Sunday, May 20, 2012

CAH:S2 -- Soap Opera Characters

Soap Opera deals with the famous people. One of the most famous was the series called "Jem and Holograms" which mixed music, action, and soap
opera becoming one of 1980s's most famous cartoons.


Name: Susan Slime

Appearance: A young woman with blonde hair and blue eyes dressed in a blue shirt, blue jeans, and blue sneakers.

Factoids: "Host of 'Ultra Dare', "Gets odd looks because of her last name."

 Duty (To the "Ultra Dare" cast and crew)
 Hosting "Ultra Dare" 4 (SP)
 Agile 2
 Pop Culture Knowledge 2 (SP)
 Driving 1
 Memories 1x
 Doing Odd Things 4
 Mind Power 2
 Will Power 2

Oomph: 2

Threshold: 11

Battling Rating: 4


Vinnie Video

 Gender: Male
 Hair: None
 Eyes: Green
 Outfit: A brown sweater, blue jeans and brown loafers

Factoids: "Host of "Trash Manor", "gets grieves on Susan Slime and George Horn, because his show is all about luck, not trivia."

 Stigma (His show, "Trash Manor" is assumed by luck, not trivia.)
 Duty (To "Trash Manor" cast and crew.)

 Agile 5
 "Trash Manor" Knowledge 4 (SP)
 Appearance 1
 Mind Power 4
 Will Power 1x
 Driving 1

Oomph: 4

Threshold: 12

Battling Rating: 5


George Horn

Appearance: A red hair-ed and red eyes-ed male dressed in neon-orange jacket, neon-blue shirt, neon-red pants, and neon-green shoes.

Factoids: "Host of 'Space School", "picks on Vinnie Video a lot."

 Duty (To the cast and crew of "Space School"

 "Space School" Knowledge 2 (SP)
 Driving 3
 Agile 2
 Fast Talking 2
 Thinking Fast 1x
 Singing 2
 Appearance 2
 Disappearing Acts 3

Oomph: 4

Threshold: 12

Battling Rating: 3

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