Tuesday, October 1, 2013

PDQ - NPC & Threads

The following are the NPC, I will pick for the story.

1. Chanka/China(our villain)
2. The Mermaid Mafia
3. Normal mermaids
4. Normal humans
5. Queen Donna (ruler of all mermaids)
6. Karavona (A Mermaid mafia member)
7. Seawood Labs (Working on mermaid movies)
8. Koykan Island humans
8. King Tarran
9. Queen Jazi
10. The real Bamboo Princess
11. Eris

The following are threads

1. Stop Chanka
2. Get Eris's golden apple
3. Get a shard of the Magic Mirror
4. Get a hair of the Bamboo Princess
5. Get to the Moon.

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