Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Here's some news for you.

#1. Yesterday was April Fool Days. I didn't have a lot of time on the computer yesterday,. so I did get around to placing my joke.   My plan for this blog t was to go though all of my series and genres for "Cartoon Action Hour" and pretend that I have to got numbers 50 and higher from I ask my on-line dice roller to answer for Mythic Game Emulator -- and me "rage quitting" for until September.
#2. Here's my upcoming plans for this blog:

  • April: Unknown. May decide on what April is going to be Saturday or Sunday. 
  • May: May plan "ICONS" or finally do that "CAH:S3" playing I been doing with "Hero Inc."
  • June:  Unknown. 
  • July: Something related to "July 4", having one of hero group from "Cartoon Action Hour" save the President of the United States from the bad guys.
  • August: Unknown
  • September: Unknown. Might having something to do with school.
  • October:  Something to do with "Halloween:".
  • November: Unknown
  • December:  Unknown.. Mostly like focusing once again on Santa Claus.

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