Thursday, October 3, 2013

Annabelle's Third Fairy Tale Adventure -- Scene #2

Ok. Before I hit the ice cream mine, I'm going to work the next

Scene #2: Annabelle comes to the Mermaid Theater and tries to find out from Mermaid Mafia where Chanka is planning to attack

Chaos Rank:: 5
Chaos Rank: 5 > 2 = Interrupted. I going to roll a Random Event:

Random Event: 18 = NPC Action
NPC Doing The Action:  1 = Chanka
Action Word: 78 = Cruelty
Subject Word: 17 = The Spiritual
Phrase: "Cruelty Of The Spiritual"
Meaning: No ideas. Assume scene goes according to what I written after "Scene #2:"

=Scene #2: START=

Annabelle -- pun totally intended -- high-tailed to the Mermaid Theater. She was spotted by the owner, Karavona

[Mythic: Is Karavona a member of the Mermaid Mafia? My View: 50/50. Mythic View: 6. Exceptional Yes.]

Karavona said, "You looking for the Mermaid Mafia. You find it."

Annabelle asked, "Why didn't you appeared last time I was here?"

Karavona answered, "I wasn't here."

Annabelle asked, "Do you know where Chanka is?"

[Mythic: Does Karavona know where Chanka is? My View: 50/50. Mythic View: 78. Nope.]

Karavona answered, "Afraid I don't know where that hot-head went off to."

Annabelle said, "Do you know someone that knows where Chanka is?"

[Mythic: Does Karavona know where Chanka is? My View: 50/50. Mythic View: 54. Nope.]

Karavona asked, "Do you have even a clue?"

[Mythic: Does Karavona have a clue where Chanka could be? My View: 50/50. Mythic View: 79. Nope.]

Karavona answered, "Nope."

Annabelle asked, "Does did he has a favorite place?"

[Mythic: Did Chanka  have a favorite underwater place. My View: Very Likely. Mythic View: 79.]
[Mythic View: What was it? My View: Complex Question. Action Word: 100 = Change. Subject Word: 88 = "Illusions"]]

Karavona answered, "Yes. He usually handed around Seawood Labs, which are working on making movies for mermaids."

Annabelle said, "I head there and see if I find some information of Chanka's location."

=Scene #2: END=

Add NPC: Karavona & Seawood Labs.

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