Sunday, September 29, 2013

Since I'm Bored .... (A.K.A. PDQ Recall Again!)

.....Here's Annabelle's stats.


Name: Annabelle

Quick Bio: A regular blonde hair mermaid with blue eyes and a green tail usually wearing a light red blouse and a pearl necklace.


  • Poor: No Legs -- Annabelle has no legs -- just a tail.
  • Good: Talking to Animals -- Annabelle can talk to any animals from real ones to fictional creatures.
  • Expert: Swimming -- Of course, this one of the traits that mermaids need as they always are swimming in water at least for most of their life.
  • Expert: Singing -- Of course, this is the other one of the traits that mermaids need as usual.

Action Point: 5. -- This earn when she fails a test and lost when she wins a test. As usual, when she fails a test, I pick one of the above qualities to force once on if I return to do another session of this one at a later date. If all four qualities are marked off in a session, I will roll a d4 to decide which one to focus on....


OK -- with Annabelle's stats done.  May be later tonight or early tomorrow, I will work on the plot and NPC list. It's a even toss up either way -  but will be coming soon -- CAH:S3 or no CAH:S3.

Logging off,
Dr. Thinker

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