Wednesday, May 9, 2012

CAH:S2 - Comedy Characters

Comedy is random jokes, skirts and other things.
Usually the lightest of all the retro-toons in the


Name: Zip The Zebra

Series: Zip The Zebra Show

GA: The Theater Cartoon Actor and Actress Group.

Appearance: Zip is a tall cartoon zebra.

Factoids: "famous theater cartoon", "treated well by humans and other cartoons", "worries about superhero cartoons", "catchphrase is 'Crazy works! And that's always true!"

Subplot: Mental Hang (Worries on superhero cartoons)

Traits: Malletable 9 (SP x2), Swift 8,  Leadership 8,  Tricky 8,  Alert 7,  Climbing 7,  Running 9 (SP x2),  Punching 4,  Kicking 8,  Theater Cartoon Knowledge 7

Stats: Oomph 4, Threshold 12, Battling Rating 9

Malletable is the armor for theater cartoons such as Zip. No matter what happens to
Zip. If this fails because of double 1s--Zip turns into a blue ink for amount of minutes equal to 1d12.


Name: Jim

Series: Jim and Terry

Appearance: A small orange cartoon mouse.

Subplots: Rival (The housecat, Terry)

Traits: Agile 8,  Hammer 6 [AF: Enhancer +3, Accessory],  Cat Knowledge 8,  Strong 2,  Cartoon Body 9 (SP x2),  Running 4,  Climbing 4,  Swimming 4,  Mouse Trap Knowledge 8,  Tricky 8

Stats: Oomph 4, Threshold 12, Battling Rating 9

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