Thursday, November 20, 2014

Well, This Is Going to Be Fun.....

At my work office today, we had a Thanksgiving luncheon. Now, about this for a few days, I come up with a idea: give you heroes for every villain in the original edition of "ICONS" as it's bad guy deck, "The Villianomicon".

I will be use the original version of "ICONS" for everything. The subject line for each post will be the following: "ICONS RPG - [Villian's Name's] [One of the Villain Roles]: [Name of The Hero].

First off here's a reminder of how the Villain Table looks like:

  • 2-5:  Adversary: Roll to generate the villain’s Origin and other traits the same as hero.
  • 6-7:  Nemesis: Do not roll the villain’s Origins. The villain has an Origin “opposite” to that of the hero on the Origin table: Trained = Unearthly, Transformed = Artificial, and Birthright = Gimmick and vice-versa. Generate the rest of the villain’s traits the same as you would a hero.
  • 8-9: Opposite:  The villain has the same Origin as the hero. Do not roll the villain’s powers. Instead, assign the villain the same number of powers as the hero, but choose “opposing” powers. So if the hero has Elemental Control (Fire), for example, the villain could have Elemental Control (Cold) or (Water). The creating player gets to interpret “opposite” with the GM’s approval.
  • 10-12: Reflection: The villain has the same Origin and powers as the hero—including abilities above level 6—but differing aspects, and possibly differing descriptions of the powers’ “special effects”. For example, a hero with Wizardry (Magic) might have a Reflection who also has Magic, but evil magic rather than good magic. The villain may choose different Specialties than the hero.

Stats for all heroes will appear like the following:

  • Name: Name of the Hero
  •  Origin: The origin according to ICONS.
  • Attributes: 
    • Prowess: #
    • Coordination: #
    • Strength: #
    • Intellect: #
    • Awareness: #
    • Willpower: #
  • Powers:
    • Power #1: #
    • Power #2: #
    • Power #3: #
  • Specialties:
    • Specialty #1
    • Specialty #2
  • Stamina: #
  • Determination Point: #
  • Appearance: 
  • Background:
  • Qualities:
    • Quality #1
    • Quality #2
  • Challenges:
    • Challenges #1
    • Challenges #2
  • First Appearance: A fictional comic book in which the hero makes his or her first appearance.

If you wondering how long this is going to last. Until Dec. 23, 2014.

Logging off,
Dr. Thinker

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