Tuesday, January 8, 2013

CAH:S2 - Molly - Act 1, Scene 2

If the text is odder than the text in an usual post in Google Blogger that me I have copied the text of that post from a Google document I had made.

Scene #2: Molly tells her friends about her appearance on TPIR Jr.

Chaos: 5 > 4 = Interrupted. I don’t know how.

Random Event:  86 = NPC Negative

NPC: 1 = Vainixa
Action Word: 34 = Lie
Subject Word: 41 = Advice
Meaning: No clue. Assume scene goes normally.

=Act 1, Scene 2=

At the ice cream parlor that Molly and her friends hit after school. Her three friends were present: Tazia ,her Gorbian friend who prefers her human illusion to her true Gorbin form; Kariza, a Visorian friend with power over the mind, and Dalonia, the Merydira friend who is like a mermaid from ancient Earth myths.

Molly stated, “I have appearance on TPIR Jr. I will be leaving tomorrow. I will join the audience for it on Wednesday. Then I will be coming back the following Friday.:”

Kariza remarked, “One week without you. If Vainixa knows about this. Kiss this school good-bye.”

Molly said, “She already knows.”

Every one of her friends looked they got run-over by a collection of ancient American war tanks.

Molly said, “Relax, she’s still in her illness --  Beautixian Sparking -- to be of any problems for now. She said she was on TPIR Jr and told me not to past a certain amount, but she couldn’t tell me what number it was -- as her Beautixian Sparking was effecting her.”

Kariza stated, “That’s explain today’s math class! The teacher asked Vainixa do a math problem. She tell the teacher that she couldn’t do it. The teacher didn’t buy it and she ended up burning a hole in the chalkboard to the English class on the other side. The teacher ended class early -- most went to the next class.”

Molly said, “Do any know anything about her appearance?”

Molly’s three friends remarked, “No clue on this one.”

Molly remarks, “Unholy cheese sticks!”

=A2,S2: END=

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