Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What's cooking?

I have a few ideas cooking for the blog, but I make no promise that they will appear on this blog. Right now, I'm doing this post's typing on my Nintendo 3DS.

1. Play Santa Claus in a universe which all modern 1980 cartoon exists. This will be done with "Cartoon Action Hour".

2. One of my favorite video game is "Final Fantasy 4". This will be done with a modified "Cartoon Action Hour". I hope the plot of the game stay the same.

3. Another video RPG I like is "Pokemon". I view the lands as the following: Unova = U.S.A.; Orre = The Middle East; Kanto/Johto = China; Hoenn = Australia; & Shinto = Japan. My Pokemon landmass, Maliki, will equal to Europe. Pokemon Gym towns name will come from capital cities from our Europe. This will use "Cartoon Action Hour"

4. A fairy tale featuring a female. It's an toss-up between "PDQ" or "Cartoon Action Hour"

5. A Paranoia game using a modified "Cartoon Action Hour".

6. All new "Cartoon Action Hour" series. Hopefully at 65 post for this one.

7. Solo "Icon" adventure using "ICONS" role-playing game and "Mythic Game Master"

8. A alternative universe to the cannon's universe of "The 39 Clues".

9. A solo "Spirit of The Century" game. Might use a D20 instead of Fudge Dice. Help will game from Mystic Game Master.

10. A "Supergirl" game based in a version of DC Comics' univese tossing a lot of thing related to Superman from the Golden Age to the Modern Age. This will use "Cartoon Action Hour".

11. A "Meddling Kids" game featuring a team of females including it's Wild Card.

Logging off,
Dr. Thinker

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