Saturday, July 20, 2013

Story Time Surprise ---

Sorry, in about a week, we going into the hottest month of the year -- August. And they at three new games out in that month: "Mario & Luigi: Dream Team", "Ducktales: Remastered" and the biggest thing since "Snow White": Disney's Infinity. And of course, I'm start working on trying to complete "Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time" again for TV's Tropes's Live Blogging.

But for now, here's a story for you!


It was quiet day for the Tommy Gun, Kansas. So, Tina was out enjoying the weather on a park branch with a pulp novel in her hands – one that she finished before – to cover up the other identity. No one had expect Tina Gunnie, the daughter of Mayor Tommy Gunnie, was Mistress Magic. She was using to shield her eyes while she thought about her other identity. It's been a while, she been to Pozzazz, and she need to check if her Magic Rod needs recharging. She looked around – no one was present, she found a empty phone booth – and took out her magic wand and said, "By the Power of Magic".

The magic transform Tina's form from her blonde hair and blue eyed teenage self dressed in her favorite outfit: a long white dress, a pearl necklace, and white loafers into the black hair and red eye adult form of Mistress Magic dressed in a long blue robe and sandals. She was pleased and it's time to transport to the dimensional that were she got her wand – Pozzazz. The magic transported her out of Earth's own dimensional location...


And she appeared in Pozzazz. The magic place was like a fairy tale medieval period far remove from present day home of Tommy Gun, Kansas.

A small person walked up to her and said, "You look like you not in Kansas anymore."

Magic Mistress remarked, "I know that. Princess Gale is going to sue you pant off."

The small person turned into a familiar boy with messy green hair and purple eye. She know it was Zazaz. After Zazaz kissed her hand , "Hi, Tina. What's up?"

Magic Mistress remarked, "I come here to check to see the wand needs a recharge."

Zazz said, "You came a bad time."

Magic Mistress asked, "What's a problem?"

Zazz said, "King Dragus and his members of his army are blocking all the paths to the Master Wizard's castle."

Magic Mistress said, "What's he is playing on doing – waiting for the wand to run out of power and destroy it?"

Zazz looked at Tina if she answered her own question.

The Magic Mistress asked, "Did I answered my own question?"

Zazz nodded as he turned into a mouse run away.

Tina said, "I think I stop at the mapmaker's office to see if he can tell me how I can get the Master Wizard's castle from here."


At the mapmaker office, she discovered that she landed in Xazoni – only a ten miles away from the Master Wizard's castle and a strange green hair girl and yellow eyed and green wearing a green shirt and green skirt.

The strange girl was, "That stupid boss. I wish King Dragus was never in charge."

Magic Mistress asked, "What's your name?"

The strange girl said, "Wisgira."

Magic Mistress asked, "What's your beef with King Dragus?"

Wisgira answered, "More like a whole army of cows. Even since my dad died -- King Dragonus has been treating me like a slave – forcing me to stay in his form and do all hard work with out magic.. He wants me to report when I found the Magic Mistress."

Magic Mistress asked, "Is your real form a dragon?"

Wisgira said, "Yes. How do you know?"

Magic Mistress said, "I am the Magic Mistress – and dragons are one of the most wise and powerful animals in Pozzazz."

Wisgira said, "I know a way past the King Dragus's army – most dragons usually away from it. The Rayazon Rapids. They scare of that place – but not me. I can get you there. If you don't mind a little dragon saliva on you."


In a forest not to far away from the Master Wizard's castle, King Dragus was stomping and remarking, "That girl dragon, Wisgira, should have called Morgira! I told her to call me via magic orb when she located Magic Mistress and learn her route."

A small dragon asked, "How about checking the magic orb to see where she is?"

King Dragus stopped stomping and remarked, "Good idea. Glad I thought of it."

The orb showed the inside of the mapmaker's office.

King Dragus returned to stomping as she remarked, "She removed it from her personal. She acts like I treat her like a slave!"

A dragon somewhere between small and a medium asked the small dragon asked, "Should we tell that he is?"

The small dragon answered, "And end up as barbequed dragons... no way."


The Master Wizard watched his crystal orb as a large dragon land on the roof. The large dragon open his mouth to released the latest Mistress of Magic, Tina Gunnie, and then form into human of dragon, Wisgira.

Soon, he turned, "Good day, girls,"

Wisgira said, "I wish I good day for me. It hasn't been a good day since King Dragus got in charge of the dragon."

The Master Wizard said, "I have good news for both you. For you, Tina Gunnie, your wand had been recharged and won't need to recharge for another five centuries – even you been using like it's going out of style back on your Earth."

Tina said, "That is good news."

The Master Wizard said as she hold out a large gold tiara, , "As for you, Wisgira. Your mother leave this behind for you when you were old enough or in hot water."

Wisgira look the tiara and placed it on her head. Her green shirt and green skirt were replaced by a fully green armor and a sword.

Mistress Magic remarked, "Impressive. Queen Wisgira

Queen Wisgira said, "Time to the take the throne back from that muscle-head fool."


A dragon somewhere between medium and large remarked, "King Dragus – the Mistress Magic is arriving a female dragon."

King Dragus said, "Some must be faking Queen Wisazzi. I show her what she's has coming."

Magic Mistress and the female dragon land forming to Wisgira still dress in green armor.

Magic Mistress said, "Greetings, dragons of all types, you are following a fake. The real ruler is Queen Wisgira."

Wisgira said, "I am wearing the official Queen armor."

King Dragus said, "You guys put lawyers to shame with your lies!"

A tiny dragon said, "That armor looks even more polished them yours."

A dragon twice the size of King Dragus remarked, "We leaving – you are on your own."

King Dragus rushed at Magic Mistress who quickly put up a magic shield before King Dragon realized there was a magic shield right in front of him. King Dragon saw that Queen Wisgira took out the sword and cut off King Dragon's tail. Magic Mistress fired a large ball of ice right at King Dragon while tempting to dodge the Magic Mistress's latest attack. Queen Wisgira turned into her dragon form and breath a lot of fire when the smoke clean – Dragus was reveal to a very tiny lizard. A dark magic book was being burn. King Dragus r

Magic Mistress remarked, "So, he got a hold of some dark magic book."

Queen Wisgira nodded as a army of dragons of many kinds appeared and bowed to Queen Wisgira.

Magic Mistress said, "I think my work here is done."


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