Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mermaid Fairy Tale PDQ -- Scene #8

Scene #8: Annabelle reaches Princess Maya's Kingdom.

Chaos Rank: 5
Chaos Roll:5 > 4 = Interrupted

Random Event Roll: 67 = PC Negative. Well we know the PC in question is Annabelle, the mermaid.
Action Word: 80 = "Trust"
Subject Word: 56 = "Wishes"
Phrase: "Trust of Wishes"
Meaning: I don't know.........

Question #1: Is Princess Maya present when she arrives?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 22. Yes. Random Event Roll.
Random Event Roll: 79 = Ambiguous Event
Action Word: 3 = Neglect
Subject Word: 64 = A burden
Phrase: "Neglect of a burden"
Meaning: I don't know.

Question #2: Does Princess Maya flip her wig when she see Annabelle?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 83. Nope.

Question #3: What is the reason for the boat that goes underwater?
My View: Complex Question
Action Word: 39 = Bestow
Subject Word: 93 = Proceedings.
Meaning: I have no clue.

Question #4: Was Princess Maya, the late Princess Erica in another lifetime?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 63. Nope. Got the reason for Princess Maya: Princess Maya had been annoyed at Prince Lagar's hatred of mermaids since she was present at Prince Lagar's wedding to Princess Kimberly. She built the boat that can go underwater to see to head to the main city of the Mermaid Queendom and ask Mermaid Queen what happen to Prince Lagar's pet.

=Scene #8=

Annabelle crawled down the the beach and found herself right into front of a royal pink gown princess with red hair and red eyes.

The princess asked, "My name is Princess Maya, what is yours?"

Annabelle replied, "My name is Annabelle."

Princess Maya asked, "Why have you come up from the bottom of the sea?"

Annabelle said, "I come to find you -- you have built a boat that can go underwater. I wonder why you did such I thing."

Princess Maya said, "It all happen years ago. Princess Lagar was getting ready to marry his girlfriend Kimberly at the time. He had a silent female human pet who were really clumsy with her legs. Just before the wedding, I discovered a dead mermaid body. I went to tell the royal couple -- but my the time I return the body was gone. At this time, Princess Lagar and Princess Kimberly decide that pet was eaten by the mermaids. That's impossible. I heard stories on the mermaids a lot. Most of the stories I heard are those stories in which mermaids were as good as any other race. So I decide to built my underwater boat to go asked Queen to what really happen to Lagar's silent pet.

Annabelle said, "Hmmm. That's going to rough with that war going on."

Princess Maya said, "That's just to kept him busy while I'm gone."

Annabelle said, "Mind if I join you."

Princess Maya said, "More the merrier."

=S8: END=

Add to NPC: Princess Kimberly (Prince Lagar's girlfriend)

Changes to Threads:

  • 1: Remove = Find the underwater boat builder
  • 2: Add = Help Princess Maya reach the Mermaid Queen

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