Saturday, May 26, 2012

CAH:S2 -- Tournament Series Characters

This is a Japanese series in which strange things  (cards, robots, and tops) in a tournament--and may include evil forces looking to use them for wrong doing.'

For this type, I'm going with 100 PoPPs. I'm forcing more on Remote Controlled Vehicles or RCV. These RCV are consider Large Action Features Traits or LAFT. The look of the RCV will be explain after the character are done. RCV's Threshold is equal to the character's threshold hold.


Name: Hellen Ford
Appearance: A young teenage girl with blonde hair and red eyes dressed in a pink shirt, pink blouse, and pink shoes. Around her neck is a pearl necklaces and in her hair is a pink bow.

· Agile 5
· RCV Knowledge 6 (SP)
· RCV Driving 8 (SP)
· Running 4
· Fast Talking 6
· RCV Repair 7 (SP)
· RCV Contest Rules 4 (SP)
· RCV Monster Truck 20 (LAFT)
· Smarts 5

Oomph: 4
Threshold: 12
Battling Rating: 20

RCV Monster Truck's Appearance: A RCV version
of a monster track. It's gray expect for the windows
which are blue and the missile launcher which is

RCV Monster Truck's Traits:
 Speed 10
 Remote Control 8
 Missile Launcher 5 [AF: Enhancer +3]
 RCV Body 4
RCV Monster Truck's Threshold: 12

* Remote Control is the Maneuverability trait of the RCV Vehicles.

Name: William Beaver

Appearance: A young boy with blue hair and green eyes dressed in a green tank-top, blue jeans and sneakers.

 Agile 8
 I.Q. 12
 RCV Knowledge 4 (SP x2)
 RCV Driving 2 (SP x2)
 RCV Tank 27 [LAFT]

Oomph: 2

Threshold: 10

Battling Rating: 27

RCV Tank's Appearance: A RCV version of an United States Armed Force's army tank.

RCV Tank's Traits:
 RCV Body 4
 Speed 8
 Remote Control 4
 Laser Cannon 4 [Enhancer +2]

RCV Tank's Threshold: 10

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