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Story -- Warrior of Cosmos in "The Ultimate Weapon"

Still have no idea what do with my games thanks to a headache that I got from "Capes, Cowls and Villains Foul" -- but for now, here's another story I created from "Cartoon Action Hour" featuring the "Warriors of The Cosmos" in "The Ultimate Weapon"


Combato, Oshida, Noblara, Hawklady and Bouldarr entered the Star Chamber where King Rastor and Merlis were waiting for them.. Combato said, “What is our mission, King Rastor?”

King Rastor answered, “It's seems that Shadow Queen is searching the country of Kongoni for a ultimate weapon.”

Hawklady saw that Merlis was looking more nervous – even when ever he got mad at himself for blaming him for turning a normal human into Nekkrottus, the leader of the Blackskull Empire. Hawklady said, “Merlis, you look more nervous then ever.”

Merlis remarked, “It is this ultimate weapon business. According to an ancient myth, many eras before I was even born, Iconia didn't even exist. Two powerful being exists – Ionica, a good cosmic being and Gyonon, a evil cosmic being. Gyonon look Iconia's moon but about twenty thousand time larger. Ionica was not as big as that, she was about eighty time the size of you, Combato – she was a lot smarter then Gyonon. Gyonon wanted to get rid of Ionica for good – so he throw meteorites at her. Ionica not happy with Gyonon and not willing to kill at the first sight of a problem. So she created a large planet made out of water. Gynonon grin as he thought the large water shield won't help. His meteorites got stuck in the water shield. Gyonon raise that some how Ionica had make a planet – so he was going to take some time to build a weapon to destroy it. While he was gone, life started to appear on the planet. Ionica appeared before them telling them now to make good rules and how to easily handle the bad. By a time a century had past, Gynonon returned with his ultimate weapon – but Ionica had a plan. She collected the famous good guys of ancient myths and legends and she then to steal Gynonon's weapon. They were successful in doing so. This make Gynonon so mad that he exploded into Iconia's sun, Nova. In honor of her planning everything, the heroes named the planet she make as Iconia.”

Hawklady said, “I guess our mission is to find that machine and destroy it before Shadow Queen gets her dirty little black gloved hands on it.”

King Rastor remarked, “Right as rain.”

Noblara asked, “So where is Kongoni?”

King Rastor answered, “Far to the east of Haven.”


Shadow Queen was yawning watching Figbato and Bokon were searching a ruin area in Kongoni. Shadow Queen moved her hands and muttered words showing a imagine of S'Groth.

S'Groth asked, “Find that ultimate weapon yet?”

Shadow Queen answers, “Nope, I been checking every ruin here – but no sign of it.

S'Groth remarked, “If you want to become the ruler of all of Iconia, you better leave no stone unturned for that weapon.”

Shadow Queen remarked, “Figbato and Bokon. We moving on. We start with the forests here and see if we can't locate the weapon there – then we start wrecking the villages here.”


Noblara, Bouldarr, Combato, Hawklady, and Oshida walked into one of the city of Kongoni. The city was fill of many different life forms of Iconia.

Hawklady asked, “How are we going to find the Blackskull Empire in all of this mess?”

Combato said as he pointed to a familiar rival, the vile robot, Figbato, “Follow my evil copycat.”

Figbato yelled as he started to run away., “Oh, broken wires!”

Bouldarr picks up a small rock and throws it to towards Figbato who got slides to dodge it. Combato slides out his roller stakes to try to put Figbato in a corner, but a beam from Figbato's Vilanica Sword knocks him out of the way as Figbato disappears far beyond any of the present Guardians ability.

Noblara said, “Let's go chat with the ruler. May be he can shine some light on the location of the ultimate weapon.”


The ruler of Kongoni turned out to a tall blonde hair female with green eyes dressed in a long white dress blonde hair named Queen Arkella. After explaining their mission to Queen Arkella, Queen Arkella disappeared on them for a while and the Guardians were waiting for her return.

Noblara was sitting quietly. Hawklady was perch on a column near. Meanwhile Combato and Oshida were discussing what the Ultimate Weapon might be. Bouldarr was pacing around the Queen Arkella's throne room.

Queen Arkella stated, “The location of the Ultimate Weapon you seek is hidden in the Hero Trail Castle, which contains tested ancient heroes any centuries even before Merlis was born. The Castle is north of this city on Mt. Flathorn.”

=WOC 2=

Shadow Queen, Figbato and Bokan were walking towards the Kongoni City, the capital of Kongoni.
Figbato said, “S'Groth is calling.”

Shadow Queen asked, “What is eating you up, S'Groth?”

S'Groth answered Shadow Queen's wit this: “The location of the Ultimate Weapon is in Hero Trail Castle on Mt. Flathorn.”

Shadow Queen remarked, “How did you heard this?”

S'Groth remarked, “I over heard Queen Arkella talking to the Guardians.”

Shadow Queen said, “At least it's not Nekkrottus. I'm still on the outs with him for an epic failure.”

S'Groth asked, “What was about that all about?”

Shadow Queen remarked, “Nekkrottus wanted a mystery jewel that could control all who have dark magic in their body. I was given Serpentina and Monstro to help me and I was giving the Guardians a good licking until Maximarr show up and defeat me and destroy the magic jewel.”

S'Groth laugh fill Shadow Queen's head as he disappear back to his demonic realm.


Bouldarr, Combato, Hawklady and Noblara approached the Hero Trail Castle. It was a large castle with a iron door.

Hawklady said, “Talk about a large iron door. That makes the Fortress of Gloom's iron door look a doorway in King Rastor's castle. “

Noblara said, “Bouldarr, be a gentleman and open the door.”

Bouldarr nodded as he rammed the door but the iron door was not damaged as he was as wobble backwards for a bit. Combato decide to make see if he can targeting is arm-mounted mini-Gun at the Iron Door. Combato aiming system was true but the mini-gun didn't destroy the Iron Door.

Hawklady said, “I got an idea, Noblara. This might be legendary Shadow Door, so you could mostly like sneak and open it from the other size.”

Noblara nodded as she was wondering the same as Hawklady after Bouldarr failed to open the door, so she wrapped herself into her Cloak of Shadowy Invisibility and move to the door. The door fall apart like it's been shredded by a giant wolf's claws.

Combato said, “That iron door wasn't a iron door. It must have been metal that sucks light magic.”

Oshida remarked, “So dark magic goes though the door like a hot knife through butter.”

Combato nodded.

Hawklady said, “With that kind of door. I'm wondering what kind of surprises are going to show up.”


Noblara, Combato, Noblara, Hawklady, and Oshida walked into what looks like royal place entrance way that puts King Rastor's castle's entrance way to shame. A calm female voice speak, “I am Ionica. The Ultimate Weapon is at the end of the Hero Trails. If you are evil, I am sorry to see my planet go....but if you are good, please destroy what the ancient heroes could not. Each trail is based on what you might call heroic virtues. I will speak again when you reach the first test room. Good luck – I think you need it – and you better hurry as well – three recent evil forces are coming at a decent pace.”

Oshida said, “I'm really for the test, but I wonder if those evil doers are members of the Blackskull Empire.”


The Guardians discover a long room fill with wind elements.

Ionica spoke, “This is the Speed Room. The Wind Element will spin anyone who's slower then them back to the start of the room. If an winged one can get to the other side with out annoying the Wind Elements, the Wind Elements will transport them to their winged friend.”

Noblara looked Hawklady's wings. Hawklady nodded as she spread her swan-like wings out and attempt to cross the room. Hawklady flied like a dove and make it cross the room dodging wind elements as they were Blackskull Empire's members' attacks.
Soon, Ionica voiced, “Your friend, Hawklady make it a cross to the other side.”

The Wind Elements spin up to pick up Noblara, Bouldarr, Combato and Oshida.


he Guardians find themselves in a empty Wormian city. Ionica spoke again, “According to the race of the Iconia's races, the Wormians think in wars – where sword beats lasers. In fact, before a dark mind got control of the Wormians modifying their thing in Roman, they worship brains.” Ionica pause as two Wormians statue appeared as one red and one green. Iconia spoke, “One Wormian always tell the truth and one Wormain always lie. You only have four questions”.

Oshida remarked, “The old red and green dragon puzzle. According to the myth of Accidara, she had the four correct questions.”

Oshida spoke, “Oh, Red One. What is 2 + 2?”

The Red Wormain statue said, “5.”

Oshida asked, “Oh, Green One. What is 2 x 2?”

The Green Answers answered, “4.”

Oshida said, “Green One: Which door should I take.”

The Green One said,“Take the Green One and Go.”

The Red One said, “He must be Accidara reborn.”

The Green One said, “That's a laugh, Tall Tale.”

As the the Wormain Statues argue over things, the Guardians move on.


The Guardians reach a room with had a large diamond door. A group of robots were standing near a small column with a button. “Welcome to the Sneaky Room. The robots have eye vision that will transport anyone in their version back to the entrance room. The button they guard is the only way to open the door to the next room.”

Hawklady looked at Noblara. Noblara nodded as she once again wrapped herself in her Cloak of Shadowy Invisibility, but one of the Robot Guardians hit her with his transport beam sending her back to the start of the room.
Combato decide to try to destroy the robots with his arm mounted mini-gun but the bullets of Combato's gun hit the diamond door instead of the robots. Hawklady thought a bit before doing cartwheels towards the robots and with some fancy moves was able to push the button opening the diamond door.


The Guardians saw a few more robots. These black robot looked more like fighting as they were carrying swords and shields.

Iconia said, “The final test before the Ultimate Weapon. It's a simple one of strength. Defeat the robots.”

Bouldarr throw rocks that hit him more then it hit the Fighting Robots and he ended up cornered some in the room. Combato's armed-mounted min-gun took care of some of the Fighting Robots. Noblara's armed combat fighting help remove some more of the Fighting Robots. Hawklady used her defense ability to free Bouldarr from his corner and destroy the Fighting Robots that cornered him. Oshida used his melee abilities and destroyed the rest of the robots.

Ionica spoke, “I have some bad news. Shadow Queen had transformed her and her two henchman into Stone Bugs that eat stone and will arriving in the Ultimate Weapon room in a matter of four minutes. You must not allow them to get the Ultimate Weapon or all of Iconia is doomed.”

Hawklady said, “We got our work cut out for us.”


The Guardians saw Shadow Queen, Figbato, and Bokon in the center of room near a very large ancient technology-looking weapon.

Shadow Queen remarked after a evil laugh, “You are too late Guardians. I have turn on the Ultimate Weapon!”

Noblara remarked, “You will destroy all of Iconia.”
Shadow Queen stated, “I don't care. Let the master of the universe decide on things.”

Oshida said, “We going to clean your clock.”

Shadow Queen laughed as the groups come a lot of closer.

Hawklady open up mouth and unleash a demoralizing shriek at the Shadow Queen's forces. Shadow Queen covered her ears with her her hands as Bokon laugh. Shadow Queen lowers one of her hands from her ears to fire a lighting bolt at Noblara which hit hard enough to knock her against the far wall of the room. Figbato decide to take some revenge on Combato by firing his beam from his Vilanica Sword. Bouldarr decide to see if he can hit the destroy the Ultimate Machine with his fist. Combato decide on targeting the Ultimate Machine with his arm-mountain mini-gun, which got it despite a few throwing knife aimed at the bullets from Combato's gun. The Ultimate Machine decide on dropping bombs on everyone successfully.

Queen Shadow said, “I getting mad at this weapon. Temporary truce until we turn his machine into scrap metal.”

S'Groth voiced, “Do you want to rule the universe or still be Nekkrottus's red-hair step-daughter?”

Queen Shadow remarked, “If had to deal with that mean machine to be the rule of the universe, I say as one of Nekkrottus's higher-ranking morons. Bokan go to town on that machine.”

Bokan nodded as a magic bolt from dark magic is fire from his staff which bounce off the Ultimate Weapon's shields.
Shadow Queen groans, “My group is fill with morons!”

Hawklady remarks, “I'm passing. I don't think my claws could do anything to that machine.”

Shadow unleashed her magic lighting at the Ultimate Weapon but her magic lighting was stop by whip. Figbato throw his Vilanica Sword at the Ultimate Weapon which got throw the Ultimate Weapon's shield. Bouldarr pick up a rock and throw at the Ultimate Weapon and the rock hit the Ultimate Weapon with a smack. The Ultimate Weapon smoke for a a while before failing apart – each part turning into a magic dust. Once the last of the Ultimate Weapon was turned into dust, the familiar forms of King Krab and Nekkrottus appeared.

Nekkrottus said, “I still have come up with any plans for Haven yet. Tell King Rastor, thanks for saving Iconia for me to conquer and that I will punish Shadow Queen harshly for trying to destroying Iconia.”

Nekkrottus cast a dark cloud at the Guardians – when it was gone – the only the Guardians remind behind.

Ionica voiced, “Nice work, Nekkrottus had took his goons back to his Fortress of Gloom. I can beam you back to King Rastor's throne room.”

Oshida said, “That's fine with me.”


Somewhere deep in the Fortress of Gloom, Nekkrottus and King Krab were laughing as they were watching Shadow Queen, Figbato and Bokon run into three wheels.

Shadow Queen said, “This is just totally insane! Running in this for 40 days!”

Figbato said, “You should have just told S'Groth to stuff it.”

Nekkrottus fires a bolt of magic from his fingers shutting the two henchman.



Two kids – a boy and a girl -- are playing near a train track somewhere in Questa, Haven.

The girl asked, “What about the trains?”

The boy answered, “What trains. I never saw a train on this track.”

The girl asked, “What about that train a coming?”

The train stops – getting off it's wheels – revealing crude legs revealing itself to a Guardian named Full Steam. Another Guardians, Combato jump off.

Combato said, “You guys were lucky, Full-Steam stop. You could have got run over by another train. Never play near a train tracks.”

The girl and boy nodded.


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