Wednesday, January 16, 2013

CAH:S2 - Molly - Act #2, Scene #2

A2, Scene 2 = The first item up is bid is played.

Chaos: 5 > 1. Altered.
I don’t know what to altered here, so I’m to roll a random event.

Random Event: 53 = Close the thread. No threads here.

Question #1: Does Molly guess correctly?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 86. No.

Question #2: Is Molly the closest without going over?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 31. Yes.

Question #3: What is up for bids?
My View: Complex Question

Roll #1 = Action Word: 99 = Oppress  + Subject Word: 42 = A Plot. Meaning: Unknown. Re-Roll
Roll #2 = Action Word: 30 = Break  + Subject Word: 88 = Illusions. Meaning: Unknown. Re-Roll.
Roll #3 = Action Word: 42 = Haggle + Subject Word: 90 = Anger. Meaning: Unknown.
Roll #4 =  Action Word: 79 = Intolerance  + Subject Word: 2 = Dreams. Meaning: First what’s find out what intolerance means. Intolerance meaning, “
unable or unwilling to endure.”  Ok. I’m reserving going with tolerance as the rule. That means it’s a bed (Tolerance of Dreams) and it comes with a year supply of powdered milk.

=Act 2, Scene 2=

As Miss Wolf, introduce the first item of the bid. Molly and her follow alien teenagers were quiet as the Miss Takonia reveal the first item for the first "One-Bid": a bed make by Korgon Dreams Inc and it come with a year of supply of Tagoniga Powered Milk.

Molly thought hard thought one and when asked to guess the price she remarks, “500”.

Jessica  laughed at Molly as she said, “800”.

Kevin remarked, “1,000”

Vinnie answered, “100.”
Timothy went the lowest with a “1” dollar bid.

Winnie took out a card and said, “And the actual retail of the prize of the bed is 699. The winner is Molly. Come on up and let’s see what pricing game you will be playing.”

=A2, SC2: END=
Molly’s Prize Total: $699.

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