Wednesday, May 9, 2012

CAH:S2 -- Alien Heroes Characters


Alien Heroes are series in which aliens from a distant planet arrive to help humans against alien criminals from their own planet or another planet. A sub-type of Science Fiction.


Name: Tortiaz

Appearance: A green female alien with pink hair and orange eyes dressed in pink space suit

Factoids: "enjoy attentions", "likes humans"

Traits:Piloting 4, Driving 2, Smarts 4 (SP), Agile 3. Medical 3, Repair 3, Laser Bow 6 [AF: Enhancer +3, Accessory]. Computer 2

Stats: Oomph 2, Threshold 10, Battling Rating 6


Name: Mizin

Appearance: A blue skin alien with orange hair and green hair dressed in orange space suit.

Traits: Agile 3,  Laser Ax 4 [AF: Enhancer +2, Accessory],  Running 2,  Driving 4,  Piloting 4,Tricky 4,  Cylon 1 [COMP]

Stats: Oomph 3, Threshold 10, Battling Rating 4

Cylon's Appearance: A small gray robot with four

Cylon's Traits: Funny Appearance 1, Free Will 2*,  Data Base 2 (SP)

Cylon's Threshold: 9

Free Will is a new Companion trait. No matter what's happens, he's willing to do anything to help his PC to do what is need to be do. Don't use Coward trait here with his one.


Name: Fortuir

Appearance: A large purple alien with four arms with blue eyes and green hair in a space suit.

Traits: Dumb 1x,  Strong 8, Agile 1, Hard Skin 6 [Enhancer +3],  Laser Rifle 4 [AF: Enhancer +2, Accessory]

Stats: Oomph 2, Threshold 10, Battling Rating 8


Name: Zartona

Appearance: A small green female alien with no hair and gray eyes dressed in a green space suit.

Factoids: "knows about the Roswell Crash", "worries about human and their action on their own planet", "eats junk food more times then regular food."

Subplots: Secret (Landed in Roswell, Mexico in the 1950s.) & Mental Hang-Up (Worries about humans)

Traits: Piloting 4,  Driving 4,  Agile 4, Earth Knowledge 4,  Laser Whip 6 [AF: Enhancer +3, Snare, Accessory]

Stats: Oomph 2, Threshold 10, Battling Rating 6

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