Friday, February 10, 2012

"LOM" in "Queen Krab" -- Act I -- Scene 1

"Ladies of Might"
"Queen Krab"

=Act #1 - Scene #1=

Shella, a mermaid and a Ladies of Might from Dreama was far from her homeland as she was in the Eggalopa Ocean off the course of the know  Iconia world. She know that half of Iconia has been explored. She was quietly thinking of Nekkrottus and his Blackskull Empire who had teamed up with Tryanna and her evil goons squad in order to conquer Dreama.

Shella sigh as she spotted some wolf seals howl. Worried about alerting any of Blackskull Empire members, she dive deep into the Eggalopa Ocean.


That's was just a short set-up.

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