Saturday, April 1, 2017

[April Fools Day!] Shocking Collection of News!

Long time, no type, guys and girls that are on the net 24-7.  Well, I have been really busy with real life of late. I just recently found a video buried in YouTube. In this one, an America had reported what is some powerful news.

  • Nintendo has brought the classic Mega Man game system from Capcom. Nintendo has announced Mega Man 12 for the Nintendo Switch. 
  • Sony announced that they are creating a new Sly Cooper for the PlayStation 4. The game follows up the secret film in "Sly Coopers: Thieves in Time" that you are rewarded for getting 100%.  
  • Warner Bros is stopping all non-animated movies until can figure out what is wrong with their live-action movies. They will not make any live-action movie until 2022. 
  • GameFreak announced that the "Pokemon" game for the Nintendo Switch is "Pokemon Remix" -- which is a puzzle game that features scenes of "Pokemon" from all handheld games from the Red and Blues day to the recent games of Sun and Moon -- similar Nintendo's NES Remix business.
  • Spectrum Games has announced "RetroStar: The Next Decade"  which covers the live-action sci-fi series of 1980. In related news, "Beyond the 1980's" for "Cartoon Action Hour" has been released -- to allow you to play cartoon series from the before and after the 1980s.
  • Evil Hat Inc. has announced they got the right to Pandahead Productions' "Meddling Kids" game. They are working on a Fate version of the game.  

As you know, you need proof, so follow the link, please:

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