So outsider, what's your name?"

Annabelle answered, "My name is Annabelle."

Sir Jordan Crane remarked, "Nice name? So where are you friend?"

Annabelle said, "I am from the ocean."

Sir Jordan Crane laughed as "What an imagine! This catch would really please Prince Lagar."

Annabelle said, "I am serious."

One of the royal guard said, "Do you think you are a real mermaid? Thanks for a laugh. I need one. They is no such thing as mermaids."

Annabelle said, "They is."

Another one remarked as he slipped iron chains around Annabelle's legs, "I think she might had lost her sanity."

Annabelle remarked, "It's your that lost your sanity."

The royal guard stuffed her legs into a fake dark purple tail and then put on a fake purple body over her, then hooked Annabelle up to a platform, then connected fake arms to the fake purple body and then covered Annabelle's face with a horrible ugly face that not even a shark's mother wouldn't have love and then the royal guards moved on would.

=S5: END=

Chaos: Up to 6.

Add to NPC List: Sir Jordan Crane and Royal Guards.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Mermaid Fairly Tale PDQ -- Scene #4

Scene #4: Annabelle reaches the cavern.

Chaos Rank : 5
Chaos Roll: 5 < 6 = Normal.

Question #1: Is his cavern, the cavern of the Sea Witch?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 55. No. Random Event.

Random Event: 55 = Close A Thread
Thread in Question: 1 = Find the Underwater Boat Builder
Action Word: 19 = Waste
Subject Word: 35 = Legal Matters.
Phrase Meaning: "Waste of Legal Matters"
Meaning: I dunno know. This Random Event will be tossed in the trash can.

Question #2: Is the cavern home to a fairy?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 48. Yes.

Question #3: Is the fairy alone when she when Annabelle arrives?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 25. Yes.

=Scene #4=

Annabelle crawled into the cavern. A regular fairy with blonde hair, yellow eyes dressed in a long purple gown and sandals. The fairy turn into Annabelle's direction and said, ""Well, this is surprise. I hadn't a visitor since that town was turn into a ghost town. My name is Patrica."

Annabelle said, "My name is Annabelle, Patrica. I need to go to Princess Maya's city, but Sir Timothy Crane said that it was far away. He said he had help in a cavern."

[MYTHIC: Does Patrica had power to help her? My View: Somewhat Likely. Mythic View: 83. Nope.]

Patricia said, "Well, I don't have the power to transport you straight to her city and to reach it you had to cross Princess Lagar's kingdom which is under a control of a witch who would eat your tail before you could cross."

Annabelle said, "Do you have anything to make my tail disappear?"

[MYTHIC: Does Patrica had a item or spell to make her tail disappear? My View: Somewhat Likely. Mythic View: 44. Yes. Random Event. Random Event: 6 = Remote Event.  Action Word: 96 = Guide Subject Word: 76 = The Mundane. Phrase: "Guide of the mundane. Both side town are going having festivals soon -- one devoted to pet deaths and other devoted to mermaids.]

Patricia replied, "Yes. It's a  item I got from the Sea Witch while I was in the main city of Princess Maya's kingdom during their Mermaid Festival.  The festival is a sore spot in Princess Lagar's eyes as it takes place at the same is "Death of Animals" festival which honors all pets that had died in previous years."

[MYTHIC: Does Patrica pull out a potion that contains a mermaid tongue? My View: 50/50. Mythic View: 42. Yes.]

Patrica pulls out a potion of strange items -- one of them was easily recognizably by Annabelle at a mermaid tongue.

[MYTHIC: Does Patricia know Sea Hag got it from? My View: 50/50. Mythic View: 37. Yes.]

Annabelle asked, "Where did she get that tongue?"

Patricia said, "I recalled the story -- it's pretty long -- the Sea Hag loves to stretch out her stories. She meet Princess Erica after she saved Princess Lagar, and come to Sea Hag to get legs. She traded her tongue and you know that mermaid voice boxes are their tongues for her legs."

Annabelle said, "Well, they had been no said of seaweed and foam."

Patricia laughed before saying the following , "That's a old mermaid tale. No matter what happens all mermaid reborn in new forms -- ranging from rats to dragons -- pending on how bad or good a mermaid's behavior is."

Annabelle said as her right hand grabbed the potion, "How long will this work?"

Patricia said, "As long as you don't get force into water, you will kept your  legs."

Annabelle chugged the potion, felt her tail splitting into two, and she was standing up --  hitting her head on the ceiling on the cavern.

=S4: END=

Change to Stats: Poor -2 from "No Legs" to "Unused Legs"
Change to NPC: Patricia, the Fairy and the Mermaid Eater Witch.

Chaos: Stays at 5.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mermaid Fairy Tale PDQ -- Scene #3

Scene #3: Annabelle crawls into the city.

Chaos Rank: 5
Chaos Roll: 5 > 3 (Altered).

Question #1: Is a festival going on?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 63. Nope.

Question #2: Is the town cursed?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 64.

Question #3: Is a town of fairies?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 66. Nope. Random Event

Random Event
Dice Number #: 21 = NPC Action
NPC In ? (Read: Question): 3 = Underwater Boat Builder
Action Word: 63 = Ambush
Subject Word: 36 = Bureaucracy
Phrase: "Ambush of Bureaucracy"
Meaning: I dunno know......

Question #4: Is a ghost (read: empty) town?
My View: Very Likely
Mythic View: 13. Yeah. She meet a ghost.

=Scene 3=

Annabelle is shocked to the town was empty of every human - expect one very dead human.

A ghost asked "What is your name, mermaid?"

Annabelle answered, "Annabelle." She paused asked, "What was yours?"

The ghost replied, "Sir Timothy Crane."

Annabelle said, "Why are you doing here?"

The ghost replied, "I was brought to be killed by Prince Lagar after a embarrassment of an event in his pet kill herself."

Annabelle asked as she used her right hand's thumb to paint to her own tail, "Did his pet had a tail?"

The ghost remarked, "His pet was a silent human. I told jokes to her -- but I didn't even get a laugh. I guess I still here to find out what happen to silent pet."

Annabelle said, "I looking for a boat builder who created a boat that can so underwater so I can give that ape a piece of my mind."

The ghost remarked, "Hmmm. That got to be Princess Maya, Prince Lagar's closest rival."

Annabelle said, "Can you give me directions to her place?"

The ghost answered, "It's pretty far, but I got some help close by in the words. Just kept following the path and you get to her cavern." He paused and asked, "Can you do me a favor?"

Annabelle asked, "What is that?"

The ghost remarked, "Find out what happen to Prince Lagar's silent pet."

Annabelle said, "I give it a shot."]

The ghost answered, "Good luck!"

Annabelle crawled on her way out of the town via the cobblestone path.

=S3: END=

Add to NPC: Sir Timothy Crane & Prince Lagar
Change to NPC List: Change the Underwater Boat Builder to Princess Maya
Add to Thread: Find out what happen to the Prince Lagar's silent pet.

Mermaid Fairy Tale PDQ - Scene #2

Scene #2:  Annabelle gets to the surface.

Chaos Rank: 5
Chaos Roll: 5 > 3 = Altered. I going treat this one as a random roll and see what I get....

Random Event Roll #1:
Dice #: 78
Random Event: Ambiguous Event
Action Word: 72 = Arrive
Subject Word: 98 = Fame
Phrase: "Arrive of Fame"
Summary: I dunno know.....

Question #1: Is it daytime?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 58. Nope. It's nighttime.

Question #2: Does anyone see her arrive?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 77. Nope and since fairy tales are random I going to roll a random event.

Random Event Roll #2:
Dice #: 77
Random Event: Ambiguous Event
Action Word: 67 = Open
Subject Word: 51 = Jealous
Phrase: "Open of Jealous"
Meaning: Can't do it. No one's here.

=Scene #2=

Annabelle leaped out on the ocean and landed on dead on with beach. She looked at the Moon. The Moon was high in the sky revealing that it was night time.

[MYTHIC: Does Annabelle go to sleep? My View: 50/50. Mythic View:56. No.]
[MYTHIC: Is a path? My View: Very Likely. Mythic View: 12. Yeah. It's a cobblestone path leading to a city.]

Annabelle crawled along the cobblestone path leading to the near-by city.

=S2: END=

Mermaid Fairy Story PDQ - Scene #1

Scene #1: Meeting of the two mermaids.

Chaos Rank: 5
Chaos Roll: 5 > 1 = Altered. I don't know how to altered things were so I'm doing to just do the scene normally.

= Scene #1=

Once upon a time, they existed a mermaid named Annabelle, who was 16 year old.  She loved two swim thought the ocean, talking and singing to every animals she come across.

One day, Annabelle discovered two mermaids, Beatrica and Coralina talking in whispers.

Annabelle asked, "What's up?"

Beatrica questioned, "You know those weird hairless and tailless apes?"

Annabelle quizzed, "You mean humans?"

Coralina stated, "Yeah. Some built a boat that can go underwater."

Annabelle remarked, "You got to pulling my tail!"

Beatrica and Coralina said in unison, "No joke!"

Annabelle asked, "Do you know what the boat builder is going to do with it?"

Beatrica and Coralina shake their hands and for a few seconds they were no words spoken between the three mermaids until Coralina broke it.

Coralina remarked, "No one knows the gender of the underwater boat building-- and they are many theories on underwater boat building ranging from peaceful like protecting the water-going animals to fill with terror -- like a invasion of the mermaid queendom."

Annabelle said, "I going to find that boat building and give that land lover a piece of my mind."

Coralina said, "Ever since the death of Princess Erica, Queen Donna had been keeping guards at the close to the Sea Hag that give some peace and quiet and yet kept the hotheaded mermaids away from her."

Annabelle said, "I not going to be changing giving up my voice for pair of legs...I'm heading up to surface myself."

=S1: END

Add to NPCs List: Beatrica, Coralina, Queen Donna, the late Princess Erica,  mermaid guards & the Sea Hag, 

Add to Threads: Find the underwater boat builder

Sunday, June 3, 2012

PDQ -- NPC/Threads

The following are a list of NPC for my PDQ game featuring Annabelle the Mermaid. This list will be added to when a character appears.

  • 1 = Mermaids (This covers all mermaids)
  • 2 = Animals (This covers all animals -- below and above the ocean)
  • 3 = Princess Maya (The human that built the boat that goes underwater)
  • 4 = Humans (All other humans)
  • 5 = Beatrica (a mermaid)
  • 6 = Coralina (a mermaid)
  • 7 = Queen Donna (the mermaid's ruler)
  • 8 = The late Princess Erica 
  • 9 = Mermaid Guards
  • 10 = The Sea Hag (a mermaid witch)
  • 11 = Sir Timothy Crane (a ghost of human solider)
  • 12 = Prince Lagar (one of the many human princes)
  • 13 = Patricia (a fairy)
  • 14 = Mermaid Eater Witch (a witch with eating fetish for mermaids.)
  • 15 = Sir Jordan Crane (Royal Guard Commander)
  • 16 = Royal Guards (Guards for Prince Lagar's Kingdom)
  • 17 = Prince Lagar's Army 
  • 18 = Princess Maya's Army
  • 19 = Mayhem Jane Mayhem (Commander of Princess Maya's navy)
  • 20 = Jessica Aimstone (Mayhem's first mate)
  • 21 = Mermaid Chorus (The mermaid species' finest singers)
  • 22 = Cazza (a mermaid suffering from Eelizee.)
  • 23 = Princess Kimberly (Prince Lagar's girlfriend)
  • 24 = The Staff of the Underwater Boat
  • 25 = The Blue Fairy


  • 1 = Help Princess Maya to the Sea Hag
  • 2 = Find out what happen to Prince Lagar's silent pet.

PDQ - Plot

What's the plot? That what I am going to use Mythic Game Emulator to help me out here.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

PDQ: Character -- Annabelle

The following is my PDQ character. Note I'm going to break the rules here and there since they are so much PDQ stuff out there that it makes my brain cells do cartwheels. And so he's my fairy tale mermaid -- Annabelle.


Name: Annabelle

Quick Bio: A regular blonde hair mermaid with blue eyes and a green tail usually wearing a light red blouse and a pearl necklace.


  • Poor: No Legs -- Annabelle has no legs -- just a tail.
  • Good: Talking to Animals -- Annabelle can talk to any animals from real ones to fictional creatures.
  • Expert: Swimming -- Of course, this one of the traits that mermaids need as they always are swimming in water at least for most of their life.
  • Expert: Singing -- Of course, this is the other one of the traits that mermaids need as usual.

Action Point: 5. -- This earn when she fails a test and lost when she wins a test. As usual, when she fails a test, I pick one of the above qualities to force once on if I return to do another session of this one at a later date. If all four qualities are marked off in a session, I will roll a d4 to decide which one to focus on....


See you later....

Dr. Thinker

Friday, June 1, 2012

GAME: June game is PDQ

Today's is June 1, 2012. Since June is a summer month and if I get a chance, I love to cool off in some water that isn't salty to make French Fries green with envy. We are going to doing a fairy tale story featuring a mermaid in a regular fairy tale world.

I create the character tomorrow.