Friday, February 24, 2012

"LOM" -- "QUEEN KRAB" -- Act 3's Scene #1 and Scene #2

=Act 3, Scene #1

Shella and Black Turtle had no problem on the merchant roads. Thanks to the robes and the food cart, most people thought they were merchants but as they approach Lorgina Island. Shella saw King Krab with a ice male and female with too many eyes on her armor and face.

King Krab remarked, “Lady Shella, Give me the female Krab and allow you to pass.”

Shella remarked, “Do you take me a fool?”

King Krab said, “Well, yes.”

Shella said, “Well, think again.”

King Krab yelled, “Krab-Bots attack!”

Shella and Black Turtle attack the Krab-Bots, though Shella was the one that destroy most of the gray robots. One robot flipped Black Turtle over.. 1

Shella2 leaped at Eye-Catcher like a whale out of a ocean, who attempted to dodge the attack, but got in her arm.3 King Krab unleashed his Energy Blade as he rushes Black Turtle, but he trips over a leg of one of his own Krab-Bots. 4 Black Turtle calmly brings her Krab Staff forward 5 and hits Eye-Catcher right in her armor.

Eye-Catcher yelled “My armor!” as she takes out her Man-Catcher as she swings it at Black Turtle, who ducks it at the right moment getting it stuck on on the food cart's roof. 6

Chillout yells, “Hey, Lady Shella. Come and get me.”

Shella replied, “I told you I am not a fool like you, Chillout!”7

Chillout remark, “That's cold!”8

Shella decide to use her long tail against Eye-Catcher 9, who leap off the the roof and landed safely on the ground.

Shella remarks, “Oh, seaweeds!!”

A familiar massively muscular man with
tanned skin and long, flowing brown hair were a horned helmet, a leather loincloth, leather boots, and a metal armor plate over his left shoulder – Maximarr had a arrival carrying Nekkrottus like a strongman would carry a rock. Maximarr kicks Nekkrottus into King Krab 10

Shella 11 remarked, “Maximarr!”

Maximarr turned to the Black Empire leader and say one word, “Leave!”

Nekkrottus nodded jump on a near-by tank, “You may have won this battle, Guardians but the war is far from over!”

=Act 3, Scene 2

Sometime later, at King Rastor's throne room in King Rastor's castle.

King Rastor said, “Nice job, Shella and Black Turtle.”

Shella said, “Maximarr save our tails back there.”

King Rastor said, “He had periodically saved the hides of many Guardians from Nekkrottus. He may not be a member of Guardians but he consider ally to the Guardians. Black Turtle, welcome to the Guardians. Shella, when ever you want to return to Dreama, Merlis can cast a spell on you to return to your rightful place.”


1CAH:S2 – GOON BATTLE. Krab-Bots = 2. Shella = 5. Black Turtle = 2
2 CAH:S2 – Individual Initiative – Who's Goes First. Shella: 12 + 3 = 15; Black Turtle: 9 +1 = 10; Chillout: 2 +1 = 3; Eye-Catcher: 9 +1 = 10; King Krab: 10 +3 = 13. I'm going with heroes win ties – so the order is Shella, King Krab, Black Turtle, Eye-Catcher, & then Chillout.
3CAH:S2 – Shella = 2 (Agility) + 6 = 8 E.C. = 2 (Athletics) + 6 = 8. 8 – 8 = 0. At least Eye-Catcher earned a Setback Token.
4CAH:S2 – King Krab = 4 (Energy Blade) + 2 (Energy's Blade Enhancer + 1 ….One is a Flub. That means what the trait has a epic fail as they say over in TV Tropes sector of the web.
5CAH:S2 – Black Turtle = 4 (Staff) + 2 (Staff's Enhancer) + 9 = 15. Now, let's roll to decide which bad guy get hit. 1 = Chillout; 2 = Eye-Catcher; 3 = King Krab. Roll is 2 = Eye-Catcher. Eye-Catcher = 3 (Armor) + 2 (Armor's Enhancer) + 8 = 13. 15 – 13 = 2. 2 < 10. = SBT #2 for E.C.
6CAH:S2 – Eye-Catcher = 3 (Man-Catcher's Trait Rating) + 2 (It's Enhancer) + 3 = 8. Black Turtle: 3 (Tricky) + 8 = 11.
7CAH-S2 – Chillout = 2 (Sharp Mind) + 6 = 8. Shella = 3 (Smarts) + 8 = 11.
8Author Note: To those who hate bad puns, sorry. To those who like puns, I hope that was punny for you! – Dr. Thinker
9CAH:S2 – Shella. Creative Control: New Trait – Long Tail = 4 (Snare) + 8 = 12. Eye-Catcher: 2 (Athletics) + 12 = 14. Failure.
10Mythic: Does Maximarr Appear? My View: 50/50. Mythic View: 22. Since I reaching the end of the episode, I'm not going to roll a Random Event.
11Mythic Does Shella know Maximarr's true identity? My View: Unlikely. Mythic View: 98.

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