Saturday, June 2, 2012

PDQ: Character -- Annabelle

The following is my PDQ character. Note I'm going to break the rules here and there since they are so much PDQ stuff out there that it makes my brain cells do cartwheels. And so he's my fairy tale mermaid -- Annabelle.


Name: Annabelle

Quick Bio: A regular blonde hair mermaid with blue eyes and a green tail usually wearing a light red blouse and a pearl necklace.


  • Poor: No Legs -- Annabelle has no legs -- just a tail.
  • Good: Talking to Animals -- Annabelle can talk to any animals from real ones to fictional creatures.
  • Expert: Swimming -- Of course, this one of the traits that mermaids need as they always are swimming in water at least for most of their life.
  • Expert: Singing -- Of course, this is the other one of the traits that mermaids need as usual.

Action Point: 5. -- This earn when she fails a test and lost when she wins a test. As usual, when she fails a test, I pick one of the above qualities to force once on if I return to do another session of this one at a later date. If all four qualities are marked off in a session, I will roll a d4 to decide which one to focus on....


See you later....

Dr. Thinker

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