Monday, May 14, 2012

CAH:S2 -- Magic Girl Characters

Magic Girls is a big anime sub section. It has three types. The first magic girl is a teenage girl that has magic power sent to our world to teach her lessons
on how the world works. The second magic girl is a magic idol, who uses magic power to become famous as her dream job. The third magic girl is the magic warrior that fights against evil from all corners of the anime universe.

For this category, I decide to give these character
200 PoPPs for them.

Name: Yen Cashini

Appearance: A young green hair girl with blue eyes, usually dressed in a pink blouse, purple skirt, and brown loafers

Factoids: "From another dimension", "Caused a lot of problems in her original dimension, Fafiniza", "Can't return to her home dimension until she helps
100 humans with their problems."

 Secret (Troublemaker from another
 Vow (To help 100 humans with their

 Cynia 4 [COM]
 Magic Staff 4 [AF: Enhancer +2,
 Magic 10 [SP x2, Cluster: Attack/Defense, Healing*, & Movement]
 Driving 1
 Piloting 4 (SP)
 Broom 4 [VEC: Moves 4, Magic Armor 2, Flight 6]
 Agile 8
 Fafiniza Knowledge 8 (SP x2)
 Clever 7
 Diguise 6
 Hiding 4
 Appearance 2
 Planning 8 (SP x2)
 Earth Knowledge 7
 Pop Culture Knowledge 4

Oomph: 4

Threshold: 12

Battling Rating: 10

Cynia's Appearance: A small white cat with blue

Cynia's Traits:
 Talking 5
 Agile 5
 Sneaky 3

Cynia's Threshold: 11


Name: Centini

Appearance: A purple-hair girl with green eyes in a sliver crown, long pink dress and sliver shoes.

Factoids: "Real name is Korti Gorgini", "Trapped in her unfinished magic idol manga.", "needs to defeat Dr. Togurigu Gorguini", "the unfinished magic idol manga deals with a magic idol stuck her magic idol form."

 Vow (To defeat Dr. Togurigu Gorguini to get out of her unfinished magic idol
 Secret (manga writer)

 Speaking Japanese 7
 Writting Japanese 8
 Agile 10
 Magic Armor 9 [Enhancer +5]
 Magic Pen 10 [AF: Enhancer +5, Accessory]
 Appearance 10
 Farion 10 [COM]
 Resourceful 8
 Manga Writting 8 (SP x2)
 Driving 2

Oomph: 4

Threshold: 12

Battling Rating: 10

Farion's Appearance: A small fairy with orange hair, purple eyes, and pink wings dressed in a long  green blouse and sandals

Farion's Traits:
 Cute Appearance 6
 Flight 6

Farion's Threshold: 11


Name: Dorini "Nightmare" Darkini

 As Donna: A blue hair girl with red eyes dressed in white blouse, blue skirt, and pink
 As Nightmare: Blue hair woman with red eyes dressed in a black hat, green shirt,
black skirt, black vest, and green shoes

Factoids: "A reborn witch from the ancient ice age", "has crazy crave for junk food", "has  problems with the robots of Dr. Jergani Van Sytherni"

 Secret (Reborn with from the ice age)
 Archrival (Dr. Jergani Van Sytherni)


Donna's Traits:
 Nightmare 15 (MORPH, Disadvantage: Needs the Magic Book and say "Time For A
 Agile 1
 Mind Power 10
 Will Power 10
 Magic Book 15 [Advantage: Allows for change to Nightmare]
 Computers 8
 Driving 4
 Hiding 4
 Resourceful 10

Nightmare's Traits:
 Nightmare Blast 5 [Disadvantage: Must yell out the attack]
 Agile 6

Nightmare Bomb 6 [Disadvantage: Must
yell out the attack)

Oomph: 4

Threshold: 12

Battling Rating: 15

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