Thursday, February 16, 2012

LOM in "Queen Krab" -- Act 1, Scene 3 & Act 1, Scene 4

Real life got in my way, so here's two scenes to make up for the looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong wait you guys had for to make another post. During my break, I decide on having Shella meet the true Krab Person in charge, as that way, as soon as Shella and the Krab Person get the surface: King Krab can get nervous with out any problems.

=ACT 1, SCENE 3=

Shella swim though the path way to reach a underwater city. The city was old Krab People city. She search very inch of it. She found an audio system near by, Shella decide to turn it on and listen to it. It said, “To those who find this tape. This tape reveals a prophecy for the future good of Iconia. When a Froggian takes over the major Krab People area and joins a evil side leaded by a skeleton, a Krab Person with a sliver coat and a human will defeat the Froggian.”

Sliver coat? Shella recalled a vile visitor to Dreama that happen sometime ago....King Krab, ruler of the Krab People. Shella wonder if a Krab Person here as a sliver shell

=ACT 1, SCENE 4=

Shella found a few Krab People either usually blue or green. Both were talking to her and asking who is charge. When Krab People asked who was in charge, Shella replied “King Krab.” Then the Krab People asked for a longer Krab Person name like “Zakiguigixanigoran”,“Jorganeragoxayari”, “Sergoniragirarax”, or “Krabosirugiramalirogurax”, she shrugged her shoulders and kept looking.

Just after the fifth Krab People, a male. She found a female Krab Person with a sliver coat holding a staff in her non-pincher arm.

Shella said, “I'm assuming that you the Krab Person that has role to play to save Iconia.”

The female Krab Person asked, “Save Iconia? Did a Froggian joined forces with a hothead skeleton and his huge army?”

Shelia said, “I not 100% sure what Krab Krab is, but one thing is sure, he's not a Krab Person as no Krab Person in their right mind would join Nekkrottus's Blackskull Empire.”

The female Krab Person answered, “Sounds like my guess was right. So part of the prophecy has play out. So my Krab People name is Kagorgaraturatonia, but call me Black Turtle until this Froggian pretending to be a Krab Person is no more.”

Shella said, “Let's go. The sooner you join the Guardians – the better the water ways of Iconia will be safe from harm.”


Next is either commercial break or seeing what King Krab is up to.

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