Saturday, January 12, 2013

CAH;S2 - Molly -- Molly's Commercial Break #1: Watches

=Molly’s Commercial Break - Watches: Begin=
[Two bored kids -- a girl and a boy are looking over adult watches under glass by a old man who is given them the evil eye.]

Old Man: (sounding deadly) Are you going to buy any of my watches?

Girl: But they are all adult watches.

Old Man: They is no such thing as kid watches.

(Betty flies in -- knocking the old man’s mask off revealing him to be Kathy Key)

Kathy Key: Betty, you are just as bad as Gem!

(Kathy chases them for a bit until the kid fall into a blue hole. Kathy comes to the blue hole and gets a tidal wave of water by the tail of Erma. Erma leads the kids them to a Thyme Watch Factory. Inside the factory, they are many cartoon characters such as Bullethole, Skimmer, Merge, Molly, Georgina “Gem” Tenton, Sonica, Amy Actor, and more.]

Molly: Don’t let adults fool you. They are kids watches. They come from  “Thyme Watch Factory”.

Merge: Don’t worry about not be able to read them as they have a digital display.

Bullethole: Don’t worry about damages as Thyme Watches are waterproofed and fireproofed

Gem: You can find them in any well-known department store in near the  jewelry section.

Sonica: You can pick from many different cartoons from “Betty and Co.” to “Warrior of the Cosmos” and anything in between and beyond.”

Motormouth: (Quickly mouths out a very fast impossible to hear disclaimer as we fade to the Thyme Watch Factory’s logo and the fade out to black.)


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