Friday, February 24, 2012

LOM in "Queen Krab": Act 2's Scence 2 & Scence 3

Sorry, real life got add of me yesterday. For those people who like Comic Sans MS, the last scene I did for LOM 's “Queen Krab” give a good kick. For those people who dislike Comic Sans MS, sorry, I forget reform the scene before it got put up. I'm not saying it's not going to happen again, I am a person who likes Comic Sans MS.

Now, I make up by getting two scenes in.....

=Act 2, Scene 2=

The city the merchant boat was docked at was Cavoria City. Cavorian City was home to Darkians. Darkians were large bat-like humaniods. One of them, a male warrior Darkian named Mace, had join the Guardians of Iconia.

Shella and Black Turtle quickly meet with the Darkians ruler, King Swordstuff.

King Swordstuff stated, “You have a long journey to reach the Guardians in Questa, Haven. Sticking to the merchant roads for their wheels will take you into the Blackskull Empire territory. Not sticking merchants roads is not as a safe even if you still in Guardian friendly territory as those territory has been reported attacks by robots.”

Black Turtle said, “Let's just stick the merchant roads.”

Shella said, “Sounds like they will be no water deep enough for my tail until I get into Haven.”

King Swordstuff said, “Since food trucks can go by the Blackskull Empire Armored Henchman, I will give you one of own – and white robes used by use to mark food givers.”

Shella said, “At least it's a plan.”

=Act 2, Scene 3=

Eye-Catcher turned from a monitor and said, “Shella fowled up your new robot's sea test.”

King Krab said, “Did that Lady of Might have help?”

Eye-Catcher answered as she turned to the monitor from a sonic view to video view showing Shella and a female Krab Person with a sliver body wrecking the robots.

King Krab said, “The Krab People's prophecy! I must stop her from reaching Questa – or otherwise, Arrokiniki will bring a more then a quarter of Krab People to Haven.”

Eye-Catcher asked, “Arrokiniki?”

King Krab answered, “Arrokinki was one of the scientists on the against me during the King People's Civil War. He's been secretly collecting some of the more well-rounded Krab People and is waiting for the right time to cause a epic problem that would force me off the throne. If this sliver Krab Person gets to Questa and joins the Guardians – it will make things a lot rougher for me and Blackskull Empire.”

Eye-Catcher said, “Let's just try to get her capture as prisoner for Nekkrottus. I would go for murder but we have Chillout which Nekkrottus had convinced the Blackskull Empire are a good guys.”

King Krab nodded as he said, “I send a few of my land robots and some Blackskull Empire Troopers to slow them down. We be waiting for them in Lorgina Island, a island which is a know landmark knowing that you are close to King Rastor's kingdom.”

Eye-Catcher and King Krab let loose one big evil laugh.


I think I have another commercial break then I work on Act 3.

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