Thursday, October 10, 2013

Annabelle's Third Fairy Tale Adventure -- Scene #5

Scene #5: Annabelle looks for clues to find Chanka

Chaos Rank: 5
Chaos Roll: 5 < 6 = Normal

Question #1: Does she find clue?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 65. Nope.

Question #2: Does she find some one who might know who Chanka is disguise as?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 65. Nope.

Question #3: Does the disguise Chanka find her?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 54. Nope.

Question #4: Does one of the disguise Chanka aides find here?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 33. Yes. Random event.

Random Event Roll: 62 = PC Positive
Action Word: 33 = Stop
Subject Word; 51 = Jealousy
Phrase: "Stop of Jealousy"
Meaning: Chanka had become a female human named China, and claimed to the Bamboo Princess that had return from the moon. Koykan's human king, Tarran, has fallen for the lies -- hook, line and sinker. His human wife, Jazi. is not a happy camper until she come across Annabelle as it happens that Tarran is a fan of mermaids. Jazi is plotting Annabelle in a plan to renew their wedding vows.

=Scene #5: START=

A woman approached Annabelle as she was crawling around the ground and said, "I help you -- if you help me."

Annabelle asked, "So what you want to me to do?"

The woman stated, "My name is Queen  Jazi. I am the wife of King Tarran. Recently, my thousand had fall head over heels for a woman claiming to be China, the Bamboo Princess, who had returned from the Moon. I know that he loves mermaids more then he loves fairies that send their time on the Moon. I want you to renew my wedding vows.

Annabelle said, "I'm game."

Queen Jazi pick up Annabelle by her arms and carried her like a human might have carried a bride.

=Scene #5: END=
Chaos: Still a 5.

Add: Koykan Islands humans, Queen Jazi, King Tarran, the real Bamboo Princess
Modifed; Chanka/China (for his home digusie)

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