Friday, February 17, 2012

"LOM" -- Commercial Break #1

Since it's Friday, I think I start with a commercial break as Friday, Saturday, Sunday makes the real life commercial break -- the weekend to the real life equal of show: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Player's Roll = 3
Game Master's Roll = 12. Game Master wins!
Game Master's Prize Roll = 11. Villainous Play Set! Add + 2 OOMPH to the NPC OOMPH Pool! Think I making a flying fortress of Tryanna. The place in this area once I'm done writing it.


(Animated series)
Narrator: Dreama is under threat from Tryanna's Wretched Legion.

Cogwheel: The winged hideout has been fixed.

Tryanna: Good, I want put the fear in those Ladies of Might!

(Toy Scene)

(A few Ladies of Might and Lord of Valor action figures are standing. A kid fake-flying the Fortress to the action figures)

Kid #1: This flying fosters is unstoppable!

Kid #2: We see about that!

Narrator: Who will win the battle:The Ladies of Might or the Wretched Legion? Only you can make that decision!

(A few Action Figures and the Flying Fortress are standing under the “Ladies of Might” toy logo.)

Narrator: Flying Fortress playset and Action Figures sold separately. From Gobb Toys.


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  1. LOL! Spot on!

    Sounds silly, but those commercials totally worked on me when I was a kid (especially the Micronauts ones)!