Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sorry Again

 Sorry for forgetting to get a game in this month. I been mostly business with Disney Infinity and my working on "We're Back" of late. To make it up for my brainless action, I have a story for you.


Christina lead against the local ma-and-pa general store cash register and sigh.

Christina heard a familiar voice asking “Jelly bean?”

Christina sigh as she look into the ma-and-pa store, Mr. Goodshelf.

Mr. Goodshelf asked, “Jelly bean?”

Christina sigh before answered, “No thanks.”

Mr. Goodshelf asked, “Problem?”

Christina said, “Yes. In school, we going to be a school play.”

Mr. Goodshelf asked, “What play is it?”

Christina answered, “The Little Mermaid”

Mr. Goodshelf asked, “Did your rival, Tina, get the main part of the Little Mermaid.”

Christina answered, “Nope. I got it.”

Mr. Goodshelf said, “Good for you.”

After another sigh, Christina, “If would been good if the bad ending voters had won against good ending voters. I don't think the little mermaid should have gotten the prince in the first place.”

Geraldine Goodshelf entered, “You got 'Little Mermaid' play trouble?”

Christina said, “Yeah.”

Geraldine Goodshelf remarked, “When I was your school, I had the same problem – but I come with a perfect solution for the play.”

Christina asked, “Can you tell me?”

Geraldine Goodshelf answered, “Let's head to my house and I tell you more about it.”

Mr. Goodshelf tossed some Swedish fish towards Christina as he remarked, “On the house.”


Mrs. Stagecoach walk out to the stage of the Christina's school's auditorium. She turned to the pack audience and said, “The school play today based on The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Anderson.”

Mrs. Stagecoach left the stage as John Whetstone entered the stage. John Whetstone said, “Good evening, ladies and gentleman. Today, we will have a normal version of the Little Mermaid story complete with her usual ending......”

Christina crawled on stage wearing a blue wig, a fake pearl necklace, a pink shirt and a fake green tail, “Excuse me, Mr. Whetstone. Do you recall the usual ending of the Little Mermaid?”

John remarked, “She kills herself.”

Christina remarked, “Good. Do you recall who won the vote sometime ago?”

John asked, “The guys and girls want happy ending. You were sighing for a full week.”

Christina said, “That's too much information for the audience.”

Tina entered dress as a young female nun as she remarked, “The only way for the mermaid to have a happy ending is to get the human prince.”

Christina said, “Don't worry, this story has a twist that would not be out of place in the 'Twilight Zone' – you can count on that.”

Tina said, “We see about that, Mrs. Follow-The-Story-Straight.”

As both Tina and Christina left the stage, John Whetstone remarked, “Sorry about that, theater people are very strange. Once upon time under the water, they lived a mermaid know as Princes Pearl.


Princess Pearl swim into her room of her mother, the Queen of Mermaids.

Princess Pearl asked, “Can I visit the surface?”

The Queen of Mermaid sighed before answered, “You been asking me that question for the past year. I kept saying no, but today is your 15th birthday. So today, is yes. But try not to be seen by any humans.”


Princess Pearl arrived on a surface and the same time as very bad thunderstorm. She saw a bolt of thunder hit a ship. People started failing off. One person yelled, “I can't swim!”

Princess Pearl actions spoke louder as she dive into the water, and moved the person to the beach. She left the person on the beach as a nun come into on the sight.

The saved person remarked, “Thanks you for saving me.”

The nun was totally confused – as she didn't save the prince.


Princess Pearl was felting shameful – it was illegal for a mermaid to even touch a human. She would have been kill if returned home. She recalled a crazy female sea fairy who live not to far away and decide to pay her visit.


Princess Pearl swim into the female Sea Fairy cave.

The Sea Fairy remarked, “Hello, Princess Pearl. You can me, Lea, if you like.”

Princess Pearl remarked, “Lea. I touched a human.”

Lea said, “That's illegal by mermaid standards./”

Princess Pearl remarked, “I know – but it's not illegal for humans. I want you to change me into a human.”

Lea said, “Fair warning. I have a spell to turn your human but they are two problems: One -- Only your true love can turn your back to your true self.”

Princess Pearl remarked, “Don't worry, I even tell the saved human.”

Lea remarked, “The second problem is that the spell will prevent you from speaking.”

Princess Pearl remarked, “Well, a silent human is better then talking mermaid.” She paused, “Do you need anything for it.”

Lea remarked, “I'm fresh out of mermaid tongue thanks to some the meanest shark eating my entire stash of it.”

Princess Pearl remarked, “You can use mine – since the spell will remove my ability to talk.”


John Whetstone remarked, “Lea put Princess Pearl to sleep so Lea could cut Princess Pearl's tongue out of her body. Afterwords, she took Princess Pearl to a nearby beach and left the mermaid-in-human drink near by. Princess Pearl sallow the drink and went to sleep. The next morning, she was a human.”

Tina entered still dress as a nun, “So far, this story is playing so straight – you think this is a math class.”

Donna Watch entered dress like a sea fairy entered, “Just you wait – the twist is coming.”

Tina said, “The twist is more like Princess Pearl getting the prince.”

Donna Watch said, “That isn't the twist and you know it.”

Tina said, “Yeah right.”

The voice of Christina was heard from off stage, “Will you two stop holding up the play?”

Donna remarked, “I willing to go on – but I don't think Tina is.”

Tina said, “I see this play to the ending wedding between the mermaid and the human prince.”

John said, “For a week, the mermaid turn human sleep in peace – though she didn't like where she ended up when she wake up.”


Pearl frown as she work up in a long brown bag. She was pushed by a greedy looking male human. She pushed the greedy look human and got hit on the back for that.

Another greedy looking male human looking more fatter then the one spoke the following, “This one a pretty good looking girl we found sleeping on beach. The price will start at ten gold pieces.”

Pearl look at her arms – her hands were chained together by a heavy metal chain. Pearl heard different prices – higher and higher before a rich-looking human buying her. The final piece was ninety-four gold pieces.

The think greedy human slipped a ring of black metal around her neck. The ring of black metal had a long rope dangling from the ring.

A rich human remarked, “Let's get your out of here.”

Pearl didn't give a care as long as she was out of the faces of the greedy humans.


Pearl was dressed quiet differently – she was dressed in a pink shirt, pink skirt and sandals. Pearl's neck or hands didn't have the metal around them.

Pearl saw another male human dressed in a green shirt, green shorts, and sandals. The male human started talking, “So you new here. What's your name? How did you get here? Why are you answering my question? Can't speak? Then write? Can't write? Did you get saved by a mermaid and ended up on beach?

Pearl headbutted the male human as she saw the saved human entered.

The motormouth of the male servant asked “Prince Thomas, what bring you in?”

The saved human a.k.a Princes Thomas answered, “My sister, Princess Jammie, had brought a new servant. She's going to me a human version of teddy bear for me.”


Tina laugh as she entered still dress like nun, “Was that the big twist – you becoming a servant to the human prince via slave dealers?”

Christina entered dress in a pink shirt, pink skirt and sandals as she said, “No. The big twist will happen lately. I had to come up with a originally way of getting the humanized mermaid to get the prince castle.”

Tina asked, “This twist is going to the normal twist that everyone likes better then the original bad ending.”

As Christina and Tina left the stage, John Whetstone said, “For quiet some time, Pearl become a walking human version of a life-save teddy bear for the human prince. They did everything expect you know what together.” John waited until the adults stop laughing to continue his narrating. “One day, Pearl meet Kimberly.”


Pearl saw a female dress up like a nun entered the room. Prince Thomas run and hug the female nun as he asked, “How was the trip, Kimberly?”

The female nun a.k.a Kimberly answered, “Just like the abbey I'm been hiding in – uneventful.”

Prince Thomas remarked, “Have you heard the news?”

Kimberly answered, “Nope.”

Prince Thomas remarked, “Your father's army got control of his country again. The usurper and his army generals had been beheaded.”

Kimberly said, “Then I can finally be read of this stupid nun outfit I been wearing for ages.”

Princes Thomas added, “And we can plan around wedding.”

Kimberly asked, “How's Jydan been doing?”

Princess Thomas said, “Despite annoying every single person in the castle beside me and my sister, he's been behaving like a church boy.”


Pearl was getting tired being a human. The annoyance of being annoyed by Jydan, the use of being walking teddy bear. She thought beheading of herself as mermaid for touching a human was starting to look better then anything else. She knew that kissing her true love will restore her mermaid voice. She sneaked quietly into the Prince Thomas's room and kiss him. Nothing happen to her. Prince Thomas was not her true love. She slipped quietly out of her room as a tear drop come out of her eye.


John Whetstone looked around and didn't see anyone coming out, “I guessing that Tina is still thinking we not going to have a big twist and Christina is tired of arguing with her.” He paused before, “For sometime after kissing of Prince Thomas, Pearl tried to get Prince Thomas into trouble with anyone but it usually got prevented by Jydan. This routine went on for six months until one day in seventh month.


Pearl was lead into the kitchen of the castle. On the table was enough food to choke a hundred sharks. Prince Thomas remarked, “More being a good servant for me, all his good is for you.”

Pearl eat like a very poor human on eating St. Nick's Christmas meal for him. When the sky turn dark, Pearl's body fell sleep.


Pearl looked down at herself. She was wearing a white wedding dress that prevent her from seeing her legs.

Two sailors were talking in front of her. One of them said, “I'm worry about that servant.”

The other sailor remarked, “Don't worry she's chained to the near by post. You can't see the chain as the wedding dress hide it.”

The first sailor asked, “How she is going to say 'I Do' to Kimberly's pet servant?”

The other sailor answered, “She can't. But Princess Kimberly and Princess Thomas picked a maid to speak for her.”


Pearl wondered for a few days about who is Kimberly's pet servant until she heard foot steps and a chain being hook to a moving female girl in a maid outfit. This must be the maid that Princess Kimberly and Prince Thomas agreed on using to speak for herself. She was head to altar were a priest was waiting. Jydan was dressed in a white groom outfit. If Jydan was her true love, she would scream so loud that it would summon every mermaid and merman in a four hundred miles to the boat.

The priest went quickly and the maid said, “I do!” and Jydan kiss the bride. Something happen – a flash of light appeared and Jydan appeared to a mermaid with orange hair, a green shirt, and a red tail.

Pearl yelled, “WHAT?”

Pearl was stunned.

Jydan said, “I think my mother could explain everything.”

Pearl and Jydan dived into the sea.


After giving sometime for Pearl to get use to her tail again, Jydan and Pearl swim to his mother. The mother appeared to be mermaid wearing a crown and Chinese-type dress.

The mother spoke, “Welcome, Princess Pearl, to the Pacific side of the world. I am Queen Rydia, Mistress of Mermaid of this side of the world.”

Pearl said, “You sound like Lea.”

Jydan said, “Lea, the Sea Fairy is one of my mother's many disguises. About a year ago, my mother got a vision that would save Prince Thomas. So she set up everything. The sleeping spell was read, but she didn't cut out your tongue. The tongue was just a dead human tongue we had lying around. The drink you drink earlier was a mixture of two magic potion – one prevented your from speaking and the other transformed you into a human.”

Pearl asked, “Got a question: So why did Jydan become Kimberly's pet servant?”

Jydan said, “So I can kept a eye on you while you were human – and beside you are my true love – my mother saw that in a vision before she got your saving Prince Thomas vision.”

Pearl remarked, “Impressive.”

Jydan asked, “Would like to marry me?”

Pearl remarked, “It would be a dream come true.”


John Whetstone remarked, “And they live happy ever after.”

Tina entered as still dressed as a nun remarked, “I just felt like we just left the 'Twilight Zone', Christina.”

Christina said, “Told you and you didn't believe me.”

Tina said, “Just following the script you give me.”

John Whetstone remarked, “You mean all the comments were just a bunch of lie.”

Christina asked, “All theaters tales are a bunch of fairy tales - -some more grim then the play we put on today.. But I like to think one person in the audience who his story will not have been finished with out her help – will everyone give a warm hand for Geraldine Goodshelf.”

As Geraldine Goodshelf stand up. The audience clapped for her.


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