Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mermaid Fairy Tale PDQ - Scene #5

Scene #5: Annabelle and her new legs comes to a city in  Prince Lagar's Kingdom.

Chaos Rank: 5
Chaos Roll: 9 > 5 = Normal

Question #1: Is the Death Festival going on?
My View: Very Likely.
Mythic View: 3. Exceptional Yes. Each year, Prince Lagar sends out his best of his royal guard to grab a non-citizen to dressed up as a evil Mermaid Queen, and this year they grab surprised Annabelle.

=Scene #5=

Annabelle had gotten used to her legs by now as she finally come to a small town in Prince Lagar's kingdom, when she felt two hands grabbing her hands. She felt iron weights being hooked on her hands. One of the guards knocked her down.

A few more royal guard come into her vision. The leader stated, "Sorry, about this. I didn't want to do this -- but not doing this would make Prince Lagar a hothead. My name is Sir Jordan Crane, Royal Guard Commander. After the death of his silent pet human, he blamed all mermaids for everything bad that happen in this kingdom -- but since mermaids are sneaky and hard to find -- he usually has the best of the royal guard to get an outsider to play the evil mermaid queen. So outsider, what's your name?"

Annabelle answered, "My name is Annabelle."

Sir Jordan Crane remarked, "Nice name? So where are you friend?"

Annabelle said, "I am from the ocean."

Sir Jordan Crane laughed as "What an imagine! This catch would really please Prince Lagar."

Annabelle said, "I am serious."

One of the royal guard said, "Do you think you are a real mermaid? Thanks for a laugh. I need one. They is no such thing as mermaids."

Annabelle said, "They is."

Another one remarked as he slipped iron chains around Annabelle's legs, "I think she might had lost her sanity."

Annabelle remarked, "It's your that lost your sanity."

The royal guard stuffed her legs into a fake dark purple tail and then put on a fake purple body over her, then hooked Annabelle up to a platform, then connected fake arms to the fake purple body and then covered Annabelle's face with a horrible ugly face that not even a shark's mother wouldn't have love and then the royal guards moved on would.

=S5: END=

Chaos: Up to 6.

Add to NPC List: Sir Jordan Crane and Royal Guards.

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