Monday, February 20, 2012

"LOM" in "Queen Krab": Act #2, Scene 1

Time for Act #2 to began

=ACT 2, Scene #1=

As soon as Black Turtle and Shella reached the surface, they find a merchant ship being attack by a pirate ship. The pirate ships were half-robot/half-skeletons. Shella know that these nut-balls was neither connected to Tryanna and her Wretched Legion nor Nekkrottus and his Blackskull Empire.

Shella jumped up – and Black Turtle followed.

Shella asked, “Who's the head of this ship. He's under arrest.”

A half-robot/half-skeleton stated, “He's not here – and I'm not telling who mind me to the likes of you.”

Black Turtle said, “May be after we clean you guys clock – you be more likely to talk.”

The half-robot/half-skeleton said, “You can't defeat us!”

Shella and Black Turtle went all out on the robots smashing them left and right successfully destroying them. Not one bit of the robot remind untouched by with Shella or Black Turtle's arms. 1

Black Turtle said, “May be we can find out about them from merchants.”

Shella nodded.


1 GOON SQUAD: Robot-Skeleton Pirates = 1 (Flub). Shella: 6. Black Turtle: 11

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