Saturday, January 26, 2013

CAH:S2 - Molly -- Act 2, Scene 4

Act 2, Scene #4: Molly spins the Big Wheel

Chaos: 5 < 6 = Molly

Question #1: Does Molly go to the Showcase?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 17. Yes.

Question #2: Does she have to spin against another player to do so?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 89. Nope

Question #3: Are the failures one of the three people called down with Molly?
My View: 50/50

Mythic View: 100. Nope.


After she won her pricing game, Molly was lead to a small booth with two other set with a large holo-vision set showing calling down a replacement for her Contest Row  a female Angelian named Loviara Xorgoni,. She bid the closest on a retro-1980 bedroom set and played “Any Number” in which she ended up with $9.87. The person who replaced Loviara was a male Zillian named Gak Kajui, who ended up being the end with the closest bid on a selection of Shapian statues. His game was “Lucky Seven”, which he end up losing

When the lead to the  Big Wheel, she told Winnie that Shapian allow other aliens to go before them and that means she will do her spin last. Winnie noted that adult Shapians had appeared on the adult show time to time and mention that rule to Bob Barker who allow that Shapian to go last. Loviara went first and got $0.85 on her first spin. She spinned again and got 0.85 again making her over the $1.00 mark need to be in the Showcase. Gak spin so hard that it took a long time for the Big Wheel to stop and show Gak that he was at 0.95. He stopped that -- cocky enough to note that he’s heading to the Showcase.

Then it was Molly’s turn. She spin a good one and end up right at the $1.00 mark -- making her and not Gak heading to Showcase. Then after a bit of tease from Winnie on Gak’s cocky, Molly spined her bonus spin and it landed on $0.50 mark.

She was lead to a small room with another holo-vision to watch the rest of the show unfold until it was Showcase time.

=A3,S4: DONE=

Molly’s Prize Total Updated: $5900

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