Tuesday, May 8, 2012

CAH:S2: CHARACTER DROPS -- After The End Cartoon Characters

I have decide May's is Character Month for Cartoon Action Hour. I try to post as many characters as many different genres as possible before the month is over..

Our first genre is "After The End". This genre is when Earth or another planet by
some means: world war III, sun explodes, the polar ice caps melts, a comet comes between the Earth and Moon (AHEM!). The adventures takes either right after the cause ("The Visionaries") or a thousand years after ("Thundarr The Barbarian").

The characters are of course after a jump cut....

Name: Gorton

Appearance: A large elephant-like humaniod with long skinny arms. It's dress in a loincloth.

Physical Flaw (Can't Talk Like a Normal Humans)

Strong 6 (SP), Agile 4, Large Ax 8 [AF: Enhancer +4, Accessory]

Stats: Oomph  3, Threshold: 11, Battling Rating: 8


Name: Vorxia

Appearance: A female human with red hair and blue eyes dressed in a one piece gray dress and sandals

Subplots: Secret (Her Past)

Traits: Agile 4,  Wizard Magic 3 [Cluster: Attack/Defense], Dagger 1 [AF: Enhancer +1, Accessory],  Ancient Earth Knowledge 4 (SP),  Appearance 1,  Too Careful 1x,  Keeping Secrets 2,  Location Knowledge 3 (SP)

Stats: Oomph 2, Threshold 10, Battling Rating 4


Name: Torgan

Appearance: A black hair with red eyes human dressed in a brown fur vest, brown fur pants, and brown fur boots.

Subplot: Mental Hang (Hates Warlocks)

Traits:  Agile 4,  Riding 2,  Light Sword 6 [AF: Enhancer +3, Accessory],  Reckless 2x,  Resourceful 2,  Clever 2

Stats: Oomph 3, Threshold 11, Battling 6

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