Wednesday, May 16, 2012

CAH:S2 -- Pulp Action Characters

Pulp Action is anything type of action that happen between 1900 and 1940s. It is usually ends up in 1920s. Though taking place in the 1980s, "Goldie Gold and Action Jack" is a good pulp series--and so is 1960's Johnny Quest.

For this category, I'm going with 90 PoPPs.


Name: Donna Dragon

GA: The Centurions
Appearance: Donna appears to a be a blonde haired, green eyes-ed, and green skin-ed female dragon humaniod with wings and a tail about six foot at the age of 27. She usually dressed in the following: a white blouse with two slots for her wings, long
skirt with a small hole for her tail, and sandals.

Factoids: "hatched from a egg on Jan 1, 2001", "Droyarasuars were rulers of the ancient Atlantis empire.", "teach-ed by Shelly Holmes and her husband, Dr. James Watson"

 Dragon Skin 8 [Enhancer +4]
 Flight 7
 Agile 10
 Sword 7 [AF: Enhancer +4, Accessory]
 Driving 1
 Piloting 1
 Rich 8 (SP x2)
 Climbing 2
 Swimming 4
 Appearance 2

Oomph: 2

Threshold: 10

Battling Rating: 10


Name: Kevin Claptoe

GA: The Centurions

Appearance: A bald man with black eyes dressed in a black hat, black shirt, black pants and black boots.

Factoids: "has sticky fingers", "consider him a treasure hunter despite other people calling him a thief.", "speaks in a British accent."

 Stigma (Thief, despite what he say, the police or army police will try to arrest him)

 Sticky Fingers 8 (SP)
 Driving 3
 Piloting 4
 Agile 8
 Tricky 6 (SP x2)
Flying Aircrafts 1

 Climbing 3
 Swimming 8
 Running 6
 Pistol 4 [AF: Enhancer +2, Accessory]
 Dagger 2 [AF: Enhancer +1, Accessory

Oomph: 4

Threshold: 12

Battling Rating: 8

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