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"LOM" in "Queen Krab": Act #2 -- Scene #2

Time to turn to Mythic, since I'm stuck. I going with 5 the chaos rating as the heroes had successful defeated a group

Questions #1: Is they about 20 humaniods of Haven are board the ship?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 69. No

Question #2: Are they about 20 humaniods of Iconia are board the ship?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 29. Yes.

Question #3: Does the merchant captain know who is behind the ship?
My View: Unlikely?
Mythic View: 38. No.

Question #4: Does anyone on the merchant's boat have the ability to see into the future?
My View: 11. Yes. Random Event.
Random Event Roll: 87 = NPC Negative
NPC Negative's Focus: 4 = Guardians of Iconia
Action Word: 34 = Lies
Subject Word: 70 = Extravagance.
Phrase:“Lies of Extravagance” = No clue. Re-roll R.E.R.
R.E.R. – Round #2: 68 = PC Positive. That's Shella
Action Word: 33 = Stop
Subject Word: 62 = Disruption
Phrase: “Stop of Disruption” – No clue. Re-Roll R.E.R.
R.E.R. – Round 3: 52 = Move a Way From A Thread.
Thread of Choice = Find out who was behind the robot skeleton pirate attack.
Action Word: 1 = Attainment
Subject Word: 54 = Investment
Phrase: “Attainment (Getting) of Investment (Job/Money). I think I say that they get to see the seer with out a problem.

=Act 2, Scene 2=

The merchant captain was looking mighty happy as Black Turtle and Shella appeared.

The merchant captain said, “Welcome aboard, Guardians of Iconia.”. My name is Steve Sliver”

Shella said, “I'm a Lady of Might from Dreama.”

Capt. Sliver said, “That land is an old fairy tale, Guardians, but I from Haven, so believe what you want – if makes you look as insane as Nekkrottus.”

Black Turtle said, “We looking for a seer to find out who built your attacks?”

Capt. Sliver said, “Well, one a of our member can a see into the future, but she's too Guardians a crazy for a her own good. Her name is Jeyella. 1234

Shella asked “Who is this Jeyella?” 5

A female humaniod with purple hair and white eyes dressed in a pink robe appeared on deck as the other members other then Capt. Sliver.

Capt. Sliver said, “Jeyella, I thought you were sleeping.”

Jeyella said, “I always wake up when I heard the word:, “Guardians of Iconia. Can I help them?”

Shella said, “I'm Princess Shella of the Ladies of Might from Dreama.”

Jeyella said, “Well, for now, actress, I but place you in the Guardians of Iconia.”

Black Turtle stated, “We looking for those morons who built those pirate robot skeletons that attacked you guys.”

Jeyella said, “Here I go........I see a lot of Krab People in a land factory. King Krab, the ruler of the Krab People is reaching with a ice male and a female with a lot of eyes on her and her armor . King Krab is nervously reading a old scroll he found and he's stomping around in a very bad mood – worst then Nekkrottus. ” 6

Shella said, “I don't know about the lot of Eyes or the Ice Male but I know King Krab was with Nekkrottus when he attempted to take over Dreama with the help of Dreama. Did you see what a scroll about?”

Jeyella said, “Looks like it's sometime ancient prophecy about the real Krab People ruler having a body of sliver.”

Black Turtle said, “Oh, plankton!”

Shella said, “Capt. Sliver. Can you get us to the main land as fast as possible.”

Capt. Sliver asked, “Once on the mainland. You guys are on your own.”

Shella said, “No problem.”

=A1S2: END=


PC = Shella

NPC Table

Black Turtle (True Krab People ruler)
Merchant boat's crew
Blackskull Empire
Guardians of Iconia
Ladies of Might
Lords of Valor
The Wrenched Legion.

Thread Table

Get Black Turtle to Questa in Haven for safety

1MYTHIC: Is the seer humaniod? My View: 50/50. Mythic View: 18. Yes.
2MYTHIC: Is the seer female? My View: 50/50. Mythic View: 44. Yes.
3MYTHIC: Does the female seer hate the Guardians? My View: 50/50 Mythic View: 86. No.
4MYTHIC: Dos the female seer love the guardians too much for her own good? My View: 50/50 Mythic View 29. Oh. Yes
5. MYTHIC: Does Shella know about Jeyella? My View: Unlikely. Mythic View: 85. Nope
6CARTOON ACTION HOUR – SEASON 2: I'm assuming Jeyella's future seer is 9 (SP). DN = 10 + 9 = 19. 9 + 10 = 19. Successful

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