Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mermaid Fairy Tale PDQ -- Scene #11

Sorry, I joined the play testing group for "Cartoon Action Hour: Season 3", that why I hadn't post much on my PDQ featuring Annabelle. So let's see if I can finish up this game.

Scene #11: Annabelle and Princess Maya reach the Sea Hag.

Chaos Ranking: 5
Chaos Rolling: 5 > 1 (Altered)

Question #1: How is it's altered?
My View: Random Event Roll
Random Event: 21 = NPC Action
Which NPC is in Action? 21 = Mermaid Chorus
Action Word: 49 = Harm
Subject Word: 56 = Wishes
Phrases: "Harm of Wishes"
Meaning: I have no clue. Normally

Question #2: Does the Sea Hag knows about the fate of Princess Erica?
My View: Very Likely
Mythic View: 43. Yes.

Question #3: Was the Blue Fairy in a past life Princess Erica?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 9. Yes, she was.

Question #4: Is the Blue Fairy present at the Sea Hag's home at the time?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 88. Nope & Random Event.
Random Event: 29 = Introduce a new NPC.
Action Word: 92 = Vengeance
Subject Word: 64 = A Burden
Phrase: "Vengeance Of A Burden"
Meaning: No clue here.

Question #5: Does this scene end the game?
My View: A Sure Thing
Mythic View: 28. Yes.

= Scene #11=

Annabelle and Princess Maya boat make it with out many problem to the Sea Hag's cavern. Quickly, the Sea Hag smirked, "Finally, that Blue Fairy marker finally got his just deserts -- the Blue Fairy marker died."

Annabelle asked, "Who?"

The Sea Hag remarked, "Prince Lagar. Years ago, Princess Erica come to me after she saved Prince Lagar from drowning in the ocean. She exchange her tongue for legs to try to win Lagar. So I expect it -- but it's hard for a mermaid to win a human especially when she had no voice. Some time later Princess Kimberly come in the picture and become more then a female friend for Prince Lagar. Angry, Princess Erica quickly written message to her sisters, put in a bottle and throw it into sea. Princess Erica's sisters come to see me and give her sword that if she killed anyone she would have return to being a mermaid. Erica killed herself -- but because she had a gutty attitude Queen Tina of the Fairies turned her into the Blue Fairy."

Annabelle said, "Well, what happen to Kimberly?"

The Sea Hag remarked, "She was dying from a injuries and killed Prince Lagar."

Annabelle remarked, "I hope Hades has a good punishment in plan for them."

The Sea Hag nodded.

=S11: END=

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