Saturday, May 26, 2012

CAH:S2 -- Superheroes Characters

Superheroes are famous for doing super deeds from rescuing kittens to tree to defeating an alien overload's army.

For this category, it's 80 PoPPs.



Appearance: A black hair woman with black eyes dressed in a black blouse, black skirt, and black loafers

Factoids: "Real name is Messila Fay", "wants to make up for her ancestor, Morgan Le Fay"

 Vow (To make up her ancestor, Morgan Le Fay)

 Agile 6
 Magic 10 [Cluster: Attack, Defense, Movement & Misc.]
 Sword 8 [AF: Enhancer +4, Accessory]
 Driving 3,
 Clever 8 (SP)
 Piloting 2
 Computers 4

Oomph: 4

Threshold: 12

Battle Rating: 10


Name: Mera

Series: "Hero Inc."

GA: "Hero Inc."

Appearance: As Mera, she appears to black hair-ed,
green-eyed and green tail-ed mermaid dressed in
green blouse and a pearl necklace. As Betty Sticks,
she pretends to be a black hair-ed and blue eyes-ed
human in a wheel chair.

Factoids: "good swimmer", "never gives up", "on
friendly terms with the mermaids", "afraid of
spiders", "protects Flying Fish, Californa when not
Hero Inc. duty.", "on good terms with Jinx for her
calling Jinx a Valley Imp", "uses a wheelchair as
part of her secret identity of Betty Sticks"

 Physical Flaw (No legs)
 Emotion Ties (To her father, David Sticks)
 Mental Hang-Up (Afraid of spiders)

 Swimming 8 (SP)
 Trident 8 [AF: Enhancer +4, Accessory]
 Detective 7
 Aiming 4
 Walking 2x
 Running 2x
 Tail Attacking 6
 Driving 2x
 Piloting 2x
 Clever 7
 Crawling 4
 Agility 8 (Situation Setback: Her agility is halved on land)
 Stealth 6

Oomph: 4

Threshold: 12

Battling Rating: 8


Name: Shooter

Appearance: A black hair m an with black eyes dressed in a white shirt with black Jolly Rogers on it, blue jeans, and green combat boots.

Factoids: "hates when some one compares him to the Punisher", "Iron Ager"

 Stigma (Iron Ager)

 Laser Cannon 6 [AF: Enhancer +3. Accessory]
 Agile 4
 Aimming 4
 Computers 4
 Driving 5
 Piloting 5
 Tracking 4
 Brains 2
 Searching Cities 4 (SP x2)

Oomph: 2

Threshold: 10

Battling Rating: 6

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