Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I come up with a idea of armored jeep race in Australia. I also come jump Alli Gator. Alli Gator here is the villain -- a evil female Crocodile Dundee. She has got idea of stealing a large semi truck  of gold break that the government is transporting o the other side of Australia  I will stat her up tomorrow or the next day if I forget to do it..  All armored jeeps will be following the same stats in upcoming let's play.


ARMORED JEEP 6 [Vehicle, Major]

Appearance: A large green enclosed jeep.

Singularity Quality:
## Armored Jeep

Standard Quality:
# Noisy
# Attracts attention

Traits: SPEED 6 [Mode of Travel:  Land], ARMOR 6, MANEUVERABILITY 6, LASER CANNON 6 [Big Attack]

Vehicle Upgrades Taken: None


See you tomorrow or the next day

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