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"LOM" -- "QUEEN KRAB" -- Act 3's Scene #1 and Scene #2

=Act 3, Scene #1

Shella and Black Turtle had no problem on the merchant roads. Thanks to the robes and the food cart, most people thought they were merchants but as they approach Lorgina Island. Shella saw King Krab with a ice male and female with too many eyes on her armor and face.

King Krab remarked, “Lady Shella, Give me the female Krab and allow you to pass.”

Shella remarked, “Do you take me a fool?”

King Krab said, “Well, yes.”

Shella said, “Well, think again.”

King Krab yelled, “Krab-Bots attack!”

Shella and Black Turtle attack the Krab-Bots, though Shella was the one that destroy most of the gray robots. One robot flipped Black Turtle over.. 1

Shella2 leaped at Eye-Catcher like a whale out of a ocean, who attempted to dodge the attack, but got in her arm.3 King Krab unleashed his Energy Blade as he rushes Black Turtle, but he trips over a leg of one of his own Krab-Bots. 4 Black Turtle calmly brings her Krab Staff forward 5 and hits Eye-Catcher right in her armor.

Eye-Catcher yelled “My armor!” as she takes out her Man-Catcher as she swings it at Black Turtle, who ducks it at the right moment getting it stuck on on the food cart's roof. 6

Chillout yells, “Hey, Lady Shella. Come and get me.”

Shella replied, “I told you I am not a fool like you, Chillout!”7

Chillout remark, “That's cold!”8

Shella decide to use her long tail against Eye-Catcher 9, who leap off the the roof and landed safely on the ground.

Shella remarks, “Oh, seaweeds!!”

A familiar massively muscular man with
tanned skin and long, flowing brown hair were a horned helmet, a leather loincloth, leather boots, and a metal armor plate over his left shoulder – Maximarr had a arrival carrying Nekkrottus like a strongman would carry a rock. Maximarr kicks Nekkrottus into King Krab 10

Shella 11 remarked, “Maximarr!”

Maximarr turned to the Black Empire leader and say one word, “Leave!”

Nekkrottus nodded jump on a near-by tank, “You may have won this battle, Guardians but the war is far from over!”

=Act 3, Scene 2

Sometime later, at King Rastor's throne room in King Rastor's castle.

King Rastor said, “Nice job, Shella and Black Turtle.”

Shella said, “Maximarr save our tails back there.”

King Rastor said, “He had periodically saved the hides of many Guardians from Nekkrottus. He may not be a member of Guardians but he consider ally to the Guardians. Black Turtle, welcome to the Guardians. Shella, when ever you want to return to Dreama, Merlis can cast a spell on you to return to your rightful place.”


1CAH:S2 – GOON BATTLE. Krab-Bots = 2. Shella = 5. Black Turtle = 2
2 CAH:S2 – Individual Initiative – Who's Goes First. Shella: 12 + 3 = 15; Black Turtle: 9 +1 = 10; Chillout: 2 +1 = 3; Eye-Catcher: 9 +1 = 10; King Krab: 10 +3 = 13. I'm going with heroes win ties – so the order is Shella, King Krab, Black Turtle, Eye-Catcher, & then Chillout.
3CAH:S2 – Shella = 2 (Agility) + 6 = 8 E.C. = 2 (Athletics) + 6 = 8. 8 – 8 = 0. At least Eye-Catcher earned a Setback Token.
4CAH:S2 – King Krab = 4 (Energy Blade) + 2 (Energy's Blade Enhancer + 1 ….One is a Flub. That means what the trait has a epic fail as they say over in TV Tropes sector of the web.
5CAH:S2 – Black Turtle = 4 (Staff) + 2 (Staff's Enhancer) + 9 = 15. Now, let's roll to decide which bad guy get hit. 1 = Chillout; 2 = Eye-Catcher; 3 = King Krab. Roll is 2 = Eye-Catcher. Eye-Catcher = 3 (Armor) + 2 (Armor's Enhancer) + 8 = 13. 15 – 13 = 2. 2 < 10. = SBT #2 for E.C.
6CAH:S2 – Eye-Catcher = 3 (Man-Catcher's Trait Rating) + 2 (It's Enhancer) + 3 = 8. Black Turtle: 3 (Tricky) + 8 = 11.
7CAH-S2 – Chillout = 2 (Sharp Mind) + 6 = 8. Shella = 3 (Smarts) + 8 = 11.
8Author Note: To those who hate bad puns, sorry. To those who like puns, I hope that was punny for you! – Dr. Thinker
9CAH:S2 – Shella. Creative Control: New Trait – Long Tail = 4 (Snare) + 8 = 12. Eye-Catcher: 2 (Athletics) + 12 = 14. Failure.
10Mythic: Does Maximarr Appear? My View: 50/50. Mythic View: 22. Since I reaching the end of the episode, I'm not going to roll a Random Event.
11Mythic Does Shella know Maximarr's true identity? My View: Unlikely. Mythic View: 98.

LOM's Commercial Break #2

Time for another commercial break....

Shella's Player: 5
Game Master's Player: 9
Game's Master's Prize: 5 = Snack Breaks. If this was a regular face-to-face play, this members a player is force to get snacks and drinks for the other players and/or the Game Masters, but the player's characters get a point of OOMPH. Since this is a solo play, Shella gets another point of OOMPH.

LOM in "Queen Krab": Act 2's Scence 2 & Scence 3

Sorry, real life got add of me yesterday. For those people who like Comic Sans MS, the last scene I did for LOM 's “Queen Krab” give a good kick. For those people who dislike Comic Sans MS, sorry, I forget reform the scene before it got put up. I'm not saying it's not going to happen again, I am a person who likes Comic Sans MS.

Now, I make up by getting two scenes in.....

=Act 2, Scene 2=

The city the merchant boat was docked at was Cavoria City. Cavorian City was home to Darkians. Darkians were large bat-like humaniods. One of them, a male warrior Darkian named Mace, had join the Guardians of Iconia.

Shella and Black Turtle quickly meet with the Darkians ruler, King Swordstuff.

King Swordstuff stated, “You have a long journey to reach the Guardians in Questa, Haven. Sticking to the merchant roads for their wheels will take you into the Blackskull Empire territory. Not sticking merchants roads is not as a safe even if you still in Guardian friendly territory as those territory has been reported attacks by robots.”

Black Turtle said, “Let's just stick the merchant roads.”

Shella said, “Sounds like they will be no water deep enough for my tail until I get into Haven.”

King Swordstuff said, “Since food trucks can go by the Blackskull Empire Armored Henchman, I will give you one of own – and white robes used by use to mark food givers.”

Shella said, “At least it's a plan.”

=Act 2, Scene 3=

Eye-Catcher turned from a monitor and said, “Shella fowled up your new robot's sea test.”

King Krab said, “Did that Lady of Might have help?”

Eye-Catcher answered as she turned to the monitor from a sonic view to video view showing Shella and a female Krab Person with a sliver body wrecking the robots.

King Krab said, “The Krab People's prophecy! I must stop her from reaching Questa – or otherwise, Arrokiniki will bring a more then a quarter of Krab People to Haven.”

Eye-Catcher asked, “Arrokiniki?”

King Krab answered, “Arrokinki was one of the scientists on the against me during the King People's Civil War. He's been secretly collecting some of the more well-rounded Krab People and is waiting for the right time to cause a epic problem that would force me off the throne. If this sliver Krab Person gets to Questa and joins the Guardians – it will make things a lot rougher for me and Blackskull Empire.”

Eye-Catcher said, “Let's just try to get her capture as prisoner for Nekkrottus. I would go for murder but we have Chillout which Nekkrottus had convinced the Blackskull Empire are a good guys.”

King Krab nodded as he said, “I send a few of my land robots and some Blackskull Empire Troopers to slow them down. We be waiting for them in Lorgina Island, a island which is a know landmark knowing that you are close to King Rastor's kingdom.”

Eye-Catcher and King Krab let loose one big evil laugh.


I think I have another commercial break then I work on Act 3.

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"LOM" in "Queen Krab": Act #2 -- Scene #2

Time to turn to Mythic, since I'm stuck. I going with 5 the chaos rating as the heroes had successful defeated a group

Questions #1: Is they about 20 humaniods of Haven are board the ship?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 69. No

Question #2: Are they about 20 humaniods of Iconia are board the ship?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 29. Yes.

Question #3: Does the merchant captain know who is behind the ship?
My View: Unlikely?
Mythic View: 38. No.

Question #4: Does anyone on the merchant's boat have the ability to see into the future?
My View: 11. Yes. Random Event.
Random Event Roll: 87 = NPC Negative
NPC Negative's Focus: 4 = Guardians of Iconia
Action Word: 34 = Lies
Subject Word: 70 = Extravagance.
Phrase:“Lies of Extravagance” = No clue. Re-roll R.E.R.
R.E.R. – Round #2: 68 = PC Positive. That's Shella
Action Word: 33 = Stop
Subject Word: 62 = Disruption
Phrase: “Stop of Disruption” – No clue. Re-Roll R.E.R.
R.E.R. – Round 3: 52 = Move a Way From A Thread.
Thread of Choice = Find out who was behind the robot skeleton pirate attack.
Action Word: 1 = Attainment
Subject Word: 54 = Investment
Phrase: “Attainment (Getting) of Investment (Job/Money). I think I say that they get to see the seer with out a problem.

=Act 2, Scene 2=

The merchant captain was looking mighty happy as Black Turtle and Shella appeared.

The merchant captain said, “Welcome aboard, Guardians of Iconia.”. My name is Steve Sliver”

Shella said, “I'm a Lady of Might from Dreama.”

Capt. Sliver said, “That land is an old fairy tale, Guardians, but I from Haven, so believe what you want – if makes you look as insane as Nekkrottus.”

Black Turtle said, “We looking for a seer to find out who built your attacks?”

Capt. Sliver said, “Well, one a of our member can a see into the future, but she's too Guardians a crazy for a her own good. Her name is Jeyella. 1234

Shella asked “Who is this Jeyella?” 5

A female humaniod with purple hair and white eyes dressed in a pink robe appeared on deck as the other members other then Capt. Sliver.

Capt. Sliver said, “Jeyella, I thought you were sleeping.”

Jeyella said, “I always wake up when I heard the word:, “Guardians of Iconia. Can I help them?”

Shella said, “I'm Princess Shella of the Ladies of Might from Dreama.”

Jeyella said, “Well, for now, actress, I but place you in the Guardians of Iconia.”

Black Turtle stated, “We looking for those morons who built those pirate robot skeletons that attacked you guys.”

Jeyella said, “Here I go........I see a lot of Krab People in a land factory. King Krab, the ruler of the Krab People is reaching with a ice male and a female with a lot of eyes on her and her armor . King Krab is nervously reading a old scroll he found and he's stomping around in a very bad mood – worst then Nekkrottus. ” 6

Shella said, “I don't know about the lot of Eyes or the Ice Male but I know King Krab was with Nekkrottus when he attempted to take over Dreama with the help of Dreama. Did you see what a scroll about?”

Jeyella said, “Looks like it's sometime ancient prophecy about the real Krab People ruler having a body of sliver.”

Black Turtle said, “Oh, plankton!”

Shella said, “Capt. Sliver. Can you get us to the main land as fast as possible.”

Capt. Sliver asked, “Once on the mainland. You guys are on your own.”

Shella said, “No problem.”

=A1S2: END=


PC = Shella

NPC Table

Black Turtle (True Krab People ruler)
Merchant boat's crew
Blackskull Empire
Guardians of Iconia
Ladies of Might
Lords of Valor
The Wrenched Legion.

Thread Table

Get Black Turtle to Questa in Haven for safety

1MYTHIC: Is the seer humaniod? My View: 50/50. Mythic View: 18. Yes.
2MYTHIC: Is the seer female? My View: 50/50. Mythic View: 44. Yes.
3MYTHIC: Does the female seer hate the Guardians? My View: 50/50 Mythic View: 86. No.
4MYTHIC: Dos the female seer love the guardians too much for her own good? My View: 50/50 Mythic View 29. Oh. Yes
5. MYTHIC: Does Shella know about Jeyella? My View: Unlikely. Mythic View: 85. Nope
6CARTOON ACTION HOUR – SEASON 2: I'm assuming Jeyella's future seer is 9 (SP). DN = 10 + 9 = 19. 9 + 10 = 19. Successful

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"LOM" in "Queen Krab": Act #2, Scene 1

Time for Act #2 to began

=ACT 2, Scene #1=

As soon as Black Turtle and Shella reached the surface, they find a merchant ship being attack by a pirate ship. The pirate ships were half-robot/half-skeletons. Shella know that these nut-balls was neither connected to Tryanna and her Wretched Legion nor Nekkrottus and his Blackskull Empire.

Shella jumped up – and Black Turtle followed.

Shella asked, “Who's the head of this ship. He's under arrest.”

A half-robot/half-skeleton stated, “He's not here – and I'm not telling who mind me to the likes of you.”

Black Turtle said, “May be after we clean you guys clock – you be more likely to talk.”

The half-robot/half-skeleton said, “You can't defeat us!”

Shella and Black Turtle went all out on the robots smashing them left and right successfully destroying them. Not one bit of the robot remind untouched by with Shella or Black Turtle's arms. 1

Black Turtle said, “May be we can find out about them from merchants.”

Shella nodded.


1 GOON SQUAD: Robot-Skeleton Pirates = 1 (Flub). Shella: 6. Black Turtle: 11

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"LOM" -- Commercial Break #1

Since it's Friday, I think I start with a commercial break as Friday, Saturday, Sunday makes the real life commercial break -- the weekend to the real life equal of show: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Player's Roll = 3
Game Master's Roll = 12. Game Master wins!
Game Master's Prize Roll = 11. Villainous Play Set! Add + 2 OOMPH to the NPC OOMPH Pool! Think I making a flying fortress of Tryanna. The place in this area once I'm done writing it.


(Animated series)
Narrator: Dreama is under threat from Tryanna's Wretched Legion.

Cogwheel: The winged hideout has been fixed.

Tryanna: Good, I want put the fear in those Ladies of Might!

(Toy Scene)

(A few Ladies of Might and Lord of Valor action figures are standing. A kid fake-flying the Fortress to the action figures)

Kid #1: This flying fosters is unstoppable!

Kid #2: We see about that!

Narrator: Who will win the battle:The Ladies of Might or the Wretched Legion? Only you can make that decision!

(A few Action Figures and the Flying Fortress are standing under the “Ladies of Might” toy logo.)

Narrator: Flying Fortress playset and Action Figures sold separately. From Gobb Toys.


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LOM in "Queen Krab" -- Act 1, Scene 3 & Act 1, Scene 4

Real life got in my way, so here's two scenes to make up for the looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong wait you guys had for to make another post. During my break, I decide on having Shella meet the true Krab Person in charge, as that way, as soon as Shella and the Krab Person get the surface: King Krab can get nervous with out any problems.

=ACT 1, SCENE 3=

Shella swim though the path way to reach a underwater city. The city was old Krab People city. She search very inch of it. She found an audio system near by, Shella decide to turn it on and listen to it. It said, “To those who find this tape. This tape reveals a prophecy for the future good of Iconia. When a Froggian takes over the major Krab People area and joins a evil side leaded by a skeleton, a Krab Person with a sliver coat and a human will defeat the Froggian.”

Sliver coat? Shella recalled a vile visitor to Dreama that happen sometime ago....King Krab, ruler of the Krab People. Shella wonder if a Krab Person here as a sliver shell

=ACT 1, SCENE 4=

Shella found a few Krab People either usually blue or green. Both were talking to her and asking who is charge. When Krab People asked who was in charge, Shella replied “King Krab.” Then the Krab People asked for a longer Krab Person name like “Zakiguigixanigoran”,“Jorganeragoxayari”, “Sergoniragirarax”, or “Krabosirugiramalirogurax”, she shrugged her shoulders and kept looking.

Just after the fifth Krab People, a male. She found a female Krab Person with a sliver coat holding a staff in her non-pincher arm.

Shella said, “I'm assuming that you the Krab Person that has role to play to save Iconia.”

The female Krab Person asked, “Save Iconia? Did a Froggian joined forces with a hothead skeleton and his huge army?”

Shelia said, “I not 100% sure what Krab Krab is, but one thing is sure, he's not a Krab Person as no Krab Person in their right mind would join Nekkrottus's Blackskull Empire.”

The female Krab Person answered, “Sounds like my guess was right. So part of the prophecy has play out. So my Krab People name is Kagorgaraturatonia, but call me Black Turtle until this Froggian pretending to be a Krab Person is no more.”

Shella said, “Let's go. The sooner you join the Guardians – the better the water ways of Iconia will be safe from harm.”


Next is either commercial break or seeing what King Krab is up to.

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LOM in "Queen Krab" -- Act I, Scene #2

We get some check here.

=Act 1, Scene #2=

Shella find a heavy rock that was blocking a strange pathway. Shelia looked at the rock before she tried to use her tail to ply the rock lose. The rock was struck there. 1

The rock looked pink as coral, it could be a creature. Shella found white eyes and a long thin fang. The rock was happen to be Vampire Corals. 2

Shella said, “Excuse more for waking you, Count....”

The Vampire Coral said, “Lady Corrinada.”

Shella said, “Sorry for waking you, Lady Corrinada, but you are blocking a pathway.”

Lady Corrinada said as she swim away, “I didn't know that. I see if I can find an animal to feed on and then find a new sleep.”

Shella smirked.


It's a toss up to either get King Krab nervous or have Shella meet our Krab Person. 

1 DN: 3 + 9 = 12; CHECK: 3 + 7 = 10. 12 > 10. Not successfully
2 DN: 3 + 2 = 5; CHECK: 3 + 2 = 5. Successful.   

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"LOM" in "Queen Krab" -- Act I -- Scene 1

"Ladies of Might"
"Queen Krab"

=Act #1 - Scene #1=

Shella, a mermaid and a Ladies of Might from Dreama was far from her homeland as she was in the Eggalopa Ocean off the course of the know  Iconia world. She know that half of Iconia has been explored. She was quietly thinking of Nekkrottus and his Blackskull Empire who had teamed up with Tryanna and her evil goons squad in order to conquer Dreama.

Shella sigh as she spotted some wolf seals howl. Worried about alerting any of Blackskull Empire members, she dive deep into the Eggalopa Ocean.


That's was just a short set-up.

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CAH/MGE: Shella, the "Ladies of Might" character

Before I began to make my character: I will be following the CAH:S2 rule book like glue. Normal routes. 1 is Flub (Critical Failure) while 12 is Boon (Helping Hand).

The following is the "Ladies of Might's Series PC Guidelines":

Proof of Purchase Points: PCs are created with 30 PoPPs
Maximum Trait Rating (Regular Feature): 10
Maximum Trait Rating (Action Feature): 14
* PCs must be a females
* PCs must be a member of the Council of Might
* PCs must be have a Item of Virtue (mirror, wand, sword, hairbrush, comb, etc.). This is a major focal point of the character and should tie into her theme if she has one. It's up to you to decide what the item does.
* There are no computers in the series. While it does feature robots, gadgets, vehicles, and other technological doodads, actual computers have not been created.
* Thematic characters are appropriate, but aren't required. To theme a character, simply choose an animal, object, material, or whatever else you’d like, and base your character’s identity off of it.

Following the jump cut is my character as well as my thought progress:

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This month solo game is: "Cartoon Action Hour"

It's February 1, 2011: At this point in time, I decide to reveal my actual play for this month: It's a "Mythic Game Master Emulator/Cartoon Action Hour game. The series is "Ladies of Might", the spin-off series, in "Warrior of Cosmos".