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Ok. Time to do Alli Gator


Name: Alli Gator

Appearance: Alli Gator is a tall Australia woman with dirty blonde hair and green eyes dressed in a black hat with white crocodile teeth on the brim of the hat, a green blouse, a black leather jacket, a brown leather bet with a golden belt buckle with a picture of alligator on it, blue jeans, and black army combat boots

Singularity Quality:
## Evil Thief

Standard Quality:
# Paranoia
# Moody

Star Power: 4

Traits: DRIVING 2, PILOTING 2, CLIMBING 2, AGILITY 2, STEALING 4, SWIMMING 3, LASER GUN 3 [Action Feature, Accessory], HIDING 3, LARGE KNIFE 3 [Accessory], ALERT 3.

Upgrades Taken: None


Everything looks good. Tomorrow or the next day, we begin.......

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I come up with a idea of armored jeep race in Australia. I also come jump Alli Gator. Alli Gator here is the villain -- a evil female Crocodile Dundee. She has got idea of stealing a large semi truck  of gold break that the government is transporting o the other side of Australia  I will stat her up tomorrow or the next day if I forget to do it..  All armored jeeps will be following the same stats in upcoming let's play.


ARMORED JEEP 6 [Vehicle, Major]

Appearance: A large green enclosed jeep.

Singularity Quality:
## Armored Jeep

Standard Quality:
# Noisy
# Attracts attention

Traits: SPEED 6 [Mode of Travel:  Land], ARMOR 6, MANEUVERABILITY 6, LASER CANNON 6 [Big Attack]

Vehicle Upgrades Taken: None


See you tomorrow or the next day

Sunday, April 27, 2014


The following is the upgrade "Final Lap" team from Issue #61 of my fan-zine, "We're Back:.


Geraldine Gear

Background: Geraldine is a old friend of Vinnie Velocity--and offered to Vinnie's mechanic for his "Final Lap" team.

Appearance: Geraldine Gear appears to be a gray hair and red-hair. She is usually dress either a green race uniform or in a plaid shirt, blue overalls jeans, and farm boots.

Personality: Geraldine Gear is a normal person, for the cartoon. Calls explosions of temper from Jerrica Sparkplug a "temper storm".

Singularity Quality:
## The “Final Lap” Team Mechanic

Standard Qualities:
# Team Mom
# World Traveler

Star Power: 3

Based Oomph: 3

Traits: DRIVING 4, MARTAIL ARTS 4 [Action Feature], REPAIRING 4, AGILITY 3, SMART 4, KNOWEDGLE 4 (The World), STAFF 2 [Accessory], PILOTING 4

Upgrades Taken: None.


Jerrica Sparkplug

Background: Born in California. Friend with Vinnie Velocity, who picked her to his Vice Commander

Appearance: Jerrica Sparkplug appears to a brown hair girl with green eyes. She's usually dress in a red race suit or a neon-pink blouse, neon-purple skirt ,and neon-pink shoes.

Personality: Jerrica is normal Valley Girl unless s he's worrying wart about stuff or having a "temper storm" as Geraldine Gear puts it.

Singularity Quality:
## The “Final Lap” Team Vice Commander

Standard Qualities:
# A Valley Girl
# Worries a lot
# Has a temper

Star Power: 3

Based Oomph: 3

Traits: DRIVING 4, AGILITY 4, MARTIAL ARTS 4 [Action Feature], QUICK THINKING 3, DAGGER 2 [Accessory]

Upgrades Taken: #4


Penny Petal

Background: Her dead father willed her to "Final Lap" team--much to the group's shock. She's a good driver, and her size helped out in stopping some foes from doing some illegal things.

Appearance: Penny Petal appears to a purple hair and green eye sixteenth-year-old girl. She is usually dress in a purple race suit or in a purple blouse,

Personality: Friendly to everyone unless they reveal they are a bad person.

Singularity Quality
## The Youngest “Final Lap” Team Member

Standard Qualities:
# Teenager
# Naive

Star Power: 3

Based Oomph: 3

Traits: SNEAKY 4, MARTAIL ARTS 4 [Action Feature], FAST 4, DRIVING 4, BASEBALL BAT 2 [Accessory]

Upgrades Taken: None


Steve Key

Background: Been reading since age 6. His favorite subject is cars. Friendly with Vinnie Velocity, he joined in on the "Final Lap” team.
Appearance: Steve Key appears a red-haired and red-eyed man with a thin red mustache. He is usually dressed in a yellow race suit or a blue shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers.

Personality: Friendly. Can drive safely when not in a race, but when it a race sometimes, he feels like performing a reckless stunt to get into the lead.

Singularity Quality
## “Final Lap” Team Member

Standard Qualities:
# Reckless when it comes to race vehicles.
# Ex-Hollywood Stuntman

Star Power: 3

Based Oomph: 3

Traits: DRIVING 4, MARTIAL ARTS 4 [Action Feature], SMARTS 2, FAST 2, PILOTING 4

Upgrades Taken: None


Vinnie Velocity

Background: Been racing since before he could walk. Found some friends which become "Final Lap Team"

Singularity Quality:
## Commander of The “Final Lap” Team

Standard Qualities:
# To stop or solve a crime witnessed by a member of his team.
# Can be baited into any kind of race

Star Power: 3

Based Oomph: 3


Upgrade Taken: None  

Finally....all of this time.....

May game is "CAH:S3"

The series is my version of "Final Lap".

I will start revealing my character and then I work on the plot....then the game soon after.......

Logging off,
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Friday, April 25, 2014



Since it is April 20, 2014 a.k.a “Easter Sunday 2014”, I had download the last series for “The Mighty Mirror Masters”, written by Jason L. Blair.


The PDF is 15 pages long. After cover, credits and a short channel guide. This time, we start with a overview of the series circling around the finding of a Shining Stone in the mines of the planet know Glassia which cracked the world in half – one of light and one of darkness.

This overview is follow by a explanation on the world of Glassia, a where “medival Europe meets Ancient Rome with a bit of far future technology sprinkled around a bit”. Things are getting serious as line in this section before we get into important locations is a question: “Was uncovering the Shining Stone the opening of the Pandora's Box?”

The following are the important locations to the series:
  • The Crystal Cave” = The home of Singing Stone and it's protector, Prisma, was well as being the headquarters for the The Mirror Masters.
  • Refractopolis” = The largest city on Glassia. It is know for university, library, museums, and exotic markets.
  • The Stygian Plains” = I let the book handle this one: “Once a wide expanse of dust and gloom, the Stygian Plains now boast jagged structures pulled directly from the blighted soil. Jared and his minions have set about turning their new home into the base of an empire. Factories pump smog and soot into the sky, darkening all around them. The Stygian Plains have become a blot in the sky, a warning to others: Keep away. Keep very far away!

I let the book explains the Mirror Masters:

“The Mirror Masters’ duty is to guard Prisma and the Shining Stone against the forces of the Dark
Reflection. Wherever there is danger, they go. Wherever there is strife, they are there. Wherever
the tyranny of evil threatens the promise of good, the Mirror Masters take up the challenge.

So that they may call upon their power at any time—and gain passage the Crystal Cave security
system—each Mirror Master has a shard of the shining Stone embedded in their armor. The shard
color varies by wearer with no two Mirror Masters having the same color. By touching this shard,
they are able to call upon their Light Reflection, a noble creature made of living light that aids
them in battle. Each Mirror Master has a different shard creature. Some are real animals, such as a
lion or eagle, while others are creatures of myth and legend, such as a unicorn or manticore. The
Mirror Masters direct these creatures with verbal commands, often employing a catchphrase upon
summoning them, but these Light Reflections have a will of their own. While they will never
attack their Mirror Master, they will sometimes refuse to cooperate or will flee from battle.”

Follow that above summary, we get short backgrounds for 3 Notable Mirror Masters GMPCs: Prisma, the Sorceress – the Singing Stone's protector, Ballisto, a miner engineer turn into a weapon engineer, and Shiney, a anthropomorphic vole and the center of comic relief.

Now, we get to the 4 Notable Dark Reflections NPCs: Jarek, the Big Bad – which is now a tiger humanoid; Feralis – Jarek's Beast Man to his Skeletor; Obscura – Jarek's loyal Evil-Lynn to his Skeletor; Drakus – a evil dragon-like human working as sniper for the Dark Reflections. & The Serpen People – the superstition people turn into a goon squad for the Dark Reflections.

Follow the above, we get six episodes seeds for the series.

After this we get the PC Guidelines for this series and I let the book explains this:

“The most important parts of a Mirror Master are his name, his weapon, his shard color, and his creature.

Mirror Masters often take names associated with their creature. This can be literal (Leo for the Lion
Master) or suggestive (Flightwing for the Eagle Master). These names also sometimes incorporate the theme of light and mirrors into the name, such as a Glisten the Unicorn Master or Shine the Manticore Master. The ideal, and most notable, do both. Riffing on the above, we might have Leolight the Lion Master and Shimmerwing the Eagle Master.

As for shard color, no two Mirror Masters have the same exact color, and those who are close have very distinct hues. Hunter green and olive green are no good. But dark green and light green work. Still, it’s best to stick with basic crayon colors (red, orange, yellow, blue, green, purple, white, black, brown). You can never be sure the shop making the action figures is going to remember which shade of blue to paint the shard so the more obvious the difference, the better.

The shard color and light-animal also inform the armor and weapons used by the Mirror Master.
Weapons in Mirror Masters are almost always melee weapons. Jarek and his crew sometimes use guns, but the good guys don’t. Instead, they use maces, swords, axes, spiked clubs, and polearms. If not a hand weapon, the closest thing to a gun a Mirror Master will use are darts, bows, throwing knives, and things of that nature.

Keep in mind your character’s animal when picking a weapon. Leolight might use gloves adorned with claw-like spikes while Shimmerwing will employ a crossbow. Whichever weapon you choose, it will crackle with the energy the same color as the Mirror Master’s shard whenever it is used.”

After that we get Star Power (3 as par for the course so far),Tier and Trait Points (Superhuman & 26 Trait Points), and I let the book do the talking on other Rules:

  • Required Trait: Each PC must have a Trait called MIRROR MASTER ARMOR, though its rating and Special Rules may be whatever suits you. In other words, each character’s armor can be entirely different.
  • Required Trait: Each PC must have a Trait that represents a weapon; preferably one that ties into the theme of the character’s Light Reflection (see below).
  • Free Trait: Each PC is given a Trait that represents its Light Reflection. The Light Reflection is an animal (real or mythical) constructed of light-made-solid that he can summon by touching the shard on his armor. This Trait is [INSERT ANIMAL TYPE HERE] REFLECTION 6 (Light Reflection).

Here's how the books explain the new special rule, “Light Reflections”: “Light Reflection: This Special Rule can only be taken by Mirror Master characters. This functions the same way as the Companion Special Rule, with the following exceptions:

  • When creating the Light Reflection, you receive 26 points to spend on its Functions. (These points are not tied to the Trait Rating 6 for REFLECTION.)
  • In order to bring the Light Reflection into a scene, the player must spend a point of Oomph and touch the shard on his armor. The Light Reflection will dissipate at the end of the scene unless you pay another point of Oomph (though the character needn’t touch the shard again to keep it activated).
  • The Light Reflection is Defeated upon taking its third Setback Token. If this happens, it cannot be summoned again until the next scene, at which point it will no longer have any Setback Tokens.

We get for ready to use NPCs: Clobbershine the Gorilla Master (So he's on the cover of the mini-book), Leolight the Lion Master, Shimmerwing the Eagle Master, & Spinesparkle the Iguana Master.

That is follow by Game Stats for the Heroic GMPCs – Prisma, Ballisto, & Shiny – and the Vile GMPCs – Jarek, Feralis, Obscura, Drakus, the Serpen (stated up as a goon squad), as well as we get Horde of Troublemakers as a separate goon squad.

My Not So Humble Opinion:

Well, I had the feeling that it was cross between “He-Man and the Masters of Universe” and “The Visionaries” – and I was right.

Anyway, it's a good read – and I give a “A”.


Once again, I'm been busy. Busy with creating full series issue of "We're Back", were I update almost all of my series to "Season 3" -- I am skipping anime, until "Going Japanese" gets out of the hands of "Spectrum Games".

As usual, I have a review that I will post next.......

Logging off
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014



At this time of writing – April 5, 20104 – the first mini-book have been released from Spectrum Games's giant fist – John Wick's “Infivaders”.

The cover has the main big bad – Dr. Zen holding the world in his hand. After credits and short table of contents. The first person is “Hero of the World” with give us a short summary of the series and a short background behind the fictional cartoon series.

You know how cartoon animation version of “G.I. Joe: The Real American Hero” opens with G.I. Joes arriving at a scene and saying “YO JOE!” to start the theme song for that cartoon. Well – “This series” series does the reverse introducing the big bad and his minions before revealing heroes which look great nice as as they say on “TV Tropes” – an action hogging opening theme.

The heroes are special man and woman choose by the spirit of their countries and give a item related to that country.

Most episode of “Infivaders” began with the characters arguing – and with that arguing allowing Dr. Zen to have a change to do a new attack. Zen's world is the world of Arthe (pronounced
arth-ay) where magic and technology are one and the same. Zen's Arthe is the source of his power and have had squashed other versions of Earth before adding to it to his own fuel his own magic and technology. His forces use magic to slowly transform Earth into his homeland – and every success his forces have transform the area into his homeland.

The heroes of the series have find a way to stop the latest plan and restoring Earth's historical monuments and natural wonders to their normal stats. As the mini-book stated, “Of course, this gives the writers an opportunity to talk about the historical importance of these places, giving the children brief lessons in history, architecture, anthropology and archeology. For example, when Doctor Zen tried transforming the historical Israeli fortress of Masada into a “Beacon of Darkness,” the heroes not only stopped his plot, but talked about the historical importance of the site. It was just that importance that drove Zen to seek it out in the first place: with each site he transformed, the people of Earth would lose both hope and their own personal identities.”

“The Heroes” lists all the heroes that had appeared in the series by country and aslo mention the item they have. The list of countries are as followed: China, North American (With four heroes), Japan, Africa, South America (unfinished & rejected script), England, Scotland, Ireland (rejected script), France, Spain, Russia, Egypt, Norway, & Mongolia

After that comes the PC Guidelines reveal the four following canon heroes:

  • Brendan Truehope, a Native America man who is given a mystic cloak that allows him to turn into any person or animal. The spirit of Coyote is his benefactor.
  • Eloise Glastonbury, a young British woman who is granted possession of Excalibur by Merlin himself
  • An unnamed African man who is presented with Anansi’s “story web”.
  • An unnamed Russian woman who is given Baba Yaga’s mortar and pestle.

As the mini-book stated: “None of this, however, is set in stone and should be considered as guidelines or suggestions for players. The players can devise their own character concepts if they would rather. Alternatively, they can select one of the characters that appeared simply as one-shot guests (see the listings elsewhere in this section) and promote them to main character status.”

After that we get the usual things: Star Power, Tier and Traits Points, Other Rules. They are two other rules in action here: Theme Adherence & Required Traits.

The big bad may be Dr. Zin, but they have few minions that make semi-regular appearances which had to be remarked on.

As the mini-book said, “In each episode, there are also the 'converted.' These are people who have become transformed by Doctor Zen’s science-sorcery. Once citizens of Earth, they are now citizens of Arthe: dark reflections of their previous forms. Otherwise heroic folk become twisted and evil, serving the Doctor without question. The most common form they take are his “Monstrous Marmorkrebs”, which resemble giant, armored sand crabs. (Interviews reveal that the head writer of the project had a son who was interested in the critters which is why they appeared so often on the show.)”

Prof. Demesne is the Starcream to Dr. Zen's Megatron. He is aslo the inventor of the technology that allows Zen's forces to travel between worlds.

Count Null is not on Dr. Zen's command, but his mercenaries. Zen uses Count Null as troubleshooter . Count Null's specialist is capturing captures cultural weapons. He and his Nullists forces looks for items: both real and fantastic. The heroes often run into Count Null durning their adventures allowing them to have side plot while stopping Dr. Zen's plans.

The Blue Lady is a mystery ancient monster older then Arthe itself – according to the mini-book, she only appeared in one episode as a kind of deus ex machina (a.k.a “The God in Machine”). She is scare if they is no answer.

Here is how the Rulebook explains “Grabbers”: “Doctor Zen employs huge machines that look like
mechanical marmorkrebs (one of the producer’s
sons was a fan of them) he calls “the Grabbers.” The machines are the size of dirigibles, floating slowly through the sky, shining many eyes like search lights through the cities. When they find people, they grab them up and transform them into the inhabitants of Zen’s world.

In the show, Grabbers are the “Big Bad.” If a Grabber shows up, heroes generally run away. Fighting a Grabber is like trying to fight an aircraft carrier; there’s just no way for a small group of heroes to do it. In only one episode, “November Science”, do the heroes actually try to fight a Grabber: they sneak inside of it and destroy it from the inside.

As powerful as Grabbers may be, they cannot
transform the Heroes of Earth. If they try, the
attempt fails. Thus, Grabbers are more concerned
with capturing heroes and bringing them back to
Doctor Zen.

Using a Grabber in an episode is a way of
showing the power Doctor Zen has in the world.
Heroes should run and hide from Grabbers, not
try to fight them.”

The next one is the common good squad for Dr. Zen: The Orchalcum Men, terrifying robot goons that carrying mercurial rifles that can fire ice beams, fire beams and storm beams. They can use architecture to cause physical risk.

Next up are two “Hero of Arthe”. The first one is: Mr. Never is a heroic sorcerer of Arthe that tries to overthrow Dr. Zen but his supplies are limited. He is master of the science-sorcery of Arthe and often help the heroes. The second one is Lady Fate: She is a mole inside the evil forces – opening working for Dr. Zen but secretly working against him. Dr. Zen is attracted to Lady Fate's beautify appearance to believe the lies that Prof. Demesne tells Dr. Zen. She is aslo a skill thief and spy. Three episodes have her tell the heroes about Dr. Zen's plans – and one episode have them the heroes save her when Prof. Demesne expose her to Dr. Zen.

Next, they are three episodes seeds for you to get your minds attached to. Following the episode seeds, are the GMPC states for the enemy GMPCS – Dr. Zen, Prof. Demesne, Count Null, Grabbers, Monstrous Marmorkrebs, Orchalcum Men – and the allies GMPCs – Mr. Never and Lady Fate.

It's good read – so I'm going give a B+ for it.

Get it here:


I been having trouble trying to come up with a series to use for CAH:S3 but the next post will have something to with CAH:S3 -- even if it is all it is a review of a mini-series book. This isn't help by the recent sitcom's, "Community", episode called "G.I. Jeff" as well as a new computer game.

Logging off,
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Here's some news for you.

#1. Yesterday was April Fool Days. I didn't have a lot of time on the computer yesterday,. so I did get around to placing my joke.   My plan for this blog t was to go though all of my series and genres for "Cartoon Action Hour" and pretend that I have to got numbers 50 and higher from I ask my on-line dice roller to answer for Mythic Game Emulator -- and me "rage quitting" for until September.
#2. Here's my upcoming plans for this blog:

  • April: Unknown. May decide on what April is going to be Saturday or Sunday. 
  • May: May plan "ICONS" or finally do that "CAH:S3" playing I been doing with "Hero Inc."
  • June:  Unknown. 
  • July: Something related to "July 4", having one of hero group from "Cartoon Action Hour" save the President of the United States from the bad guys.
  • August: Unknown
  • September: Unknown. Might having something to do with school.
  • October:  Something to do with "Halloween:".
  • November: Unknown
  • December:  Unknown.. Mostly like focusing once again on Santa Claus.