Friday, October 4, 2013

Annabelle's Third Fairy Tale Adventure -- Scene #3

Scene #3: Annabelle drops by to locate Chanka.

Chaos Rank: 5
Chaos Roll: 5 > 1

I really don't have a clue on what's the alter here -- so I'm going to play it normally -- unless I get a Random Event I can squeeze in.

Random Event: 93 = NPC +
NPC In Question: 2 = The Mermaid Mafia
Action Word: 38 = Inform
Subject Word: 29 = Pain
Phrase: "Inform of Pain"
Meaing: The Mafia Mob dislike Chanka for being reckless warrior and being ruthless against everyone. The kind of guy that kills first and ask the questions. He really killed Tangaka, a powerful Mafia Mob member. Annabelle will meet Tangaka's mermaid molly, Clyamia at Seawood Studio. Clyamia had learn that Chanka had stopped his weekly night watch on Koyakan Island

=Scene #3: START=

A beautiful mermaid with long red hair and brown eyes dressed in a black blouse. Her white tail was tapping against the wall. "Well, you look just got out of the Mermaid Mob meeting."

Annabelle said, "Sort of...."

The beautiful mermaid remarked, "The name is Clyamia. Looking for that Mermaid Mafia reject, why do you swim to Koyakan Island. He might around there. He stopped his recently night watch a few days after he killed my boss, Tangaka.

Annabelle smiled. This news was good!

=Scene #3: END=

Chaos Rank: Still at 5.

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