Friday, June 8, 2012

Mermaid Fairly Tale PDQ -- Scene #4

Scene #4: Annabelle reaches the cavern.

Chaos Rank : 5
Chaos Roll: 5 < 6 = Normal.

Question #1: Is his cavern, the cavern of the Sea Witch?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 55. No. Random Event.

Random Event: 55 = Close A Thread
Thread in Question: 1 = Find the Underwater Boat Builder
Action Word: 19 = Waste
Subject Word: 35 = Legal Matters.
Phrase Meaning: "Waste of Legal Matters"
Meaning: I dunno know. This Random Event will be tossed in the trash can.

Question #2: Is the cavern home to a fairy?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 48. Yes.

Question #3: Is the fairy alone when she when Annabelle arrives?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 25. Yes.

=Scene #4=

Annabelle crawled into the cavern. A regular fairy with blonde hair, yellow eyes dressed in a long purple gown and sandals. The fairy turn into Annabelle's direction and said, ""Well, this is surprise. I hadn't a visitor since that town was turn into a ghost town. My name is Patrica."

Annabelle said, "My name is Annabelle, Patrica. I need to go to Princess Maya's city, but Sir Timothy Crane said that it was far away. He said he had help in a cavern."

[MYTHIC: Does Patrica had power to help her? My View: Somewhat Likely. Mythic View: 83. Nope.]

Patricia said, "Well, I don't have the power to transport you straight to her city and to reach it you had to cross Princess Lagar's kingdom which is under a control of a witch who would eat your tail before you could cross."

Annabelle said, "Do you have anything to make my tail disappear?"

[MYTHIC: Does Patrica had a item or spell to make her tail disappear? My View: Somewhat Likely. Mythic View: 44. Yes. Random Event. Random Event: 6 = Remote Event.  Action Word: 96 = Guide Subject Word: 76 = The Mundane. Phrase: "Guide of the mundane. Both side town are going having festivals soon -- one devoted to pet deaths and other devoted to mermaids.]

Patricia replied, "Yes. It's a  item I got from the Sea Witch while I was in the main city of Princess Maya's kingdom during their Mermaid Festival.  The festival is a sore spot in Princess Lagar's eyes as it takes place at the same is "Death of Animals" festival which honors all pets that had died in previous years."

[MYTHIC: Does Patrica pull out a potion that contains a mermaid tongue? My View: 50/50. Mythic View: 42. Yes.]

Patrica pulls out a potion of strange items -- one of them was easily recognizably by Annabelle at a mermaid tongue.

[MYTHIC: Does Patricia know Sea Hag got it from? My View: 50/50. Mythic View: 37. Yes.]

Annabelle asked, "Where did she get that tongue?"

Patricia said, "I recalled the story -- it's pretty long -- the Sea Hag loves to stretch out her stories. She meet Princess Erica after she saved Princess Lagar, and come to Sea Hag to get legs. She traded her tongue and you know that mermaid voice boxes are their tongues for her legs."

Annabelle said, "Well, they had been no said of seaweed and foam."

Patricia laughed before saying the following , "That's a old mermaid tale. No matter what happens all mermaid reborn in new forms -- ranging from rats to dragons -- pending on how bad or good a mermaid's behavior is."

Annabelle said as her right hand grabbed the potion, "How long will this work?"

Patricia said, "As long as you don't get force into water, you will kept your  legs."

Annabelle chugged the potion, felt her tail splitting into two, and she was standing up --  hitting her head on the ceiling on the cavern.

=S4: END=

Change to Stats: Poor -2 from "No Legs" to "Unused Legs"
Change to NPC: Patricia, the Fairy and the Mermaid Eater Witch.

Chaos: Stays at 5.

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