Sunday, May 20, 2012

CAH:S2 -- Sport Team Characters


Sport Team Series deals with any sports--real or fictional. I'm sticking with common real sports: football, baseball, soccer, hockey, wrestling, & basketball.


Name: Hellen Plate

 Gender: Female
 Hair: Red
 Eyes: Blue
 Outfit: A baseball hat, baseball uniform, and baseball shoes

 Duty (To her baseball team)

 Baseball Bat 2 [AF: Enhancer +1,
 Agile 6
 Quick Mind 5
 Teamwork 2 (SP)
 Driving 1
 Leadership 3 (SP)

Oomph: 2

Threshold: 10

Battling Rating: 6


Name: Carol Weaver

Appearance: A young man with black hair and red eyes usually dressed in his basketball team uniform.

 Duty (To his basketball team)

 Agile 8
 Good Mind 4
 Running 4
 Throwing 4
 Tricky 4
 Jumping 4

Oomph: 2

Threshold: 10

Battling Rating: 8


Name: "Lady Phantom"

Appearance: Lady Phantom appears a mystery wrestler dressed in a blue spandex and a blue ski mask.

Factoids: "real name is Andrew Atom", "original Atom Wrecker, a heel* performer, know for her nastiest", "fill in love with Carol Claw, a face* performer.", "tossed out of heel after a 10 loses in a row.", "has a rival going on with Prof. Eric Von Evil, who would love to remove to her mask."

 Rival (Professor Eric Von Evil)

 Wrestling Moves 4 (SP, Cluster: Attack/Defense)
 Agile 4
 Jumping 4
 Driving 2
 Trash Talking 2

Oomph: 4

Threshold: 12

Battling Rating: 4

* Both "face" and "heel" are wresting terms. "Face" means a good guy while "heel"
means a bad guy.

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