Sunday, February 24, 2013


Sorry for not posting earlier but here's the possible line-up for the rest of 2013, but thing can change whenever "Cartoon Action Hour: Season 3" is released to the public. As usual, I making no promises on do anything of the following

  • March: Ruby gets another adventure in ICONS.
  • April: Erma goes really "TOON" for us.
  • May:  I may do a "Final Lap" episode in "CAH".
  • June:  Unknown.
  • July: Something to do with July 4.
  • August: Something to do with one of the following: heat, water, or dogs.
  • September: Unknown.
  • October: Something to do with Halloween.
  • November: Unknown.
  • December: Something to do with Christmas.

Saturday, February 2, 2013


I can't think of idea for PDQ or anything else for right I just my pop up specials for February until we get to March.

Dr. Thinker

Friday, February 1, 2013

CAH:S2 - Molly - Act 3, Scene 1

I decide not to roll on my new non-action commercial break today, and moving on final scene.

Act 3, Scene 1 - Vainixa reveals that she’s impress by Molly’s luck and decide not to cause problem for two weeks despite finally getting over her illness.

=Act 3, Scene 1=

Molly, Tazia, Kariza and Dalonia are all sitting eating sandwiches at a local restaurant when Vainixa show up.

Tazia said, “Back to the usual habit, Miss Vanity.”

Vainixa remarked, “Not today.”

Delonia said, “You got over that illness two days ago. What wrong with you.”

Vainixa said, “I’m impress with Molly’s luck that’s is so good that it matched my prize total when I was on TPIR Jr. I’m leaving you guys alone for two weeks.”

Everyone was stunned shocked as Vainixa walk around.

Tazia remarked, “I wonder if Lady Luck likes you.”

Kariza added, “Or that Vainixa hasn’t come up with a plot to get your goat yet.”


I don’t have a After-The-Show Message, so I say roll credits here.

CAH:S2 - Molly -- Act 2, Scene 6

A2, S6: The Showcase Winner is reveal.

=A2, S6=

Winnie stated, “We’re back. And it’s time to find out who win their showcase.  Vinnie bid $49555 on his showcase and the actual retail price of your showcase is 39555. Your are OVER. Molly did $19555 on her showcase, and her showcase’s actual retail price is $29555.. # Molly, you win your showcase and that makes your total prize winning equal to $35455 in dollars which match the total of a Beuatrixan named Vanixia did about five years ago.”

=Act 2, S6: END=

Molly's Prize Total Update: $35455

What's Up?

Hi, guys. We have entered a new month, February , as of today -- and as usual, I want to explain what's going on.

First off, I'm going to finish out Molly's game show appearance that I started in last month.  After Feb. 6 expect posts to be in the morning as I will working in the afternoon on getting though a video game, "Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time" -- I preordered that game in the summertime last year expecting it to be out in September 2012 but it got moved to it's release day of Feb. 5, 2013. I had played the demo twice so far, I like what I see.

Second off, I working on a "Meddling Kid" live blogging at the Live Bloggings section of "TV Tropes", so I am not going to be use "Medding Kids" as his blog's game for February........ in this case, when I finish with "Molly" for CAH:S2 -- I'm going with PDQ for February's game.

Logging off,
Dr. Thinker