Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Ok. Time to do Alli Gator


Name: Alli Gator

Appearance: Alli Gator is a tall Australia woman with dirty blonde hair and green eyes dressed in a black hat with white crocodile teeth on the brim of the hat, a green blouse, a black leather jacket, a brown leather bet with a golden belt buckle with a picture of alligator on it, blue jeans, and black army combat boots

Singularity Quality:
## Evil Thief

Standard Quality:
# Paranoia
# Moody

Star Power: 4

Traits: DRIVING 2, PILOTING 2, CLIMBING 2, AGILITY 2, STEALING 4, SWIMMING 3, LASER GUN 3 [Action Feature, Accessory], HIDING 3, LARGE KNIFE 3 [Accessory], ALERT 3.

Upgrades Taken: None


Everything looks good. Tomorrow or the next day, we begin.......

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